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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday - 30 June 2013

Wanted to meet up in the morning to go for cycling at East Coast .... but loud thunder was heard o we went back to sleep and cancel off the meet up with in laws since they were also backing off. 

Noon time SIL asked if we wanna go in the evening instead so we just join in.... Goh went for a jog instead of cycling and my dear Alyssa wanted to cycle on the 4 wheels so MIL will be with her cos she didn't wanna cycle. 

After 1h of cycling we headed to lagoon hawker for dinner ..... I ordered one stingray and share a bit with Arthur and thats my dinner for the day as for Goh he still go for his favourite fried hokkien prawn mee and Alyssa wanted duck rice.  作记 duck rice -  very famous and the queue was really long .... Goh have to Q for about 15mins for his turn and according to Alyssa she commented the duck rice really nice it was wipe up very fast I think it really taste good!  We packed back some dessert home .... Alyssa and myself share one colorful mini tang yuan ..... 2 of us were so crazy about it haha cos is really very nice!

Today is the lst day of the school holiday and guess every Parents will be busy preparing their precious's stuffs for the next day ... except me cos my dear Alyssa's school under renovation she will be with me for 2 more weeks ... and I am counting down to the day!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday & Saturday - 28 & 29 June 2013

Nothing much to update on Friday ....... 

On Saturday we woke up early and head over to my in law's shop and I bought one mattress for my mum ... and at the same time we borrow the lorry and drove to my Uncle's place to get one bed frame from him to my mum.  Uncle asked not to buy the frame as they have one which can give to mum really thankful to my Uncle he is always there for my mum and I really respect this Uncle of mine he is a very filial son ... when my Grandma still around he always take care of her ...... now she is gone ..... his attention  is towards my mum.  If my mum didn't get any stroke I believe they will be travelling every time haha ... now she have difficulties in walking I have also to think where to bring her which is more wheelchair friendly!

After sending the bed frame to my Parent's place we headed back to shop and Goh went to do delivery for with my FIL.  Total 3 places to go and I went over to Katong Sin Chew to GRAB their curry bun..... usually  they will be out of the oven at around 130pm.  I will always be there and fight with other customers to get the curry bun cos is really yummy when is pipping hot even is not is still so yummy ... generous chicken big piece of meat and potato were found in it!  

Beside the curry bun they have cream bun, blueberry, hotdog, cheese, butter and many more ..... beside that they still have loaves of bread was on display too .... their milk powder bread was very good too.... old school kind of long cream bread can be found too.  The only think which I dun like is the bread was not labelled so just have to gamble by picking them I have difficulties in differentiate the curry and vegetable bun haha!  Be there early if not the small little shop will be filled with Q to pay and squeezing customers with their trays full of buns!

The timing just right cos Pauline off from work and we headed to Lek Lim to buy some kueh after dropping Alyssa to Berries.  I miss their soon kueh and just nice that their tapioca cake was nice too so I bought a few boxes over for my SIL.  Today I also bought their bak chang ... Lek Lim is a halal certified shop so bak chang was chicken filling.

Didn't finished the food that  I bought so that I can keep for tomorrow's breakfast...... simply love the soon kueh too .... soft and yummy!  Will go back for more soon!

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop
Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2 
Singapore 460416
Tel: 6444 2578

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thursday - 27 June 2013

Auntie Rosalind came with many food today she wanna cook sesame oil chicken and nai bai.... I like nai bai very nice but very muddy hard to wash sometimes.  She ask to cut the mid join wing into piece .... I prefer eating the whole but she say cut into pieces better will be easily cook but too small cannot really eat and taste the meat haha 

I still prefer my own version by cooking all with sesame oil .... hers using normal oil to cook first then add in sesame ..... but still nice to go with rice.  Alyssa love it .... and ate about 2 bowls of rice! 

In the evening I went to do my mani and pedicure and my Ah Hiao was so excited whenever I go over cos Sandy (my manicurist) will polish her nails so that t o keep her sit still haha .... and she really enjoying it!  I can foresee next time my pocket will have big hole!

We headed to 仁仁甜品 for some dessert an my Missy was nagging saying she was hungry so we bought CCF for her and she share the chendul with Goh and I opt for gingko barley.  I love come here cos I love small eatery the home feel was quite good.  Is small shop with limited seats sometimes I can;t even get a seat during weekend!

