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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wednesday - 31 Oct 2012

Meet up with Fiona, Angeline, Pauline and EL for dinner and accompany Fiona due to some personal problem ..... we had dinner at Swensen and headed for coffee bean after the meal for chit chat. 

Accompanied her till 11+pm hope that the meet up will smooth her and will feel better ... we are always here by you!  Hope that everything can be good! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mon-Tues - 29-30 Oct 2012

On Monday when TT was back home and I am busy doing some housework ... she show me a picture .... saying that's me! hahaha she say she never see me having curly hair before so there in her imagination tat's how I look like LOL 

On Tuesday, Jolene was on leave so Rosalind suggested to go over to the new Japanese Restaurant - Chikusen (use to be Minori now they took over) to try their set meal. And they promoting their opening special set lunch I choose to try their Teppan Chicken Set ($15++) while Rosalind opt for Gindara (cod Fish) Teriyaki Set (18++) it comes with salad, Chawanmushi, one miso soup and one rice with one dessert.  

Salad was first to be served .... the renovation remained a bit the same like Minori one thing unchange is .... it is still very warm ... aircon not strong enough! 

Teriyaki Chicken was quite a big plate .... tender chicken makes it so yummy .... cod fish was grill nicely too ... and so sweet!  Thumbs up!  Will be back for more for sure .... hope that they will have ala carte buffet soon!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday - 28 Oct 2012

Woke up quite early to the market to buy some food .... as for Dearie he headed for a swim .... and we are quite lazy to go out so we just stay home to cook and did not go over my in law side. 

If nothing on staying at home on a Sunday can be quite relax ..... good time to do housework as well as doing some activities book with TT. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday - 27 Oct 2012

Was invited by the Lee family to attend Liz's 1 year old birthday ....... and Hazel have also come out with a Halloween theme since is near to Halloween.  2 in 1 party thumbs up!

We were all dressed up for the party and best dressed goes to my Evil Sis - Pauline she really good hahaha I dun think I able to dress that way especially she can get out of house with that costume! whahahaha I dun dare!

Food was from Purple Sage ..... not too bad ... I love the Bo Bo Cha Cha cos I love the starch but is way too big!  All of us have fun .... now let the photos do the talking click here!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Mon - Fri - 22-26 Oct 2012

Thanks to Alice whom came office and bought us nice yummy chicken pie from Bengawan Solo .... didn't know they sell chicken pie! 

Its piping hot and yummy ..... sending them email about which outlet sell chicken pie ... and only SGH outlet have it and in the email saying that they could explain further about ordering it over the phone ... when I reply with my number ... no one call at all :P 

This week nothing happening to update .... just busy at work .. but glad that is a short week cos Friday is a PH (Hari Raya Haji). 

Dated Dearie to watch Finding Nemo in 3D this is the first show I watched with Mr Goh when we first par tor this time watching together with our little girl the feeling is so  much different haha and glad that TT loves the movie!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday - 21 Oct 2012

Today is a feasting day!  Hahaha In the afternoon met up with my gfs for EL's birthday celebration at Irodori.  Uncle was having his off day and I feel whenever Uncle on leave the food standard always drop and is always lunch time ..... finger press sushi always very loose,  rice always came off. 

I remembered last time I had lunch with my neighbours during lunch also the same thing without Uncle around!  Shall try again next time if it is always like that. 

Glad that we booked a big room cos is full house on lunch time too but we do have fun chit chatting and eating of the food ... and we like end up have to finish the food that we over order hahaha 

My FIL booked 4 tables and informing us on a weekday saying there will be a family gathering at Jinlong .... this is the 3rd time of the year which is a few months apart having dinner there haha ..... is actually my FIL's birthday but he just say is gathering.  I guess he was very happy with his elder son completed his Degree course, youngest grandson doing very well in his studies (went for those intergrated program... actual name I dunno what is it call) 

Started the dinner at around 8pm .... this time food is different and nice ... love the Mongolia Chicken which have yam too.  Jinlong have very poor arrangement they actually wanna seperate our tables funny right we book 4 tables they should give us like 4 tables near to each other ... but they did not,  they gave us far apart how to talk and interact with others .... so I ask the Captain to change she told me very difficult cos the other table have order already and best thing is the other table people all not here yet ..... I dun think is difficult to change is the effort whether they want or dun.  Plain lazy!

Finished the dinner like 10+pm ..... didn't take much photos cos all busy playing with the 2 babies and eating! haha thumbs up for the gathering!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mon-Sat - 15-20 Oct 2012

Whole of my week not much happening just that Instructors came with yummy food for us to eat ... hahah how not to be fat ..... almost everyday we have food! 

On Saturday when I woke up .... suddenly feel like baking so bake cookies and by the time I finished TT is going to Berries so I asked Dearie to bring her there and will meet them there when I finish cleaning up. 

We intend to go Nex by train after Berries so Dearie did not drive ..... TT love taking public transport especially she love to tap her own ezlink!  After doing some shopping we went HongGuo for dinner ..... we ordered only 1 bowl of noodle with like  8 or 9 small plates of ingredients the friendly staff teach us how to eat the noodle and which one is the last to put it .... the bowl is huge and very hot!  

