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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday - 31 Mar 2012

Woke up and try cooking the carrot cake ..... surprise that TT love it ..... since I have "open" the stove I cook some chap chye also ..... as it can be kept so I decided to cook and have it later or tomorrow.   I cooked the prata with hotdog for Dearie also .... hearty breakfast makes a good day for us!

Went on a short nap with TT before going to Berries.  After Berries we went over to Changi City Point for dinner .....

While waiting for TT's 3 姨妈 to come over we went to do some window shopping and thinking where is good to have our dinner.

When we get to meet them ..... we decided to go Eggs & Berries for dinner .... a place where by TT can have their all day breakfast set!  All her favourite food in the plate for her to feast!  The rest of us had their set dinner ..... although we are very full we still order waffle to share. 

After the dinner we still head over to Toast Box to buy their cake haha ... lately we are a bit crazy over the butter cream cake.  Any other places to recommend for traditional butter cream cake?

Friday, 30 March 2012

Monday - Friday - 26 - 30 March 2012

Dun really have a good week this week ...... but I get to eat some food which I like to make myself comfortable!  On Monday I ate the Flor cake haha love it ..... wanna try more next time if I am in at Duxton area.

On Tuesday is a bad day for me .... is a submission day for the grading and is a very busy day .... cos everyone will just come last minute.  This Auntie Rosalind was on phone with an Instructor - LKP.  They were talking about giving birth and dunno why out of sudden they talk about me and was laughing out so loudly saying  that till now I have no news.

It might be a joke to them but deep in my heart I feel so hurt ... I told Auntie Rosalind off cos I told her you should know very well how hard I have been trying ... and what test I gone thru and yet you still making fun of me .... I refuse to talk to her again till she apologise on the next day!

Nothing much to update on my Wed and Thurs .... On Friday we headed to PP for dinner at Ichiban Boshi ..... and went to get some groceries before going back home ..... this week is really not my week! :(

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday - 25 March 2012

Sis GLC came back from NZ yesterday ... Brother actual birthday was yesterday so making all of us convenient he treat us for dinner only today. 

He invited us to Captain's Table at Raffles Marina ... it was pouring cats & dogs ..... when we reached there is still raining but not that heavy we are first to reach so we just go in and take some picture ..... due to the rain we cant go out to have picture taken near the boat berthing.

We headed up to the restaurant first but is not open yet .... once the clock strike 6pm sharp the restaurant switch on their lights and the Captain make his way to the entrance.  First impression given to us is lousy service ....... we are first to reach but they serve the one behind us and show them to their seats while Dearie and I standing at the entrance not even showing us to the waiting area to sit.  No one come to us ...... oh well we just walk over to the waiting area to take a sit while waiting for my in laws.

Brother ordered the food and 2 kinds of crab ..... overall we feel that it wasn't nice at all .... service really cannot make it!  But glad that we have a nice company and of cos the lovely cake yumz .....once again thanks Brother for the treat! 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday - 24 March 2012

We skipped TT's Berries class and headed to RWS in the morning ...... headed to get breakfast and after picking up Grace we headed straight to RWS.  Thanks to Weeli for the invite and also the free car park!

After we settle down we headed to swim and first pool we go is Hard Rock Cafe.... TT bought her sand tools to start digging.  Her Yi Ma play with her for me I dun really like sand feeling hahaha so I didnt join her I just sit around chit chatting.

After a while TT's 3 yi ma went over to Vivo while the 3 of us swim and went pool hopping the 2nd pool we went is Festive ..... and lastly Hotel Michael ..... we have to wear back our clothing for pool hopping hahah cos we have to walk thru the shopping mall ...... overall still feel that Hard Rock is the best among the 3 .... but Weeli told us Festive Hotel still best for staying!

Around3 plus we went to have small bites .... we went Malaysia Food Street each of us order a bit of food and share among ourselves ..... not worth to go ... I feel that only Prawn Mee is worth eating! 

Went back to room to take a nap cos we are going for USS nite fireworks show at 9pm.  After so long TT still feel that USS fireworks is scary due to the loud sound haha she still have her hands on her ears!  Our happy day ended at around 11pm ...... so tired after a day out to RWS but is so fun!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tuesday - Friday - 20 - 23 March 2012


The happycall group in FB were all talking and making homemade prata .... be it NTUC brand or Chinatown brand ..... they just post all over at the group which makes me wanna try too.  So when I get back home I just took out a piece to try .... this time trying to crack an egg into the prata.  Next time I shall try other ingredients in.


Every Wednesday is a 1 for 1 ice cream day at LICK just located next to my office ..... my boss gave us money to buy ice cream ..... hahah of cos we are damn happy ..... but it will fat me soon!

In the evening, met up with Hazel, HJ, Huat and coco for dinner at Marina Square .... as usual I am the earliest and since I alight at Suntec I do a quick window shopping before I meet up with others.

We headed to The Corner Place Korean BBQ for dinner ,,.... located at #04-102 at Marina Square.  The grill plate is slanted so that the excess oil can flowed down easily ..... food wise raw fod they have marinated chicken, beef, fish, pork ..... they have cooked food too such as fried rice, glass noodle, porridge and soup.  The boss is very friendly they even asked what we want they see if they can do something for us so I asked for kimbap and they actually make special one for us.  Quite value for money for a $22++ per pax with such a spread and is a good place for chit chatting with friends!

Lately I crave for tom yum instant noodle bought Myojo brand and so easy for me to make for dinner since I am cooking for myself for dinner ........ any other brand that u feel is good to recommend to me?


Went back home and "open" my oven again cos I am going to meet my friends, TT's 姨妈 tomorrow and I have promise them to make German cookies for them glad that it turn out well this time but still so soft once i pick up it actually breaks ..... gotta practice more!