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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday - 28 April 2013

Woke up early again today this time I am heading to Jurong Sports Hall for KoKo Krunch Junior  Taekwondo Championships.  Alyssa wanted to follow so she was up early and getting ready to go with me.  Just when I reached my Tournament Head Chairman approached me telling me that the breakfast was not deliver yet.

So I called up the Manager of Belly Good to check..... *sigh* the more I scare things will cock up ..... the more it happened!  Dennis (The Manager) told me that the food was toppled down when there was an E brake so the delivery man went back to get another tray.  By the time they came back with the food was already close to 10am and my event started.

My Tournament Chairman told them to bring back cos event started and our poor helper, referees and official won't be able to eat.  Since Alyssa was hungry I went over to KFC to get porridge for her lucky there is one there!

Caterer came back with lunch and most of the food was whipped up very fast cos all of them were very hungry.  Good thing is that KoKo Krunch provide free KoKo Krunch for all with their booth set up just outside the sports hall that really help some of us! 

This is the first time I am doing emcee alone and I need to do some tips sharing about KoKo Krunch .... well it was a good experience for me!  The whole event ended at around 530pm sharp and just nice when I reached home I am able to catch Star Award 2013 and I didn't miss some tribute moment about our local artist - Huang Wen Yong whom have passed away on 20 April 2013.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday - 27 April 2013

After 5 hectic work week I slept through the whole Saturday morning feeling very tired still after I woke up!  Goh was teaching Alyssa her Berries home work while I made some simple breakfast or rather brunch for them.

We sent Alyssa for her class and after that we headed to Katong Shopping Centre to look for Sandy to touch up my toe nails which I spoil it while wearing covered shoes.  After fixing it we went down to the basement to have dessert.

The place was rather small but with decent seatings around and is not that crampy beside dessert they served some snacks too like rice dumpling, chee cheong fun, yam cake, soon kueh,  popcorn chicken etc.  I wanted to order some snack but mostly were sold out and left only popcorn chicken.

So we ordered a popcorn chicken to share, Goh go for Black Glutinous Rice with Durian and for me I am more greedy everything I wanna try so I order 3 mini bowl with different dessert.  So yummy!  My guess is a family business cos their attitude was not very good .... seems impatient when taking our orders overall still ok ...... business was quite good too!

Ren Ren Desserts (仁仁甜品)
865 Mountbatten Road 
B1-66 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

Open Daily - 1-8pm 
Cash Payment only 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Mon - Fri - 22 - 26 April 2013

One whole work week to be at Toa Payoh Sports Hall is an annual event which required all staffs to be at.  Office will be close for 5 days for it cos is a weekday hard to get volunteers to help out which is different from any other Tournament.

On Monday we kicked off with Primary School Poomsae competition .....I like children cos they are so easy to control and they are scare of us too haha but some still very mischievous and some very talkative!  And they can remember who I am ... some were amazed to see me cos I am doing the announcing and they say finally they see me!  So funny!

This year I have a change of caterer from Orange Clove to Belly Good (the one I use during CNY gathering for our family).  First day, breakfast was not so nice .... big tray of fried mee tai bak was left over till lunch however the Tuna Mousse sandwich was whipped out!  For lunch everything quite normal but garlic rice wasn't that fragrance.  Tea reception the nicest was carrot cake and of cos the all time favourite - Eclair!

The event on Monday ended only at 8pm ..... lotsa parents, teachers making noise ...... and we were so tired too .... this is the first time we work till so late really very tired!  

2nd day I was there early around 8am ... today will be the sparring competition lucky today breakfast was good best was roasted chicken sandwich.  Lunch was good too today appetizer was Jap cucumber with garlic and sesame this was the best and was also whipped off in no time!  Tea break with Glutinous rice, baked chicken puff and gyoza.  Yummy for this combination!  And competition end around 6+pm to 7pm after the medal presentation!