I want to have QQ rice for dinner so I asked Dearie and Tt share that bowl of noodle while I have their drinks while waiting for them to finish it.  I tried one mouth .... the noodle is springy and the soup taste sweet nice thumbs up! 

Before heading back I pop into QQ Rice for my dinner .... can't wait to eat it!  It can be very filling cos of the generous rice and ingredients! Yummy! 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sat & Sun - 13 & 14 Oct 2012

Saturday after Berries we went to Bedok Point to have dinner and I insists of having Chicken hotpot there cos everytime I passed by always long Q!  It was served in claypot over a burner beside chicken they have beef and prawn but we opt for chicken and for the first time eating we are a bit blur dunno what should we do and we are not brief of how ... haha but we just follow what other customer do.  We can add some stock  and it would be like a steamboat and can go to the fridge to get other food like fishball, noodle, vegetables etc but very limited stuffs. Total damage is about $54+ Dearie feel is abit over price cos not really worth can have better steamboat pattern and with more variety!

On Sunday we went over to Raffles Studio at King George to take family portrait .... lotsa people there.  Last time when we have our family portrait is at Serangoon and they provide make up service .... Raffles Studio didn't have any make up service so we have to do make up on our own. 

As for TT I let her go saloon to get her hair tie up neatly .... and I did put a little make up on her.  While waiting for our turn to take pic we did a little camwhoring and after about 25mins of wait ..... we were asked to go into the room and start to take a few shots. 

It took like 15mins and we were back to the recept area for photo choosing..... the pic above will be the blown up piece.  After payment made we went over to City Square Mall for dinner chose to go Mouth Restaurant for dinner .... their portion was big and finally I get to eat something different ...... my FIL nearly want to go Putien again hahahah scary!!!

Lastly thanks to SIL GLC for the gifts from Korea!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Mon - Fri - 8 - 12 Oct 2012

Mon - Thur 

No happening hahah usual routine ..... 


Went to have dinner with Sam, Angeline and my evil sis Pauline at Carnivore @ Vivocity....first we are served by a not so friendly front desk waitress.  Her face was black and went we tell her about our booking by Sam ... she reply us "Do you know there is alot of Sam." as in a service line I strongly feel that this is a no no to customers!  BAD thumbs down for the 1st impression!

We were shown to where we will be seated and the Manager came up to us telling us there will be a 1for1 drink for happy hour which will be ending at 7pm .... and he was very nice to tell us that he can hold the drinks for us even if after happy hour and our 2nd drinks was not being consume.  Ok we got friendly Manager to smooth our pissed off mood about the front desk lady!

About 15 hot and cold salad food was display right after you stepped into the restaurant and the same lady actually stopped Angeline from taking picture of the salad bar!

The meat waiter were friendly enough to let us take pictures .... I only eat the fish fillet and chicken ... the fish was so fresh is really sweet and juicy.  Honey Pineapple was nicely bbq .... yumz .... 

After the hearty meal we headed over to Neverland II ... DF was closed and neverland II took over the place ... Mono still remain upstair and we could actually get back the bottle of liquor and the staffs in Neverland II was kind enough to keep topping up our mixer cos usually they will make us pay for the 3rd serving as we only left like half a bottle. 

Fiona came and joined us after her company event .... and is not that fun compare to DF .... we finished the bottle around 1+am and feel hungry so we went for supper and headed home only at around 2+am!  Had a great fun with you gals! Love it!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sat & Sun - 6 & 7 Oct 2012

On Saturday nothing much to update is as usual bring TT to Berries and back home ....

On Sunday we attended Geok Ping's Son Braydon's 1 year old party .... she have booked the multi purpose hall down at her flat .... great idea cos can host alot of people.initially when TT turn 1 month old I wanted to book our house multi purpose hall too but too bad someone is ahead of us ... so no choice gotta split the celebration into 2 session! 

Love the animal theme for Braydon and Geok Ping order lotsa animal balloon for the kids and my TT took 2 home haha just because her dog's leg came off ...... 

Thanks once again GP & Vernon for the invite we do enjoy ourselves and last but not least a very Happy Birthday to Braydon and wish you 快高长大, 身体健康!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Mon-Fri - 1 - 5 Oct 2012

On Monday I took leave and have a break since I work over the weekend ..... and just nice happened that TT no need to go to school so we went over to Nex for some shopping after we woke up.  But I am still feel tired so we shop like about 2hrs we are on the way back already

Before we leave Nex we went over to QQ rice to buy our dinner ..... it cost $11.80 for 3 rice roll ..... and TT choose her own ingredients too!

On Tues and Wed both days she was being punished cos of misbehaving ..... my girl can make me headache sometimes .... I hope she will be good when she grow up! 

On Thursday is children's day celebration and she came back with a pack of Disney magazine and some stationeries inside ..... Teacher decorate the pack with a photo taken with her haha nice!

And on Friday ..... is a holiday for them and again she came to work with me ... thank god I have very nice bosses that I can bring her along!  She hit it off very well with my bosses ..... and they dote on her alot!