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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mon & Tues - 30 & 31 Jan 2012

Dearie not working today so he sent me to work before he go over to Direct Asia's workshop to have his rear wind screen replaced ..... dented area was fixed on Saturday .... so this is how ugly it is (see above pic)

Today is my 1st day of work after CNY ..... and I am all alone!  Boss is out of town and my 2 aunties on leave.  So after work Dearie headed to Changi City Point to wait for me while Mr Tan drove me over.

The mall is so QUIET!  I thought is early so not much crowd ..... so we headed to Eggs & Berries for dinner.  The restaurant selling entire everything with eggs and berries ... sounds good since we are eggs lover!  And they have all day breakfast menu ...... if you miss breakfast fear not ..... cos u get to order it all day long here!

Didn't have any dessert cos we are too full ..... shopping is next ... since TT not coming home both of us just have our me time doing some shopping.  Sometimes just feel good with that little gal around :P


Dearie went to the workshop to spray paint on his car .... tats the last part to do ....sigh ..... just hope no more down luck thing on us again ..... we have been in very bad luck for the past 2 years.... hope that will be good after this stupid accident!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday - 29 Jan 2012

Woke up early to go market ...... have to go over to Bedok side .....cos Eunos Market still under renovation ...... will only reopen on the 1st April 2012.  Can't wait till that day cos I am missing the food there already!

Beside market I still go into NTUC to get some other stuffs ..... and I am gonna cook pork today for my family.  I really went blur and dunno what to cook ..... so just do half cooked food and half steamboat .... should be easy!

We bought yusheng too cos today is 人日!  And since we have a bigger place i will try to cook more often in future and asked them to come over for dinner.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday - 28 Jan 2012

Dearie drove the car to the workshop early in the morning for repairing the back of teh car which is dented.  So around 11+pm we headed to Franco house by cab.  Have lunch at Franco's place and of cos follow by gambling!

At around 2+pm Dearie went back to get his car and came back  to pick us up ..... so after lo hei with them we left and went over Millennial Walk to meet up with my gfs for dinner at TCC.  Since Weeli's birthday falls on January she was entitled to a 50% off total bill so we decided to go there for a heart dinner!

We are late for the dinner so the gals carry on their meals first but good cos they feed me info on which is nice haha ..... Ordered some food for TT but she dun really like it so the yiyi of hers bought her some cupcakes!  We are all so full but still we want to have yusheng so we strolled over to Suntec Sakae Sushi to have one before heading home.  After the yusheng I am almost bursting!  Is all about eating during CNY how to lose weight?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday - 26 Jan 2012

See the problem of waking her up?  I seriously got problem waking her up hahaha .... she will either cry or she will just go to the living room and lying on the sofa .... see she even have a pose when she sleep! *sigh*

Dearie is back to work so he drove us to my in law's shop ..... today my in law 开工大吉 and today will have lion dance ... my favourite!

After sending TT to school I follow MIL up to the house and chit chatted for awhile before back to the shop before we go pick up TT.  TT and Abrielle (TT's bff) lucky enough cos they are able to catch the lion dance which came at 12.30pm!

After watching the lion dance .... follow my MIL to house again top wash TT up and have lunch with her .... I went back after she is napping.  At around 6pm I was at T3 again ..... cos I am selected for 2nd interview.  The Manager and HR Manager gave their offer to me ..... I was not shocked haha after all I roughly know they will employ me.  BUT their salary doesn't match my expectation and first thing I need to do before stepping in is CHANGE OF WARDROBE!  And I need to dye back my hair .... highlighted is a no no ...... told them I need to think over for the post.

Left T3 and headed back to in law's place for dinner and after the meal we are off for visiting Dearie's godma.  His Godma rather pitiful ..... cos she is old and cannot walk properly and she always fell down ..... poor woman she have raise about 10 children but only 1 who is more responsible when come to taking care of her.  I hope my TT won't be like this when I grow old .... rather scary.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday - 25 Jan 2012

Dearie was force to take leave today as for me all along I am planning for it hahah cos I dun like to 开工 on the third day.  TT woke up very early and take a shower before changing herself ..... I have a little problem about this little gal she don't like to sleep early!  And I have problem waking her up and she will come into our room at wee hours to sleep with us *faintz*

Anyone have any solution of sleeping early for me to use on her?  But when she is at my in law's place she auto will go into my MIL's room at around 10pm to sleep and will wake up at around 7am!  I guess my 胎教 quite powerful cos I have late nights during pregnancy!

After sending her to school we went over to Geylang HDB Branch to submit a rain screen installation form to them.  The layout of our flats kinda weird so only my unit will kanna rain when the rain is heavy so my main door is kinda rotten at the edge area.

Went to shop for food for tonight's dinner ...... buddies coming to my place for dinner ....so steamboat is the best option to cater so many friends.  Preparation is not easy too ... gotta cut, wash and is all by myself ..... Dearie and TT went to nap after we are back home .....

