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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sunday - 18 Jan 09 - TT turn 1 year old!

Woke up at 8 plus and we headed to Giant Tampines again cos we almost finishing the packet drinks.  Saw Bryan Wong, Patricia Mok and some other TCS artists they are filming for the Giant game show. Ha ha I finally saw Bryan Wong in person ..... they all look good especially Wang Jian Fu.  OOps going off topic .... back to it .............

1st to reach the chalet at around 1+pm are my Dearie's ex-students thanks girls for making a trip down to TT's birthday!  Told TT she poo the moment she arrive in this world so you must poo later .... she really did at around 2.15pm (the birth time)!  At around 5pm sharp, ecreative came to set up the buffet corner I have 2 settings this time due to the number of pax that I ordered.

Melrose bakery is late for delivery at my PIL's shop therefore the "ceremony" of TT picking up items is being push back.  Thanks to Yan Yan whom help me to video down the whole procedure so that my in law can view it.  TT 1st pick is pen follow by money, book, ruler, chicken, abacus and last Ang Ku Kway.

While ecreative is still setting up .... some of my guests is coming in .... so pai sei to let them wait for the food.  And thanks to my papa and my brother whom help out in the BBQ station.... we have set up the BBQ station too .... cos there are some left over food too from yesterday. 

                                           the 2 setting from ecreative

Papa enjoyed the BBQ-ing ...... he is so happy when people approached him for BBQ and he love doing it! *LOL*

Some of my guests left before TT cut cake .... and I am so busy that I forgotten to take picture with some of my guests!  Regretted! I should have someone helping me ...... and apologise for the poor hosting.

TT is very happy to see such a big crowd and although she is tired she refuse to sleep ..... and she is happy to see the cake too cos is her favourite piglet on it.

There are quite alot of leftover food .... but thanks to most relatives and friends whom also ta bao (packet) back the food.  Food is good ..... the fish is the best but kinda big piece thumbs up for ecreative TT's birthday cake is from them too and the cake not so sweet ..... nice.  Thanks to all relatives and friends for the gifts and ang pao for TT .... ..... guests left at around 10+pm and after all the packing and cleaning up we manage to check out today.  And is so convenient all I have to do is to make sure everything is back in order and just need to throw the key back to the office key box will do.

Lastly I would like to thanks my BIL whom help me transport some present back home and also my SIL & MIL whom stay back to help out to clear all the stuffs and also transport back some presents too.  For ourselves we also transport back some other big item of gifts too.  Thanks to my papa and mama for their help in clearing stuffs and also to help us bring up all the presents and some other personal items.  After we settle down is already 12+ to 1am ..... is really tiring but I am happy too. 

Happy 1st Birthday my dearest 宝贝...... you must be a good girl and Papa & Mama love you always!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Saturday - 17 Jan 09

                                                    TT's goodie bags for kids

Woke up at 8+am didn't sleep well dunno why maybe I am so use to my bed and also old liao feel more secure at home *LOL* But I can see Dearie and TT sleeping so soundly ...... Woke them up and we headed to White Sand NTUC to buy some other items that we miss out at Giant. 

We started to decorate the place when we came back .... and to pack the goodie bag.  BBQ food started to send in at around 4+ to 5pm .... I am afraid that the food is not enough.  Weeli say dun have to worry sure will have enough. 

Guests started to pop in at around 5pm and I just started the fire .... and it took around 1 hour + to start the fire and I swear I wont get the charcoal from BBQ wholesale anymore .... it so hard to start it not the usual one that is easily set up!  I really pai sei cos almost all guest arrived and the fire is not even started!

Is a great gathering cos so many years we didn't see each other ... a pity that a few more of them can't join in some went overseas some is busy with dinner going on.  Today is also Shunli actual day birthday and Yanhui is on 19 Jan so I bought a cake for them and celebrated with them.  TT can't join in cos my MIL says she can only blow once for 1st birthday ......

Thanks to the cousins whom came by to stay overnight with us ... without you all ... the chalet will only left Dearie me and TT HAHAHA .... but glad that you all enjoyed yourself to the Pictionery and Uno game!  We should have another round just for us only I miss the days when we go chalet for the past 2 years!

Wish Celia sis and Shunli a very happy birthday!

Thursday & Friday - 15 & 16 Jan 09

15 Jan - was on half day leave Dearie came picking me up with mama and off we go to Changi Hospital to visit Granny.  She is admitted to CGH on Wednesday afternoon...... cos she have swollen feet, breathless.  I only get to know the news in late evening yesterday..... I really scared when I heard she is being admitted. 