3rd Day was poomsae secondary school this time is hard to control ..... some were talking never pay attention when we roll call them.  Hard work compensate with yummy food so still not so bad ..... I did pack back some food for dinner too cos I wasn't able to go back to Bedok and accompany Alyssa for dinner. 

4th day was sparring again.... kicked off with nice yummy vegetarian bee hoon love it!  Food was ok today nothing to rave about for today's menu and competition ended around 6+pm again.

Friday - Last day of inter school competition was the JC.  Kinda boring ..... so quiet ..... in the morning ... I started to lost some voice .... very husky.  Throat wasn't feeling good too....  a bit itchy guess I have over work haha!  Today's food was normal too and personally I feel that Bellygood is more oriental maybe cos is from Tung Luk as for Orange Clove the feel was more westernize!  Today consider the earliest among the past 4 days really very tired .... I have one day (Saturday) to rest and Sunday I have another tourney to go ... tiring!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday - 21 April 2013 (Part 2)

Met up with my gfs for an afternoon high tea at The Courtyard, Fullerton a gathering with Vivian before she leave SG to China.  Rush over after the lousy baby show I attended so hope this high tea will comfort me from it!  

I am the 3rd to arrive ..... Pauline and Vivian were there early ... the seats was so comfy ... the moment I sat down I feel so relax hahaha.  Coffee is free flow ....with 2 choices of Tea ..... so I ordered a tea first to try since they are serving TWG.

We were served scones first with clotted cream and jam ... Alyssa love the jam and cream so she was so delighted when she see it!  Over here they serve 3 tier of tray just like 10 scotts but of cos can't compare that cos thats lousy!  

Top tier only Alyssa will love it cos she aiming the oreo cheese cake, 2nd tier was the savoury which I like ..... cos I love sandwiches and they serve nice egg mayo, cucumber & tomato. otah with half quail egg, salmon with caviar cone (Pauline, Alyssa and myself love this! I think is the highest refill we asked) and there is one with brie cheese which I try I dun really like although I love cheese but that was too strong for me!

Bottom tray I didn't try much also cos I dun really fancy sweet stuffs .... I love kueh lapis but this come with fruits which I dun like, original still the best!  After a few rounds of refilled we were all so full from it .... nice high tea session and prompt respond with server came quite frequently .... thumbs up for it!  Hope I can try Landing Point soon maybe can get Goh to go with me when we are free from work. 

The Courtyard @ Fullerton 
Hi Tea with 2 seating timing 
1st seating: 2.00pm - 4.00pm 
2nd seating: 4.30pm - 6.00pm

Tel: 6877 8129
Email: dining-rsvp@fullertonhotel.com

Sunday - 21 April 2013 (Part 1)

This is the worst baby/toddler show that I have ever joined!  No wonder it only cost $5 for it ..... but what I like about is that they have Salvation Army toy donation.  This is a good time that I can get Alyssa to pack her toys that she didn't want to play to donate it out.  

We packed about 2 bagful of toys and Rosalind also given me 3 bags of soft toys to donate out for her.  We reached Kg Ubi CC at around 915am and was given a number tag and a goodie bag and was told that we can start doing on the scrapbook using the crayons provided.  When we stepped in I notice that some of them brought lotsa stuffs to do up their scrapbook ... I didn't know need all these but well there is no competition of whose scrapbook is the nicest and most well done so I just let TT to draw using her creativity.  This is one point that the organiser should look into at least a competition on the creativity that the kids put in. 

The fun game on stage was the big jenga on stage ..... they should have a first come first serve registration on this game .... cos it ended after the Guest of Honor arrive and it took quite some time for 2 families to end the game or do it 2 sets at the same time so that more families can try the game!

Next is the Mcdonald show that  they engage .... the whole so call magic show is less than 10mins ...... hahahah LOUSY is the word but anyway I still manage to get a pic with mcdonald!  After that is the arrival of GOH with lucky draw and my Alyssa won 6th prize but I think we will not use it ..... is a $150 vouchers from my little Genius and can be use only on a full term program.  It will be good for a trial session too bad!