865 Mountbatten Road 
B1-66 Katong Shopping Centre 
Singapore 437844

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday - 26 June 2013

Goh came to pick us up from work and we headed to Bugis+ meeting Jon for dinner to exchange our gifts from the place we visited.  Bought tao sa pia and ma ti su for him and he bought us 2 singlet from Bali heehee quite fun in doing such exchanging of gift!

Jon suggested to eat at Poulet and thanks to Pauline whom advise to be there early ... Goh, Alyssa and myself went to "chop" place while waiting for Jon.  We were there at around 6+pm and we still able to choose a seat!  And the later it is the longer the Q!

I ordered a Chicken and Fig Sandwich ($8.80) to share with Alyssa, Goh try their Braise De Poulet ($13.80) and Jon ordered their signature dish Poulet Roti Half ($15.80).  We ordered 3 mushroom soup ($5.80 each) and 1 prawn fritters ($7.80). 

I always love croissant just nice my sandwich come with it ... but not to my liking cos is kinda over baked and the buttery taste not that strong.  Goh commented that the garlic smell have actually too strong and cannot really taste the chicken original taste.  Jon commented his so so only nothing to rave about.   The worst we had was the prawn fritters, over fried with a very smelly oil taste and is so tough that feel like eating rubber!  Guess that their oil was not change very frequently or maybe we were served food that was cooked very long ago cos is not hot when it was served!

Overall all the ambiance quite good .... food was so so only .... if given a choice it will be on my last choice to come back again.  But to have a pocket friendly casual french cuisine this is the place that you should visit .... but for my personal liking is still my last choice!

With 1 coke ($3.80) , 1 long black ($3.90) and 3 warm water ($0.50 each) (is non refillable).  Alyssa accidentally knock off her cup and all water spilled they don't even bother about exchange one for her. Total bill with 7% GST and service charge - $91.35.

201 Victoria Street 
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6509 9411

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tuesday - 25 June 2013

If you are always following my blog think all of you will know who is my Ah Hiao .... thats my beloved dottie - Alyssa.  See what I have post on the first pic?  Is her shoes a high heel!  She made me buy this for her during our Penang trip and she commented that this is like a bridal shoes!  And she insists on wearing it!

Cannot stand her at times she can even wear and walk so gracefully I can't really walk properly with heels at times depends on the design but this little miss really can wear any types of heels!!! 

And I am really counting down to her school reopen ..... not next week but 15 July ..... hahah cos I am very tired looking after her 24/7 and she always mummy mummy most of the time and I can't concentrate doing my work at times ..... 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday - 24 June 2013

 I am back to work .... and getting better now ...able to eat normally .... so I am able to meet up my evil sistas for dinner!

Today is an impromptu dinner at the same time we celebrating Fiona's birthday and she actually requested for a Fiona (Shrek)'s cake thanks to Pauline & Angeline for arranging and collecting of the cake!

Fiona always wanted to try out Irodori so today we arrange to have dinner here.  Met up with Angeline and EL at Tiong Bahru and headed there by bus number 123.

Complimentary dish were served  to us once we are settle down .... we ordered a few dishes so that when others arrived they can start to eat!

After most of the dishes were served some other complimentary dish came along too ... like Grilled fish collar, Grilled prawn and another braised fish this is the first time I see this being served.  Thanks to Uncle whom always make one yummy dish (not in menu dish) for me ... torched salmon belly this really yummy it melt in the mouth!  

We all had a great time .... after the hearty dinner is blowing of cake time...... the cake was just nice for the 7 of us .... still can have some room for that!  Glad that Fiona have a great time .... and a Very Happy Birthday to you my dear!

Irodori Japanese Restaurant 
382 Havelock Road 
#03-01 Riverview Hotel 
Singapore 169629
Tel: 6737 2002 
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm 
Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm 
Website: http://www.irodorijapaneserestaurant.com.sg/

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saturday & Sunday - 22 & 23 June 2013

Alyssa will always wanted to stick to me even when is bedtime .... but these few days she was really a good girl she listen to Goh when he explain to her why she cannot sleep with me.  

She will come and asked how I am feeling, pour water for me ... and talk to me I can only knock or shake my head to reply her at times.  