She is looking good and chatted with us for a while and kept asking us to go have our lunch cos is almost 2pm.  Was telling my mama that our youngest cousin is very good .... at her age most youngest will choose to SIAM when come to take care of oldies.  She is always there taking care of Granny after her school.  She will rush home after her school to look after Granny ..... sometimes I think next time when I am that old will my grandchildren be like her?

After sending mama back to my brother's place to take care of my nephew we went over to Marina square to pick up heels that I reserved .... NO YOU NEVER SEE WRONGLY is HEEL.... *LOL* is being along time since I wear heels ... now I back in buying them ... Dearie shake his head when he sees me in heels *LOL* Went Bugis to top up some more goodie bag that TT is going to give out during her BD.  A busy and fruitful half a day I spent with Dearie!

16 Jan - Was on half day leave again .... cos am going to the packing as we are going chalet tonight together with Weeli and Cheng Leng.  We went over at around 9+pm after settling down all our stuffs we drove to Giant Tampines.  We bought drinks and some other food that we need to use.  We only manage to catch our sleep at around 3+am ..... after all unpacking of stuffs ...... and we are going to wake up at 8+am tomorrow ......

Mon - Wed - 12, 13 & 14 Jan 09

12 Jan - I am counting down to Dearie's return ....feeling excited ..... and I just make the order for TT's birthday BBQ food and catering.  Most important is I wanan clear my work so I can go on leave peacefully.

13 Jan - Happy Birthday to my bestie - Weeli May all your wishes come true!  Was still busy coordinating stuffs for TT birthday .... like some logistics and also time to meet etc.

14 Jan - Seek Mr Lim approval to leave early today as I am going to fetch my Dearie ..... YES he is coming back just in time for TT birthday ....... Thanks to my BIL whom drove us to airport to pick him up.  TT was a bit blur blur when she sees her papa ..... not too bad she still wanna look for him for while *LOL* thought she will not want.

Went over to PP for dinner and mama wanna buy some clothing for Isaac so we pop by Kiddy Palace and mama bought TT a nice CNY clothing shall post it up when I took the pics.

Sunday - 11 Jan 09

                                                         Mama bought this for TT

                                              I bought this for TT
Since we did not go shopping yesterday ...... Papa, mama & I decided to go shopping today.  We meet at around 12pm .... cos mama went to perm her hair early in the morning.  Went Bugis to shop around ...... Papa asked Mama & I to go shop in OG while she bring TT to shop around so that I could get my stuffs fast.  Went in to OG Giodano to buy clothing for Dearie and we settles everything in less than 1/2hr.

Came out and couldn't get Papa & TT ... so we decided to go into another shop ...... went in only pocket burn a hole again *LOL*  I bought 3 shorts and a blouse (I think I buy alot for myself).   Bought Pauline a shorts too hope she like it...... my mil & my mama each a top.

Went back home for a rest .....and wanna head to my in law's place for dinner......my mil called and said that they going to dine out .... after thinking I gave a miss cos is very difficult to dine out as TT will not be sitting down quietly and w/o Dearie around is hard to manage and I dun have much appetite too ......

Thanks to all relatives whom came by to give TT present for her 1 year old.

Happy Birthday Franco!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Saturday - 10 Jan 09

Feeling much better today and I started to do some spring cleaning ... in fact my house is in a mess even my parents shake their head *LOL* And my mum told me she dunno how to help me start the cleaning up! :P

At around 2plus called up my mama and she said that she is busy with some cleaning up at her place so couldn't make it for her hair perm.  I decided to go instead ..... wanted to go tomorrow but since mum is not going and TT is with my in law I better make a trip down to have my hair cut and rebond.

Meet up my parents at around 5pm and we headed to my in law's shop to pick up TT we wanna go for some shopping so I can buy some new clothing for Dearie.  Unfortunately my brother called ...... and we have to meet up with him .... and we ended up at the pasa malam at Eunos.  Nothing much to buy there I only bought one more CNY deco and headed to Hong Lee for dinner.  Wasted a day again ... :P

Wish Norman, Pang Ann, Leroy & Joanne a very happy birthday may all your wishes come true!