I just wasted my whole morning there .... I rather sleep through till around 11+pm then walk over *sigh* everything is just not right lucky I dun have friends to take part if not I will be very embarrassed to join such a lousy organised event!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Saturday - 20 April 2013

Sent TT to Berries at around 845am .... I have changed her lesson for today cos she is going to attend Kayla's 5th birthday bash.  

Went over to City Square Mall at around 2+pm and her birthday venue will be held at Genius R US.  We were early for their event and was first to reach so we have plenty of time taking photos and my vain pot TT was so happy wearing the chef hat and apron!

Around 3+pm their guest started to draw in the whole place was kind of chaotic with kids and parents around. Should be this way when all get together ..... TT found a partner - Xuan they will be sharing the ingredients and knead them into dough.  

TT always love to bake when I bake at home she is so happy and wanted to help always.  I went to help her out at some point and haha is always fun doing it with her! 

Genius R US is an enrichment class which offer learning through baking and it was good for parent and child bonding too.  Different Package available for their workshop and they also cater different workshop during school holidays.  Different birthday parties package available as well they also provide food and drinks for the kids.  Joanne and Matthew even ordered Neo Garden party pack for the adults how thoughtful they are cos the workshop end before dinner time.  TT was so happy about her masterpiece of cookies and wanna share it with her cousins tomorrow!

Thanks to the Angs for the invites we enjoyed ourselves and love it!  Happy Birthday Kayla sweetie hope you like the toy that TT buy for you :) 

Genius R US
City Square Mall Studio 
180 Kitchener Road 
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 6020 / 8183 0563 (sms) 
Email: info@geniusrus.com

Sembawang Shopping Centre Studio 
604 Sembawang Road 
Singapore 758459
Tel: 6555 1831 / 9234 2110 (sms) 
Email: sembawangstudio

Friday, 19 April 2013

Mon - Fri - 15 - 19 April 2013


Samsung servicing quite fast ... they called me in the afternoon that I could collect my phone today so I called Goh to pick me up after work at home cos I will be home earlier than him and we could have dinner there. 

In the afternoon we tried cooking porridge and onion eggs for lunch but I feel like eating maggie mee so I had that instead.  Rosalind still have some kimchi so I grab some to go with my noodle.  Really tired of having lunch near our office everything seems the same eat till tired! 

Goh pick me up in the evening lucky we are on time manage to reach Marina Sqaure at around 745pm .... the customer service not bad they told me about my battery although was in good health but is a bit bloated and thought me how to charge and care.  She advised me to get a new battery cos afraid that the battery will explode.  Read a few cases online I decided to get a new battery at $65 so I make sure this time I take great care of it. 

After taking phone we headed  to Swensen for dinner I had all time favourite baked rice while the man had chicken cutlet and we top up one meal at $5 to have soup and drink and since Goh was Swensen card member we only need to pay $1 for any drink that I ordered on the menu.  After making payment using POSB card we are given another $5 vouchers to be use for next visit not too bad!

Tuesday & Wednesday 

This week supposed to be my peak period cos after grading I need to prepare the results but cos of our Inter School Tournament next week I have pre preparation to be done by this week ..... not easy doing all these all by myself very shiong!

A bit sick of this things ...... if I were to have more hands I can do more stuffs this week rather doing all tournament stuffs this week.  Not too bad compensate these hard work with nice chicken porridge prepared by Rosalind. Next week will be another hectic week hope I can pull through!

Wednesday is Alyssa day again my sticky baby stick to me the moment I stepped into the shop and camwhoring is one of the thing we love to do everytime after dinner haha

On Thursday lady boss asked we all to go for lunch together at PP...... she treat us all and we just head to Food Republic.  I ordered Char Kway Tiao for lunch love it although i a bit oily but is very flavourable and they often have long Q boss asked me to buy other things to share so I ordered their fried oyster as well I have never try before.  Fried oyster not so bad quite nice and potion was big great to share!

After lunch we still go shopping and bought a lot of things too ... haha and myself I bought 3 pairs of shoes in less than 5mins ... is only $9.90 per pair ..... great buy ya?  Shop till we dropped!


