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Sunday, 29 April 2007

All by myself.........

On our way
Nice sunflower in T1

up early to make breakfast for Drexler as he is leaving to Taiwan in
the afternoon. Skipped my yoga class heehee so that I can accompany him
more he is being schedule to Gao Xiong for work and now I am home alone
....... all by myself.......

My MIL and I send him off to the
airport ...... and we have our lunch there as well ....... at first I
feel that is fine ..... he is only away for 2 weeks ..... cos he went
reservist too for 2 weeks and I'm FINE! But he just left for a few
hours I started to miss him ....... the whole hse without his voice ........ without him KAO JIAO -ing me ..... without him is just not fine .....

the most sad thing is our 1st year anniversary I will be spending it
alone ...... here ...... wanted to have an early celebration but due to
his work load he always work till late .... no chance to even have a
proper meal with him .......

after i came back from the airport I clean up the whole hse including
the changing of my bedsheet alone ...... washing it up .... I must find
more things to do at home ... maybe shall bring my work home to do so
that I am occupied....... Hope that he is fine too over at Gao Xiong
...... not too busy and can have good rest too ......

Dear Dear I miss you!!!!

Makan time ........

After the shopping and the high tea, Drexler and I went back home to rest. About 8, we reached my in-laws place we went for dinner together cos Drexler is going out of town for work. So we headed to the nearest coffeeshop for Thai food! While waiting for our food, Sis GLC went to the vegetarian stall to order a plate of cha mee sua ....... looks good, taste good just a bit too salty.

We waited for abot 30 - 45mins to have our food being served! Lucky is worthwhile waiting. But we were all so hungry ..... and there are two nephew with us think they are hungry too .........

I only take a few pics of it .... their mango salad is very good . And my BIL likes their dong fen crab but they sold out all think is really good to eat thats why it run out so fast!

I have no voice due to bad cough I still wanna drink their tom yum soup ha ha cos is my fav ..... no matter how sick I am .... I wanna try it out .... is really good heard my MIL say last time when they order is really very spicy .... so she ask them not to cook so spicy soup .... hmmmm maybe I should try it out one day when i am feeling better ....

Those we interested to try out this thai food is located at Bedok North Ave 2 Blk 412 coffee shop

And I would like to thank my MIL cooking one remedy drink for my lost of voice .... thanks MUM!

My shooting of food is lousy but trust me the food is nice!

Shopping spreeee............

IS SHOPPING TIME!!!! YES! Is being so long ever since CNY past. I never went shopping at all..... but this time round I do more shopping for my husband instead. Woke up ard 12+ and went to Bugis Seiyu for shopping while waiting for my parents to come. Do not wanna be absent minded and wasted our vouchers that is given to us duirng our hsewarming we decided to finish up the vouchers since we are in bugis. Drexler (my laogong) bought 2 pants, 1 polo tee and a box of brief for me I see nothing to get so decided to be KUAI KUAI not to buy any.... hehe....... Saw this two ladies above after our praying at kuan yin miao. Its an art but I do not know about it at all I did donate for them. I must really salute to them .... they are all dress up and is so hot outside they can be there for hours!!!

We head to Chinatown YUM CHA for high tea with my parents as Drexler have miss dining with them last week. I want to take more of the pics but greedy me kept on eating forgeting to take down the pics ... when I come to realise it ...... I am full and my desert is being serve kekekekekeke I have their XUE GE and Drexler have their new ice cream with OR BI BUR (Black dunno what hahahah ) His looks good ..... and he say is nice to eat ... anyone going YUM CHA try that out

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Finally .....

Finally!!! I have done it!!!! I have finish my Doraemon magnet collection yippie!!!!! ......... SZ mei is faster than me ha ha cos I left the one and only Italy to complete ........

Last Saturday sz mei send me a sms telling me she have a surprise for me ....... when I reached her place and she took out the Italy magnet for me ...... wow ..... she help me complete the set!!! ....... still wondering to have this magnet place on my bomb shelter or back into the booklet......

I have many left overs ..... hahah ..... shall I keep another set?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Dinner at My Mum Place

one of their ZHAO PAI CAI - Seafood TauPOK....... thumbs up

Look at him so cute!!! Thats my beloved nephew ...... his is "place" on a table cos the chair cannot hold his seats..... heehee ..... but notti him make his mum do not have a relax meal.....

Was having dinner with my family, unfortunatle my beloved is at work and couldnt join us.

