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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mon - Tues - 30 & 31 July 2012

I am entitled a complimentary health check up under a policy with AIA usually is after my birthday and the voucher is valid only for 120 days from the date of issue so I manage to make an appointment just before the expiry at 10am for my body check up today  And I was instructed to fast from yesterday 10pm onwards ... lucky I have a sumptuous meal at Mellben before 10pm!

Reached Dorby Ghaut Xchange Parkway health at 10am sharp and Doctor will be doing pap smear, drawing of blood, check blood pressure and of cos lastly is urine test for me and she check my breast also and told me there is a small lamp on my breast so ask me if I wanna go for ultra sound.  Of cos I got scare and agreed to go for the scan.  And I have to pay $131 for the scan and have schedule myself to go for the scan on 10 Aug 12. 

Ok it really scare me off lah ..... but I have to face it! 

On Tuesday - nothing happening ..... 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mon-Sun - 23 - 29 July 2012

Monday & Tuesday... I was on MC wasn't feeling well and lost of voice ..... stay home just to sleep all the way .... sometimes I feel worst if I sleep more ..... went back to work on Wed Thurs for full day (cos very busy at work especially after grading) and on Friday I am down again with very bad headache and feel like vomiting ..... I hate headache!

                                               TT can easily make friend ... anytime anywhere!

Went Ikea after Berries cos TT love the hotdog and want to eat..... so we stop to buy and eat first since is still early for dinner.  After that we went window shopping in Ikea check on if there is any nice stuffs we can buy.  

As we walk .... TT saw one girl and suddenly she hold her hands and both of them walk together ..... I feel sad when I see she holding hands with other cos I feel I am so lousy can't give her mei mei or di di thats why she feel lonely at times.  At home she play alone too and sometimes she do role playing on her own..... kinda 心酸!

Well I will still try ..... go on trying till maybe I am 36..... cos I feel 36 is the max I can go to try for a kid ... haha.  Headed to Kungfu Paradise for dinner cos TT choose to go there ...... personally I feel the standard dropped not that nice anymore .... told Dearie I dun wanna dine there anymore.  Back home and slept early cos gotta work next morning .... 

Woke up at 8+am and headed to Toa Payoh Sports Hall as the tournament starts at 10am ... a collaboration with PA.

This year PA-STF is different cos it consists of Poomsae competition too .... it went smoothly and everything is just on the right time ... it ends at around 8pm.  One of the Instructor asked me to join him and others for dinner at Mellben Seafood (Toa Payoh)  He ordered crab bee hoon and chilli crab ..... oats prawn and vegetable. 

Read some review about the service here is quite bad ... but overall to us is still ok ... quite prompt ....Love the chilli crab the meat is fresh too .... will come back for more next time!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday - 22 July 2012

Sis Tricia (my cousin) bought one ticket for TT to go try rock climbing at The Rock School located at Bedok CC.  At first she is quite shy and after that when we tell her she need to do some climbing to earn point for the rewards card and can exchange for stuffs! 

She started to be brave and climb .... but till certain height she scare hahaha and came down .... she had a great fun with her cousins.  

Sis Tricia also help in registering them to do scrape book .... the kids really happy with all these .... and we headed to Hans for late lunch .... and the kids requested banana split after their meal so the trios eating happily! 

Thanks to Sis Tricia for the hand me down books and clothing .... I dare not buy any clothing for TT at the moment ... she is growing fast .....and some of her dress became very short and even shoes she can't wear anymore!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday - 21 July 2012

Dearie went to do car servicing so TT and I headed Suntec on our own as we have signed up the Ballet Trial lesson at Jody Marshall.  In the class beside TT there were a few of the kids having trial lesson as well.  I was told I can't join in the class and I can only stand outside to see.

Just the class about to start a few mummies just squeeze themselves into the class and sit at one corner .... their kids didn't concentrate on the lesson ... one of them even cry and hugging her mummy .... and that mummy kept pushing her to join the class!

The whole lesson those mummies were distracting the kids ..... and some the mummies even go in and out of the class!  Sliding door is a whole glass panel kind and they even slide the door very hard and resulting the panal knocking hard on wall with a long bang sound ....is really very irritating! 

And I have conclude I will not send my girl to this school cos is really messy ... the admin was not very good too ... cos they have been seraching for TT's name for the trial class for quite sometimes!  Gotta scout around again cos I can see she is quite keen on the ballet class. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mon - Thur - 16 - 20 July 2012

                                                            TT & Abrielle's favourite teacher

On Monday ... cheeky gal wasn;t feeling well so MIL brought her to the Doctor ..... so right after my work I went over to my in law shop to look for her.  You know when kids not feeling well ... we can just tell straight away ... she feeling lethargic but then she still can pose when I asked her to!  

Dearie said that she inherit me!  love taking photos!  She cannot eat rice (as usual what the doc say) MIL only gave her some biscuit and milo ... so when she is back home she was asking me for food ..... she must be very hungry!  So i make milo and gave her some bread ... ok hungry man is a angry man ... I dun deny this .... after the snack she was so happy and watch tv together with us! 

On Tuesday, MIL say she feel better and she slept quite long ..... during nap time ... hope this will make her well ...... 

On Wednesday .... I was having flu and cough so I decided to see a doctor and get MC ..... and just nice is TT's school having Multi Racial Harmony Day so she say wanna wear Korea dress there ... so I went to the school with her.  Before that school send us letter asking if any Parent would wanna show any craft work, cooking skills etc to the student ... i have the urge but I am lazy but good that I didn't join cos am not feeling well! 

