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Monday, 4 June 2007

Food Food and more Food!!!

Lately I have not been blogging...posted some food photo to make you all hungry  heehee .  Photos are all randomly posted not in sequence ...... sorry for being lazy as I am really tired lately.

Feeling tired most of the time ...... maybe my baby is growing and use up more energy from me kekekeke ..... but still i never neglect my friends and neighbours even I am tired I love to be with them .....

Lately my best friend Penny came back to SG from Sabah so we spent a few days meeting up and have supper before they left SG.  We went to my favourite place - roxy square to have the yummy tom yum steamboat! And we met up on Friday nite to have Changi Nasi Lemak YUMMY!  Although is not the famous one that have to Q for hours this stall turns out to be nice as well

Lately I really have been eating alot I put on 1.6KG!!!! hahahaha thanks to my dearest BB I always feel hungry and kept eating  I think I am Gonna be a BIG fat woman soon

I went to ICHIBAN with SZ and my hubby to have a heavy dinner, I went to have steamboat, went for supper (most of the time i dun eat)  Having a mini potluck with my neighbours.  Each of us prepare one dish ..... and we share the food together ..... all so nice!

SZ mei prepared ABC soup, YZ - potato salad, LL & Chane - Japanese curry, honhon - pasta & Thai Chicken, Nelson & Sharon - Ben & Jerry Ice cream  and me - Brocolli cant imagine i eat so much as well hahahaha ......

Also like to take opportunity to thank Nelson & Sharon for lending their "baby" (car) to us  while they are away for honeymoon .....(I am taking good care of it) cos when I went check up ... its pouring heavily .... heehehe Thanks pal!

Update you all about my weight again when I went for my check up on 27th June 07 stay tune kekekekeke

arghhhhhh I dun wanna be FAT AUNTIE!