Went to my mums place for dinner which is located at 328 Joo Chiat Road.Went there for dinner with Lester & gang sometimes back. Love their food!

This is the desert their Durian puree... its yummy loves it very much!!! Should try if you guys going there to eat......

Beancurd is nice too ... their prawn is very fresh yummy!

This is the hokkien mee .... not that nice compare to the SAN LAO horfun ......

Their sweet potato veggie ...... not really nice ..... compare to Joo Heng .... but overall we have a great meal ......

Last Thursday ..... I know I am slow in blogging.......

Look out for him! (tell you why when u read on)

Meet up with Ms Koh (our sec teacher) and fellow classmates / schoolmates.  WE meet up at Rice Table last Thursday we have great fun makan-ing and chit-chatting  was Not very happy with the service there.  1st one of my frd arrived early and she ask the waiter abt the booking the waiter just tell her your seats are inside without showing her where she the table is and there are so many vacant.Later when my frd ask again he show him to a table of 12!  Where we only have 6 ppl.

Above mentioned guy told us we got a wrong seat as we to shift to another table.  the worst thing is he ask we all to take our drinks oursevles!!!  Didnt we pay for service charge?  When i heard that I walked away and hack care make him serve me!  he got attitude problem wonder why rice table management will hire such a lousy waiter

Lousy waiter but food is good!!! Is an ala carte buffet ..... is really filling ...... the protion of the food is good ..... love their satay yummy!  Will go again but have to endure the stupid attitude waiter ..... if not have to go international plaza outlet ...... go try out frds out there is good!  And thanks to Cheng Leng whom gave us a treat that eveing!

Astons - cont......

He is the one!!!! clumsy and blur waiter !!!

This is my very 1st visit to astons with SZ, YZ, Norman and frances and of cos my dearest.  I have their grilled fish and side order of pasta salad and baked potato.  Their pricing is really cheap!

SZ having crispy chicken and YZ having their fish & chip. *thumbs up*

This is my 2nd visit I have their Fish and chip.  They compensate me with a big one cos their KUKU waiter make a great mistake.  He send my food to another table which is after us! so angry  all along we dun like him .... so blur and clumsy

LOOK AT THAT!!!!! kerkekekek thats not my main course .... is another of my neighbour's.  is WT's wife's .... looks good?

Looking at those food makes me hungry .... heheh and miss astons and their IBC rootbear ...... shall wait patiently they gonna open soon ...... but i would guess their pricing will be increase after renovation .......

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

I am back to blog!

hmmmm think abt i did not blog for sometimes ha ha ha .... suppose to blog abt Aston last week but I am real tired last week!

I have successfully induced my mensus and I have finish one cycle of my clomid from My day 2 - Day 6 ..... now I am awaiting for Day 14 - Day 16 to see whether clomid works on me.

And finally KKH have sent back to me my report on my blood test and
ultra scan ..... Radiological report show that my right ovary is normal
but left side is Abnormal
there is at least 12 immature follicles counted in the left
ovary.  Wonder when will the immature egg be mature or maybe they
wont get mature ?????

Anyway, I have prepared for the worst! but nothing can stop me from ttc-ing ..... will keep on trying ha ha ha
cos i simply love babies / children so much ...... i wanna have one of
my own ........ Gotten some tips from frds hahahah keep my fingers
cross...... hope that i can give a BIG piece of good news to all in mths time?

Any idea if I am that lucky will the baby still a piglet? kekekeke

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Astons - i must try!

Astons - I must try this ...... looking at SZ meimei's blog makes me more hungry!!!  We intend to go with our neigbours including SZ mei on Friday and we all decided to Q at 5pm sharp!  Their Q is damn long during peak hrs! Their speciality is their steak unfortunately I don't take beef only my beloved will get to taste it! But look at the picture in the web makes me drool luckily I got kaki that is YZ (sz's hubby) dun eat steak kekekeke ...... Price of drinks is at coffeeshop pricing!

Yesterday SZ mei cant resist and is craving for it she called me at ard 9+ asking me wanna join her to go Astons but I just finish a movie in Vivo and miss the chance to go with her & YZ cos my hubby and I had carl Junior burger which is BIG! WE share the burger during the show ..... if only i know she wanna go i will not eat anything during the show kekekek ... .

I will just endure for the next two days and come back with more highlights for all of you! stay tune! kekekekek