I went to see Dr Ong again for review ..... he said that is still very bad and this time a stronger antibiotics but lesser medicine ..... only need to be taken every morning after food.  So i tried my best to swallow something and I do feel the different in the afternoon.  Since I am better I follow Goh to bring Alyssa for her Berries class and I went over to PP to get some present for JM's baby and daughter full month and birthday.  

Just when I finished purchasing the stuffs I feel something not right for me .... I can feel that I started to feel weak again.  So I quickly asked Goh to drive off ..... just when I am in the car and is not even out of the carpark I puke lucky I have plastic bags in the car.  2nd time puking was after we picked up Alyssa and I told Goh to go buy food for themselves I don't have the appetite.

Goh asked me to eat something to prevent gastric so I went to make a shake for myself is easy to consume ... but after 30mins I puke all out again ..... Goh was so worried and nearly bring me to A&E for a drip cos I can't eat and drink.  Told him I shall sleep for awhile everything should be ok ..... and I really hope I will be!


I woke up feeling hungry and throat was less painful so I request to eat mcdonald breakfast sudden crave make Goh so surprise and also make sure I am able to eat.  I manage to finish my muffins but take longer time guess I am really hungry haha .... nothing much update on Sunday ..... 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wednesday - Friday - 19-21 June 2013

 This is much better yesterday was bad ..... 


Woke up early and went straight to my house GP cos the throat was really bad now .... I can't even talk!  When Dr Ong see me he got a shock that my tonsil actually enlarge and was infected badly he even ask Goh to see my condition.  Goh told me is really very bad I should have ask hem to take a picture forgot all about it!  

Dr Ong gave me 2 days mc (Thursday & Friday) and told me to sleep seperately with my 2 precious and I have to stay in the room!  Is quarantine time for me oh shucks I hate it cos is so boring staying in my own room.  Dr Ong said that it will spread so is better to be alone :( 

I was prescribe with antibiotics and many other medicine inclusive of gastric pills in case I get gastric cos I can't eat anything.

Lucky Goh was on leave too and he is able to look after Alyssa ...... all house work, buying of meals all done by Goh .... but still I cant eat anything or drink ... I just have to tap few drops of water on my lips to prevent dehydration.  


The haze condition is becoming bad to worse .... we all stay indoor and aircon is on everytime guess that our electrical bill will shoot up to the highest.  Today still I can't eat anything ..... but I force myself drink water down to the painful throat is really suffering!   And this marks myself for not having any food at all for 2 days straight and after the medication I don't feel any better. 


Condition was still as bad be it my throat and haze both equally bad!  PSI hit 400+ OMG this is the worst every had ... and there's no stop work order given yet damn!  I hope everyone out there be good and do drink more water!  

Today finally I do feel a bit hungry and I cook some porridge and get the water to drink instead of eating as for my 2 precious they can have the porridge to eat for their meals.  I hope I can get well soon cos I wanna meet my gfs on Monday and I want to go back to work! 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday - 18 June 2013

Woke up at around 8+am and we head to hotel cafe for buffet breakfast.... spread was good and they serve Japanese cuisine for breakfast. Alyssa was thrilled seeing her favourite chawanmushi haha .... to be frank  I simply very sick and feel weak .... didn't had much and I didn't snap anything too.  Energy low ..... after the breakfast I went back to nap again and I started to feel cold! 

After washing up we check out at 12pm sharp, Uncle Leong came picking us up and we headed over to get some local products.  He brought us Lim Wah Thai Native products.  Over there they have many items available to buy back for friends or relative.  They have chicken bak kut teh, biscuit, crackers, coffee and many more.  I just buy some stuffs from here and asked Uncle Leong to bring me over to Him Heang instead.

Uncle Leong told us over here at Him Heang there will be no tasting of the biscuit .... I love the tao sa pia from here so I don't really care whether they have any tasting available I whack total 7 boxes of it straight and bought some nutmeg back too. Friends whom went Penang will buy this brand for me ... and I simply love it cos it was not too sweet just nice for me and one piece pop into mouth easily!!!  And remember to get enough cash on hand cos they only accept cash!

Next was lunch ..... and I wanna apologise to the all readers I did not note down what place is this I only know it was in a coffeeshop and I only manage to swallow one small bean curd and some fish.  And this is my last meal of the day ...... and I started to feel tired, throat was so painful!  