Friends came at around 6+pm .... thank god I am done with all the stuffs and lucky all of them enjoy themselves.... thanks Penny for the chicken and mushroom to add on our food.  Too bad is a weekday if not we can drink and chat around for longer time!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday - 24 Jan 2012

2nd day of CNY .... Papa called ...... and asked are we on the way to his place hahaha and to his surprise we are not cos we are still sleeping at 10+am ..... usually we will be early but we are so tired we overslept!

Quickly woke up washed up and get ready to go to my Parent's place ....... my Papa's son ordered Mcdonald meals to their place so that when my cousins they all come will have something to eat and of cos since is paid for I also have a share *LOL*

Last time before my Mama suffered a stroke she always cook .... and I love her chap chai and sambal prawn sometime she will prepare steamboat too .... now dun get a chance to eat anymore.  Since my Papa going to an open house by his PAP boss ..... I have to bring my Mama over to my 2nd cousin's house at Tampines.  My cousin cook very well and today he cooked nasi lemak and I love his chicken pie too!

After we left Tampines we head down to Seng Kang for visiting of Irodori Uncle house and my small Uncle house.  Left SK at around 6pm and send my Mama home before heading to Ah Ghor's place for dinner + gambling ...... luckily most of us will be on leave the next day so again we played till like coming to 2pm!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday - 23 Jan 2012

恭喜发财 everyone .... is 大年初一 today we went to in law's place at around 9am after washing up.  TT was so excited that she woke up on her own cos there are new dresses that she can't wait to wear hanging in her wardrobe.

 As usual yearly breakfast is Mee Sua from my MIL and we are always very full after the yummy breakfast.  Headed to Maternal Grandma house at Ubi ...... when we reached there is around 11+am .... and guess what the next thing is .... EAT LUNCH! 

OMG CNY is all about eating eating and eating ..... usually I will go for smaller portion of rice ... cos breakfast portion too big!  And especially I am on Herballife shake now ..... and I feel that after drinking that for a period my eating habit a bit change too going for more meals and smaller portion. 

And sometime I can't even finished a bowl of noodle if I force myself to finished it I feel so bloated!  Hope that drinking the shake will help me more in my weight management and of cos a better and healthy body.

Left Ubi and headed to Big Uncle's place at Aljunied .... chit chatted a while and we are off back to my in law's place.  As usual gambling start here ...... played a few games and is almost time for the rest to go other place while small Uncle and family stay to have dinner with us. 

After having dinner .... is going to 3rd Uncle house for visiting ...... followed by small Uncle's place back at Ubi .... saved lotsa time when all of us staying so near to each other.  All of us have dessert there prepared by small Aunt and kids extremely happy to play together while the older generation enjoying their TV show and we start to gamble since no one seems like going off yet....... haha this year not so bad for me .... won a bit abit ... hope the rest of the year will be same ho ho ho!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Ordered a sofa from my MIL's shop and it ended up as a gift from my in laws!  Thanks Mum and Dad for the gift!  The supplier says only can send the sofa to us on 27 Dec 2011 cos they are afraid they can't finished up on time due to CNY seasons coming but they called up later and say they are able to send on 16 Jan 2011 instead we are happy with it.

But when they deliver it I notice my foot rest is so different from what I have ordered ..... oh well it fits well so I dun bother too much about it.

Next day at around 1+pm the supplier called up and told me they have send the wrong delivery the foot rest belongs to another customer!  I was quite pissed hahaha cos I find the foot rest fits perfectly .....

And they came at 5+pm to change..... no choice ..... *sigh* ..... the last pic you see is the one I ordered earlier on .... while the first 2 is the long foot rest which I like ... ....

Sunday - 22 Jan 2012

Woke up early to do up the house .... cleaning up and washing my floor mats ..... after that 3 of us just laze around before heading to big uncle's place for dinner. 

We left home around 6pm took a train down to Aljunied ..... Dearie said that the carpark there too "hot" so we use public transport.  It started pouring when we reached there lucky there is sheltered linkway ...... if not we will be wet!

2nd year without Ah Ma around ....... think all of us miss her dearly!  Dinner was not too good for me ..... kinda bland so I ate a little only ...... not to my liking but I do enjoy playing with the kids!

Usually after dinner is distributing of Ang Bao to the unmarried and kids ...... but cos of Ah Ma's depart the 3rd generation still mourning so consider no celebration.  Thanks to Charmayne and Kean for the ride home.  Rainy cooling night .... 3 of us having our own time watching the CNY variety from Channel 8 and as usual listening to our zodiac sign fortune for the Dragon Year.

When the clock strike 12 .... my 2 baobei was dancing around .... happily wishing among ourselves a very happy Dragon year in 2012.  Not long after ... my little one felt sleepy and lying on floor dozing off ....... while the 2 of us continue our yearly "job" - 守岁