So after the event ... MIL & I went to pick them up ..... both gal's have Henna tattoo on their hand very nice and it was done by one of their classmate's mother!  After we went back to my in law's shop I went over to see the Doctor .... and this 2 gals follow me there and guess what when I went into the consultation room .... the Doctor told me to wait awhile he went into another room and came out with his DSLR!  

He snapped non stop for this 2 gals .... after a whole 10mins ..... he then asked me what happen to me *faintz* Imagine if I am dying ... I think I will have die already!!!!  Immediately after asking about me ... he snapped again ..... and told me that he will gave me the soft copy once he transfer.  So we went out and wait for my medication ...... about 5 mins later I was asked to go into the room again ... this time round he had finished uploading the pic into his PC and was showing it to me!!!!  And even pass me a thumb drive with all the photos inside whahaha this Doctor really is crazy no wonder my PIL gave him a nick name call SIAO LOH GOON!(Crazy doctor)

On Thursday .... Dearie came back with a piece of paper .... telling me Abrielle's Papa (Kenneth) wants me to send him pictures of Abrielle .... I was surprise that he know that .... Dearie say today Kenneth wasn't feeling well so went to see Doctor .... when he go in Doctor show him the pics he took ... and my TT's picture became his wallpaper!!! Whahahahha ..... and Dearie told me that his nurse told my MIL that whoever went in for consultation will have to see the pics first!! Hhahahaha really funny!!!

Friday - 20 July 2012

Took half day leave and pick TT up from my in law shop ... went back to rest and headed out at around 6+pm to Amara Hotel for dinner with TT's 姨妈.  We celebrating Grace's birthday today so we bought the food coupons from groupon for dining in Element.

Great disappointment ...... buffet spread was little ... not much choices .... and they will gave half grilled lobster each ... .. is not nice at all seriously I love crayfish more than lobster .... Think the most expensive stuffs there is only sashimi and prawn ..... I grab most is their tempura ..... hahaha ... the rest I dun feel worth eating ... even sushi is not really well finger press.

Ambiance quite ok .... not so bad good for catching up and we are doing so cos all of us were busy at work I feel is more worth if you are dining with coupons but will not go back there anymore.

Grace was given a complimentary slice cake for her birthday .... TT again become limelight instead .... I guess Grace was very happy to share it with her!  Happy Birthday Grace!  Hope you like the gift and the dinner!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday - 15 July 2012

Today we going High Tea at Goodwood Park .... celebrating Jiaming and Fiona birthday ... 2nd time I visited here .... nice food they serve. 

After so many visiting of different high tea I still prefer here.  TT was with me .... cos they eat for free whahhaha so kinda save for us cos kids dun eat much all they love to is meet up their friends and play with them!  Today we have Lele, Davion and herself .  

Buffet range is quite standard with all the pastries, salad, sanwiches, dessert scones and etc.  We can have 2 drinks too ... and this time we took the 1st seating which is at 12noon to 230pm ..... last year we went for the 2nd seating (3pm - 530pm) still not so bad as not that rushing when it strike 530pm ..... 1st seating maybe due to they need to clear up the place so we were like going off at 230pm sharp!

After that I brought TT over to Suntec to check out the trial lesson at Jody Marshall .... paid around $35 for the trial lesson hope she will like it ..... after that we headed straight back home with the Hokkaido cake from Polar ... saw Sam posting it and look so nice so bought one box to try. 

In the evening we went over to my in law's place for dinner ..... I am so full but I can't resist the chilli crab!!! awwwww ..... is so yummy .... just had some of the dishes and MORE crab with no rice for this evening! 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mon - Sat - 9-14 July 2012

Nothing much to update for his week just that my TT surprise me again with a massage she even use blanket to cover me and do a leg massage for me..... 似模似样!

And on Wednesday an Instructor came with 4 tubs of home made kimchi for us ...... this kimchi is yummy he even have oyster in the kimchi ... yum yum!  Really getting fatter :( 

Thursday, Dearie have to work OT so my MIL brought TT home and at the same time brought porridge to me ...... I love the porridge she cook! yummy!

On Saturday .... it was pouring heavily we still make our way to Joo Chiat Temple pai pai and went over to eat Prawn Noodle.  Our relatives all love eating this and sometimes we will bump into one another at the stall  and most of our relatives learn that Uncle's son is my schoolmates hahahaha ...... and James slowly learn that they are my relatives and who is who related to me  haha

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday - 8 July 2012

Congrats to Andy & Jennifer for the new bundle of joy - Natalie Tan!  My Niece weighing 3.6kg and was born on 7 July 12.  Went over to TMC to visit them ..... she was such a dearie ..... big eyes and really look like my cousin Andy!  After visiting we went to Jayden's birthday at Trevista ......

Thanks Angeline for the invites ..... we love the food you and your mum prepared ..... a very nice place indeed .... my TT enjoyed very much .... as usual TT seems like very familiar with the place she just go round the place and ignoring us!  

Love the cake u ordered too I shall order that next year for TT the pandan cake is refreshing!  Packed the curry veggie back really love it!  Angeline's mummy really a good cook!  Today we have goodie bag to ring back ... nice Cars bag and adult can pack kueh back too hahahah ..... how not to be FAT with the good food!