Our next stop-Snake Temple never really go around seeing this place so nothing much to talk about ... but not much crowd over here as well.  The next stop after the temple - shopping!  We headed to Queensbay Mall is another big shopping mall but I am really too weak to walk so I decided to go Haagen Dazs for ice cream the only thing I can think of to be swallow without much pain.  

But I was wrong I can't even swallow the ice cream ..... now I can feel the pain that Goh had earlier on when he had HFMD!  But I guess mine is worse than him cos I can't swallow water as well....... Suddenly feel very cold and had no choice but to buy 2 shawl to cover myself and at the same time I still able to buy 2 more gift for nephews.  

At around 5pm Uncle Leong came picking us up just when I am walking towards the Van I fell down ..... what a day .... sick... weak,  groggy and now fell ..... so painful till I can't control my tears! Just my luck!  

After checking in we went to the their kopitiam for dinner but I really cannot take anything I just have some water.  Lucky I am on leave tomorrow another day for me to rest I hope I can get well soon...... touched down at T1 at around 10pm I still can manage some clearing of stuffs when I reached home before going to bed.  That's it .... ended my holiday .... this is the worst holiday that I ever had for myself ..... sick during holiday :( 

Cititel Hotel
66 Jalan Penang 
10000 Penang 
Email: info@cititelpenang.com

Lim Wah Thai Local Food Marketing
3A Jalan Gottlieb
10350 Penang Malaysia
website: http://www.limwahthai.com

Him Heang Sdn Bhd
162A Jalan Burma, Penang
10050 Penang 
Closed on Sunday 

Snake Temple 
Bayan Lepas

Queens Bay Mall 
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas 
Pulau Pinang

Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday - 17 June 2013

Day 3 woke up with a little of discomfort on my throat but nothing beats yummy food for me I still wanna eat!!!  But I have drank lotsa water already still get sore throat I wonder why like that dunno is it because of the gua sha and ba guan.

Headed to the market at Pulau Tikus for breakfast they have all sorts of local Penang breakfast available here.  Uncle Leong brought us to Sin Huo Aun Cafe.  A lot of local breakfast available he recommended another nice Hokkien prawn mee so I gave that a try while Goh had their wan tan mee.  As for my princess she still prefer traditional soft boil eggs and ang moh type of sandwiches tuna toast haha.

Up next after the breakfast was heading to 卧佛寺 (Reclining Buddha) this is a very nice temple with a huge reclining Buddha is 33 metre long, one of the longest reclining Buddha in Asia.  Awesome!   There wasn't much crowd when we arrived very serene and peaceful place to be.  Beside the reclining Buddha outside of it there is one 4 faced Buddha too.  We were given some blessing by the Thai monk before we leave the place.

Next about 30mins drive over to Penang Rural place we went to Tropical Fruit Farm .... call me a mountain tortoise cos I have not seen a Durian tree before I was so excited to see so many along the way to the farm!  This place is good for children cos an educational tour you get to know some trees, fruits and some other which is only meant for cooking.  Entrance fee was RM35 (Adult) and RM28 (Child) which include a guided  tour, one fruit juice and  fruit buffet.  Personally I feel that maybe because of season is not really worth coming cos the fruits very ordinary - watermelon, rambutan, banana, honeydew etc.  Go only if you have kids with you and you want to let them know more about fruits farm.

Is almost 12+-1pm when we left the fruit farm so we went to look for lunch ... Uncle Leong drove and saw this Happy Garden Restoran so we decided to have lunch here.  No customers at all and seems like we have the whole restaurant for ourselves.

And there is only 1 chef so the wait was quite long is about 30 mins wait.   But the wait was quite worth it cos the food was really good especially the fried chicken it was crispy and yummy!  Next loved was the sizzling hot plate fish ..... the sauce look like tomato sauce but is actually a special homemade sauce.  And my dear Miss Alyssa ate a lot with 1 and 3/4 of rice!!!  Total of the meal was only RM149.50 (inclusive of drinks)!  Cheap!

Wanted to go Tropical Spice Garden but Uncle Leong told us cos a lot of mosquito there so suggested that we skipped the  place since we have children in case the attack of the mozzie.  So we went to the Toy Museum, is child's best friend but is also adult one too cos inside this museum filled with hundreds and thousands of toys!