Thursday & Friday - 8 & 9 Jan 09

Thursday - Continuing to churn out all results hope that all can get it just before CNY so decided to lunch in again.  Bought Laksa from down stair ...... after eating I feel quite uneasy with a bloated kind of feeling.  I have a feeling that it will be very bad, a wrong choice made.  At around 5pm I started to feel sick ..... my hands turn so cold even Jo got a shocked cos I won't feel cold easily.  She flag a taxi for me and I took a cab home to rest and arrange my Dad to pick up TT from my in law side while I rest at home after eating some gastic pain medicine prescribe by Doctor previously.

Had a rest and my parents came back at around 7+pm.... they urge me to go see a Doctor before the clinic close.  The usual clinic I went is not having night clinic so I went to another luckily Eunos have lotsa Clinic *LOL*.  Doctor gave me a jab for fast recovery ...... and some medicine for bloatness, vomit, pain and 1 day MC for Friday.  Luckily, TT is well behave maybe she knows I am not feeling well ..... can't to sleep well .... continue to puke in the middle of the night.

Just get to sleep ....... is morning already .... Papa came into my room to pick up TT and bring her down to my MIL whom came picking her up.  Feeling better after some rest ..... slept till 12pm and I woke up to do some household work some spring cleaning in fact.  After finishing my gastric acted up again!  *arghhh* I puke again ..... my MIL called and said that since I have not fully recover let TT stay overnight at their place so I can have a good rest.

Thanks to my in laws for the help I really feel better after a good night sleep cos I dun get to sleep well at all...... feel better .......

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mon - Wed - 5 -7 Jan 09

Nothing much to update ... just that I am real busy with my work gonna rush out everything before new year so we can release out the result for all before CNY.

Thanks to my in laws and my parents for the great help when Dearie is not around as I found out TT is very nottie when Dearie not around.  She kept on bullying me .... dun wanna sleep early always want me to carry her and I can't even do a single household work at home.  Lucky got mama to help me thanks mum love ya!

My parents also feel the same way as I feel, TT is very different compare to with and without my dearie around.  Maybe is a sign show that she misses her Daddy .....

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sunday - 4 Jan 09

Went to Sharon's baby shower ..... pretty girl ..... her name is Yue Xi .... she look exactly like her elder brother when he 1st born.  TT look at her happily .... seems like she knew that she is older she even sayang her when Yue Xi is sound asleep.

Went to meet up with my parents for some shopping ...... wanna shop for my papa's clothing in the end we shop for TT's birthday party stuffs since we are at Bugis.  I bought some decorations, balloon, biscuit, goodie bag and some party item and it cost $78 is worth it cos is for my princess.

Edwin came to pick me and off we go to Liang Court party world ..... its been months since i sing .... as I am not fully recover from flu .... my voice sucks and I dun have enough breath to sing *LOL* Ethan & TT slept when we are singing good training for them and I can sing peacefully *LOL*

Sang till 9pm and we went to look for Vicky for dinner I had their chicken chop again ..... chit chat till 10 plus and went back to rest .... TT is still very active play with me till 12+am then went to bed.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Friday & Saturday - 2 & 3 Jan 09

2 Jan 09 - Back to work .... but w/o Dearie around thanks to my MIL whom give me a lift to work and came over to pick up TT.  Thanks to SZ & YZ for picking up TT as well ..... and thanks to my parents whom help around when Dearie not around too.  Thanks to all!

3rd Jan 09 - Stayed at home till 5+pm and headed to Pasir Ris - my cousin Tricia's place for her baby 1st month baby shower.  Didn't take any pics cos I am all alone handling TT and took a cab there which cos me $15 cos of peak hours.  Bringing TT out alone is not easy now .... not like when she is 2 or 3 mths old is easier to handle.

Left Cousin's place at around 7pm and headed to China Square to look for Penny & gang .... we are having dinner at 周庄.  All of us feel that TT is extremely happy maybe cos Daerie not around.  dearie dun be sad .... i think she will miss you too ..... but she really happy is so hard to explain if only I am free to take video.

Without Dearie I really can't handle her she is so active .... we all had a great reunion dinner not all are present but is good enough to have it together.  Penny & Edwin will be going back on 6th Jan 09 so they won't be back for CNY.  After dinner we all went back to rest cos the men are going for basketball game again next morning and I am pretty tired although I am just out for a few hours!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Thursday - 1st Jan 09

Happy New year to all of my dearest friends & Family out there may all fill with good luck and have a smooth year ahead!

Didn't go out today spend my whole day with my princess at home cos I am not feeling well.  Still down with flu so pretty tired.  But my princess is so active that she didn't wanna sleep .....and I have to pay full attention...... quite tiring cos I have taken my medication and couldn't have full rest.