We need urgently for our signatories to sign on an urgent cheque Treasurer had signed hers yesterday but we can't get big boss as he went into Malacca.  So after consulting his permission we are able to call our lady boss (Secretary General) to sign.  She was in NUS bringing his son to school and she said that she is able to sneak out and asked if we want lunch. 

She came with real cheap and good lunch from NUS ..... I had Japanese food it cos only $4, Rosalind's braised beef set only $3 and Jolene's malay food also at $3 and is real big portion she bought mixed tempura for us to share was only $2!

Lucky I manage to finished all preparation just in time for the tournament .... and on time to pick up my little one from Heguru.  She was so happy everytime while waiting for me cos she was able to go to the waiting area cum play area to play while waiting for me.  Today she was with 2 new friends and she didn;t wanna go off even I am there for about 15mins till Teacher say that she is leaving then she wanna leave (=_=)"

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sat & Sun - 13 & 14 April 2013

Stupid Jelly Bean update on Note ... my battery drain so fast and it will auto shut off automatically! And although the battery state like 80% before the shutting off when I try to on back it became 15% or lesser!  I hate it ...... if I know it is like this I will not wanna upgrade it! 

Complain on the Samsung FB page I was advise to send for servicing so I am here in Marina Square service centre!  Admitting my Note to "hospital"  I need to pay $30 review fee cos is no longer under warranty sending to MS cos PS shop closes at 6pm and I think at MS should be quite ok not much crowd as compare to PS.  I was serve immediately when I got the Q number I was given back battery, S pen and my back cover together with SIM card and when I try to loan a phone from them they said that their loan phone were all out I should have come early.  She also check for me my battery was in good health too. 

So ok after all the procedure is time to have dinner ... walking around and do not know what to eat we decided to try Wee Nam Kee.  Usually I dun really wanna take chicken rice at night cos sometime I find I will get stomachache.  There was once I had it for dinner and my tummy pain and threw up in the middle of the night.  So Goh warned me about it! 

Oh well I just game to it and decided to have it we had each a plate of chicken rice with eggs and vegetables and as for TT she opt for fish porridge.  I see quite a few having their curry fish head .... seems good.  But we just had a simple and quick one cos we were quite tired.  Overall the food so so only I still prefer Thien Kee Steamboat chicken rice ..... cos the rice more fragrance and soft chilli also way better!

Before heading back my dear TT wanna have some fun at the play area ... and this sociable girl mix so fast and made new friends in less than 5mins!  Since she is playing I just do some window shopping ...... and bought something in the end :P 

On the way home it was pouring heaving, thunder and lightning was fierce enough that my dear TT was in that position (above pic) from Marina Square back to our place and she dun even wanna answer me when I call her to look into the camera hahaha ..... just nice I bought her a sunglass and she is using that due to lightning!

When I am home I can't get use to without a phone so I go dig Goh's blackberry out ...... holy shit I dunno how to use this phone!  Keypad was so small that my fat finger can't even type properly!  Then no choice but to dig from TT's toy to find my Nokia N97 a bit retarded phone!  Lucky still can be use but still not use to it anymore ..... 

On Sunday I tried to get use of the phone so I tried calling and sms friends but none reply me hahaha I thought is really retarded that I can't received any sms!  And when I tried calling my mum her "clever: helper dun even wanna say "hello" I was on the other hello so many times ... I thought phone really spoilt and about 15s I heard my Papa voice so I asked why can't hear is it why I hello no answer he said is the helper answer really angry with this piece of "wood"  I dun really like her so I seldom talk to her!  I still prefer the very first one whom my Mama like too!

When I reached in law's place, SIL Celia passed me a small bowl of noodle telling me is cooked by Arthur he is practising his Home Econs exam .... wow big boy learn to cook and can cook!  Well done .... the noodle he cooked was good just a tad salty and have told him he say he will try again next week I shall wait for that and counting down to it haha!  Keep it up Arthur!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Thurs - Fri - 11 - 12 April 2013

On Thursday I schedule myself to go over PP for a big shopping .... not for me but for my company cos we will have 2 Korean Coach coming over.  And during a meeting my big boss asked me to be in charge of the bed linen and need to get another bed, pillow, bolster from my in law. 

So after I went on for shopping in Aussino first while waiting for Goh ...... bought total 2 sets of bedsheets, quilt cover, 2 blanket .....total is around $200+ haha really fun buying stuffs and cos of that I got 2 lifetime memberships for it. 

By the time Goh arrived I am already very hungry ....remembering Pauline's blog about Ajisen I decided to go over to eat.  I didn't dine there for a long time cos the standard at PP branch dropped big time so I decided to have a try again. 

After tasting their standard really not there anymore maybe I shall pop by other branch to try cos not nice anymore at PP.  *sigh* No good food but lucky I walked over to the Sakura Fair and bought some chicken Gyoza and some tidbits making myself happy over the sad dinner haha 

On Friday Rosalind and myself went over to the new office unit next 2 doors away from my office to get the bed all do up ..... cos one of the Coach - Choi Dae Ho and yes he is the one whom gave his slippers to an old lady. Not only done with bed linen I also help them to do make new sets of keys.  Although is easy job but quite tiring to settle so many things at one time.  But good that Rosalind made some nice yummy dumpling for us after lunch ..... smell and taste good!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mon - Wed - 8 - 10 April 2013

Nothing much to update for these few days but lately one of my MC member bought some sugar roll over and this sugar roll is different from Polar which I like it very much last time.  This one the cake is not as fine as polar but is fluffy and melt in the mouth.  

This sugar roll is from Dino Cake House at Thomson ans Bukit Timah ..... maybe Hazel will have eaten before since is near her place.  Check out their website and realise beside cakes 7 pastries they have other food as well like mee siam, fried rice, curry chicken etc.   Shall go explore more and their cake seems good shall try it too next time!

Ok I am a TV addict especially on TVB show so lately I am catching up 仁心解码2 I have to recaps a bit on 1 that Gao Li Ren had a daughter and was away somehow I forgotten that he had a daughter on 1.  So far I love this show cos some of the characters I like inside.  So my life without TT with me during weekdays is to watch TVB show and now on SCV is showing another 2 show that I have watched .... but I have to accompany Goh to watch it cos I feel he so lonely sitting alone in the living room watching alone ..... maybe I should ho work some part time evening job since I am so free without TT :P

On Wednesday is standard is to go over my in law's shop to have dinner with Miss TT!  And now due to MIL's operation she didn't cook anymore everything will be cooked by the helper.  She will always cook my favouring sesame chicken ginger for me on Wednesday ........ and it will always make me wanna have a bigger bowl of rice!

Dino Cake House & Cafe
257 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574384
Tel: 6552 5088
(Open Daily 9am - 9pm) 

Thomson Plaza 
301 Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore 574408
Tel: 6553 1751
(Open Daily 10am-9.30pm)

1 Jalan Anak Bukit 
Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996
Tel: 6464 7115
(Open Daily: 10am - 830pm)

Website: http://www.dino.com.sg

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday - 7 April 2013

Late night yesterday and woke up real early cos we have to go for prayers as is tomb sweeping period...... Goh never go cos he had to go for his RT so he came over to in law's place to pick us back home.  I was so in a rush that I forgot Sam's birthday vouchers after writing the card I only realise it after I reached the restaurant!  I hate myself! I am always forgetful to think of it I am so happy with the buy of the rose and the cake!  *sigh* Sorry Sam I feel so bad! 

Kinda hungry so the 小菜 which was xo sauce and mixture of cai xin a perfect match taste so nice ..... Fiona ordered a few dishes first while waiting for the rest to come so when they reached can start to eat partly because Pauline, Fiona and myself were hungry :P.  

As compare food was not really nice still prefer the dim sum at Royal China which Sam choose last year during her birthday.  Service here was not very good .... Waitress not responsive .... we have to call them out loudly.  We had also asked for refill of tea and water it take ages to do so ..... so different from Royal China.  

Lastly is the birthday cake that Sam requested ... same as last year only I change the color of the wording heehee ..... is her all time favourite from Awfully Chocolate!  Once again Happy Birthday to you Sam but I am very sorry for forgetting your voucher!

After coming back from the Lei Garden rested for awhile and off we go to Quality Hotel for Teochew Porridge Buffet.  We were quite early so we go for our 1st round while waiting for my in law to come ........spread was not too bad this is the first time I am heer for dinner cos usually is supper time! 

I am still full for the lunch at Lei Garden so I just go for 1 laksa and one porridge lucky their serving is always in small portion so I wont stuffed myself and waste the food.  Goh always go for ice cream for dessert and I opt for small ice kachang!  Try it if you want some comfort food in buffet style! 

Lei Garden @ Chijmes 
30 Victoria Street
Tel: 6339 3822

Quality Cafe
201 Balestier Road
Tel: 6233 6363

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Saturday - 6 April 2013

The long awaited concert that we are looking forward to is here ... after sending TT to my in law's place we headed straight to RWS and after 7pm will be per entry for parking so Goh drove slowly and we made it to the per entry haha ....

Finally we reached Compass Ballroom after a long walk from the carpark but just when we are stepping into the ballroom I was shocked that the ticket is not with me!!!  Poor hubby have to walk all the way back to the car to get the ticket :P This is how forgetful I am!!!

Met an instructor there as well while waiting for hubby he is going for the concert too .... surprise to see him there!  MEclub have flyers on the seats and just need to scan the QR will get a chance to win their autographed album!  So the moment I sat down I started to scan it hope I can win something!

It has been a long 13 years since they have their solo concert Goh really happy and looking forward to it he use to watch their concert alone and I am so happy to be with him today!  The concert started at around 8.20pm sharp .... still there is a number of late comer ...... first song that started off the concert is <<继续转动>>  their powerful vocal really good!  Follow by taking us back to 1997 with all their classic songs <<除了爱你还能爱谁>>, <<无情的情书>>, 《外套》(this is my fav song) and many more!  Beside that they also sang some of their new songs in their new album a few that I like too!   They sang quite a number of our local TV 主题曲 -and lately 《红星大奖》 their song 《珍惜》 had been nominated as 最佳主题曲 hope they win too!

They also sang <<我快乐所以你快乐》 everyone so high and stand up to sing together with them ..... but the ladies beside me all so BORING sat there holding on to their light stick dunno for what!  Feel like asking them for the light stick hahaha I want it!

Ella from SHE was their feature guest they sang 《坏女孩》 together before they went back for a short break follow by Ella first time singing Ah Mei's hokkien song 《好胆你就来》she can be rock too!  Very different when she sing this song love it!  Her performance was kinda short only 2 songs but good enough ..... the "party" still on with lotsa songs they sang ..... 《我吃得起苦》supposed to be their last song but all didn't wanna leave and all just ran towards the stage while I climb on the chair LOL Goh scare I fell down asked me to come down!  After the 1st encore ..... still never get enough .... so some of them just follow me to step on to the seats and shouting encore ..... they really came out and say this is the last song they will sing ...... 《背叛情歌》!  

All of us so high and I even get Goh to stand with me on the chairs and I snapped a few pics cos the security was very tight they went round "catching" people earlier on and didn't get to snap!  And I dun have a good camera I think I should invest something good so I can passed down my Olympus to TT!There was once that 尤秋兴 came down and shake hands with fans I should have run towards him whahahah.....

A good best 3Hour concert ended ..... when we get on the car we still play their new CD just can't get enough!  Hope that they will come again next year ..... now my next concert that I am aiming is Mayday but still haven't get the tickets ...... cos Saturday concert sold out and Friday left limited seats ..... hope that they will be like last year open up a 屁股区 so that can see them more clearly pray that there will be one soon!!!