Entrance fee for adult: RM25 and child:RM15..... is a WOW to me when I stepped into the place .... they have life size figurine on display and is really a lot!  Spiderman, Batman, Astro Boy, Mario, Monster Inc, Tomb Raider, Kungfu Panda, Hulk and many more!!!  As for the small collectibles I saw Mask, Doraemon, WWE, Disney, Barbie etc.  House of horror like chucky, ghost buster, king kong and many more.  Andy Lau and Jacky Chan small movie figurine was being display too.

Next stop was Batik factory ..... Uncle Leong brought us over to see how they made the batik, we don't really fancy batik so we never buy anything from there but is really very nice and dedicate work.

Headed over to Hard Rock Cafe next for a short rest and "touring" the place ....... very nice resort can consider to come over next time!  Alyssa said that she love the swimming pool ahaha .....

Next stop .... Straits Quay!  Cos we are going to Charlie Brown Cafe I love Charlie Brown so I am getting excited to this theme cafe.  Straits Quay was rather quiet I see only less than 5 shoppers around and the whole Charlie Brown Cafe was only us around.  We each order a drink and some snacks to go along and while waiting is cam whoring and shopping time.  I just can't resists and bought one Tshirt for myself due to limited stocks I only manage to get one black Tshirt which I feel another piece in white look nicer.  Well better than nothing I love Charlie Brown!

Food and drink nothing to rave about is just normal is only the theme that attracted me ...... we stayed around for about 45mins and off we go.  Having a driver around is normally more or less touch and go kind .... next we head over to Gurney Plaza for shopping ..... shopping centre was so big ..... and we will go over to Gurney Drive for dinner which I am looking forward to.  But was later inform that there was a change of plan so we will settle dinner at Koi Japanese Restaurant. 

Goh ordered a raman but he regretted cos the soup base so salty that he have to add hot water into his soup same goes to my MIL's raman.  My terriyaki chicken was quite decent nothing special .... but my fried bean sprout was surprisingly good.  Nothing to rave about for this restaurant just that their service was good ... friendly staffs with prompt respond but maybe cos there was no crowd that's why but I definitely won't come back for more if I were to stay in Penang for holiday again. 

After reaching back to hotel and wash up we went over to Zouk Spa again for foot reflexology again with no more body massage ...... this time my FIL came along with us!  Best of the best after a tiring day ..... 

Sin Huo Aun Cafe
Lorong Pasar Pulau Tikus

Reclining Buddha 
17 Lorong Burma Penang

Tropical Fruit Farm 
Batu 18 Jalan Teluk Bahang Pengang

Happy Garden Restoran 
Jalan Batu Ferringhi Penang 

Toy Museum 
1370, MK2, Teluk Bahang, Penang
(Beside Eok Hua School)

Batik Factory 
669 MK2 Teluk Bahang, Penang

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Jalan Batu Feringghi, Penang

Charlie Brown cafe 
3A-1-17 & 18 Block A
Straits Quay 

Gurney Plaza 
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang Malaysia 

Koi Japanese Restaurant 
2nd floor at Gurney Plaza (New Wing) 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday - 16 Jun 2013

2nd day of our trip ..... our first destination was to fill up our empty stomach haha ... we heading to Jalan Anson (Old Winston Coffee Garden) for dim sum.  A real big and crowded place .... we were quite blur of what to do cos in Singapore everything is being served the moment you stepped into a restaurant over here is not.

I observed some others what they do ..... like filling up the tea, finding seats, get food (is all self service) ..... we manage to get a big table and we have to "attack" our food .... BIL, Goh and myself went to choose our food.  Be it is steam, fried all in one station and there is only 1 kind of porridge available - Century egg.  And I seen other people having clam noodle those sauce kind of cooking.  Food was good and was said that is the cheapest of all sorry I do not have the actual amount of the money spent here.

After the hearty breakfast off we go to visit Temple -Kek Lok Si and Kuan Yin Temple.  SIL need coffee so Uncle Leong drove us to a coffeeshop greedy me always love their sour plum drink whenever I am in Malaysia I will search for the best so far Sabah is still the best .... Uncle Leong also tell me Umbra juice (bua long long drink)  is nice .... so I bought 2 drink and indeed is really nice!!!  I love both drink!   Kek Lok Si is the biggest chinese temple in South East Asia.  Very beautiful place ... the construction of the temple is awesome!  It was said that there are 10,000 buddha there in the 7th storey pagoda according to our driver, Uncle Leong he said that the pagoda was constructed by 3 different architecture - bottom by Chinese, middle by Siamese and top by Burmese.  

All of us went to hang out wishes on the wishing tree...... some that my nephew chosen was so cute ... haha as for me I always wish for good health for my family and Goh family as well as good wealth!  Next we go over to the Kuan Yin temple which we only took some photos.  There is a tall Kuan Yin statue situated in the hill of Ayer Itam.  Is really beautiful .... and I have seen picture when is night time ... too bad we were there only in the day. 

After the visiting we headed for lunch - Ah Leng Char Kway Tiao..... Uncle Leong recommendation on this compare to Sister Char Kway Tiao.  He told me that Sister standard drop alot .... Ah Leng still the best.  It was situated at Khoon Hiang Kafe.  Ah Leng char kway tiao speciality is they use Mantis Prawn and big prawn .... it cost about RM10.50 and they used duck egg to replace chicken eggs .... and this add on to my calories and cholesterol LOL but I didn't regret cos is really yummy I hardly can taste any kway tiao haha .... 

A bit of sight seeing was done when we are on our way to Peranakan Mansion.  Remember our local production - The Little Nyonyas?  They do filming here so is a must see when you go to Penang plus my Grandma was a Nyonya so is good to learn more since we didn't know much last time.  

There were about 1000 pieces of antiques and collectible on display from their utensils, clothing, shoes etc Their Jewellery is fascinating and mesmerizing embracing the cultures and history surrounding it we saw a pair of bangles alike but it was said is actually their anklet instead imagine a bangle type wearing it on your ankle and is pure gold!!! Is an eye opener for me is really beautiful simply love their stuffs! I love best was the infinity mirror!  

Eating time again after the tour at Peranakan Mansion...... is to try out the yummy Chendul.Is the famous Teochew Chendul!  In fact I am quite skeptical of the sweetness of this chendul cos I dun really like too sweet stuffs plus I am controlling not to take too much sweet stuffs but this chendul turn out just nice not too sweet .... for people whom is a sweet tooth might not like it.  Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh ) & Rosie (Irene Ang) was one of their visitor too hahah their photo was on their wall!  

You can choose to eat inside the shop house or just eat standing outside ..... it was a comfy place to choose if the weather is hot!  In front of the shop house there is 2 stall - laksa and rojak you can have that when you go along with the chendul. 

Uncle Leong brought us to Chocolate shopping trip too ... all sorts of different flavour there ..... and I get to taste chilli chocolate, curry chocolate, sugar free chocolate.... wow is really nice and get to taste free ... haha so I bought some back too.  After that will be next door which is selling coffee ... 24 kinds of flavour coffee available for trying too ..... and we bought about 14 packets back hahaha ..... I am a sucker for coffee ..... but now have to cut a lot but I still can't resists buying it! 

We ended Uncle Leong service after he alight us at Prangin Mall which was like 15 mins away from our hotel and we decided to walked back after the shopping trip.  And we had dinner there as well in a small eatery house.  Big shopping mall with lotsa of things to see and buy ..... not too bad.  

After the shopping trip we headed back to rest for about 1hr and we head off for a massage at Zouk Spa according to my BIL he had try this at JB so not too bad ... and is really cheap for a body and foot massage costing only RM80!  I also add on to gua sha (healing technique) and ba guan (cupping therapy) The day ended with a good massage but after the cupping therapy I can't wear my tank top for tomorrow trip *LOL*  ..... and of cos I sleep very well after that!

Restoran Zim Sun 
No.33 Jalan Anson 
10400 Penang 

Kek Lok Si 
Opening Hr: 9am - 6pm Daily 

Ah Leng Char Kway Tiao
Kafe Khoon Hiang
Jalan Dato Keramat 

Peranakan Mansion 
29 Church Street 
10200 Penang Malaysia 
Mon - Sun - 9.30am - 5pm (Including PH) 

Teochew Chendul 
475 Penang Road 
10000 Pulau Pinang 

Cocoa Boutique
20-D Jalan Bagan Jermal
10250 Georgetown Penang Malaysia 

Coffee Tree Trading Sdn Bhd
20-A Jalan Bagan Jermal 
10250 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia