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Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday - 17 June 2013

Day 3 woke up with a little of discomfort on my throat but nothing beats yummy food for me I still wanna eat!!!  But I have drank lotsa water already still get sore throat I wonder why like that dunno is it because of the gua sha and ba guan.

Headed to the market at Pulau Tikus for breakfast they have all sorts of local Penang breakfast available here.  Uncle Leong brought us to Sin Huo Aun Cafe.  A lot of local breakfast available he recommended another nice Hokkien prawn mee so I gave that a try while Goh had their wan tan mee.  As for my princess she still prefer traditional soft boil eggs and ang moh type of sandwiches tuna toast haha.

Up next after the breakfast was heading to 卧佛寺 (Reclining Buddha) this is a very nice temple with a huge reclining Buddha is 33 metre long, one of the longest reclining Buddha in Asia.  Awesome!   There wasn't much crowd when we arrived very serene and peaceful place to be.  Beside the reclining Buddha outside of it there is one 4 faced Buddha too.  We were given some blessing by the Thai monk before we leave the place.

Next about 30mins drive over to Penang Rural place we went to Tropical Fruit Farm .... call me a mountain tortoise cos I have not seen a Durian tree before I was so excited to see so many along the way to the farm!  This place is good for children cos an educational tour you get to know some trees, fruits and some other which is only meant for cooking.  Entrance fee was RM35 (Adult) and RM28 (Child) which include a guided  tour, one fruit juice and  fruit buffet.  Personally I feel that maybe because of season is not really worth coming cos the fruits very ordinary - watermelon, rambutan, banana, honeydew etc.  Go only if you have kids with you and you want to let them know more about fruits farm.

Is almost 12+-1pm when we left the fruit farm so we went to look for lunch ... Uncle Leong drove and saw this Happy Garden Restoran so we decided to have lunch here.  No customers at all and seems like we have the whole restaurant for ourselves.

And there is only 1 chef so the wait was quite long is about 30 mins wait.   But the wait was quite worth it cos the food was really good especially the fried chicken it was crispy and yummy!  Next loved was the sizzling hot plate fish ..... the sauce look like tomato sauce but is actually a special homemade sauce.  And my dear Miss Alyssa ate a lot with 1 and 3/4 of rice!!!  Total of the meal was only RM149.50 (inclusive of drinks)!  Cheap!

Wanted to go Tropical Spice Garden but Uncle Leong told us cos a lot of mosquito there so suggested that we skipped the  place since we have children in case the attack of the mozzie.  So we went to the Toy Museum, is child's best friend but is also adult one too cos inside this museum filled with hundreds and thousands of toys!

Entrance fee for adult: RM25 and child:RM15..... is a WOW to me when I stepped into the place .... they have life size figurine on display and is really a lot!  Spiderman, Batman, Astro Boy, Mario, Monster Inc, Tomb Raider, Kungfu Panda, Hulk and many more!!!  As for the small collectibles I saw Mask, Doraemon, WWE, Disney, Barbie etc.  House of horror like chucky, ghost buster, king kong and many more.  Andy Lau and Jacky Chan small movie figurine was being display too.

Next stop was Batik factory ..... Uncle Leong brought us over to see how they made the batik, we don't really fancy batik so we never buy anything from there but is really very nice and dedicate work.

Headed over to Hard Rock Cafe next for a short rest and "touring" the place ....... very nice resort can consider to come over next time!  Alyssa said that she love the swimming pool ahaha .....

Next stop .... Straits Quay!  Cos we are going to Charlie Brown Cafe I love Charlie Brown so I am getting excited to this theme cafe.  Straits Quay was rather quiet I see only less than 5 shoppers around and the whole Charlie Brown Cafe was only us around.  We each order a drink and some snacks to go along and while waiting is cam whoring and shopping time.  I just can't resists and bought one Tshirt for myself due to limited stocks I only manage to get one black Tshirt which I feel another piece in white look nicer.  Well better than nothing I love Charlie Brown!

Food and drink nothing to rave about is just normal is only the theme that attracted me ...... we stayed around for about 45mins and off we go.  Having a driver around is normally more or less touch and go kind .... next we head over to Gurney Plaza for shopping ..... shopping centre was so big ..... and we will go over to Gurney Drive for dinner which I am looking forward to.  But was later inform that there was a change of plan so we will settle dinner at Koi Japanese Restaurant. 

Goh ordered a raman but he regretted cos the soup base so salty that he have to add hot water into his soup same goes to my MIL's raman.  My terriyaki chicken was quite decent nothing special .... but my fried bean sprout was surprisingly good.  Nothing to rave about for this restaurant just that their service was good ... friendly staffs with prompt respond but maybe cos there was no crowd that's why but I definitely won't come back for more if I were to stay in Penang for holiday again. 

After reaching back to hotel and wash up we went over to Zouk Spa again for foot reflexology again with no more body massage ...... this time my FIL came along with us!  Best of the best after a tiring day ..... 

Sin Huo Aun Cafe
Lorong Pasar Pulau Tikus

Reclining Buddha 
17 Lorong Burma Penang

Tropical Fruit Farm 
Batu 18 Jalan Teluk Bahang Pengang

Happy Garden Restoran 
Jalan Batu Ferringhi Penang 

Toy Museum 
1370, MK2, Teluk Bahang, Penang
(Beside Eok Hua School)

Batik Factory 
669 MK2 Teluk Bahang, Penang

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Jalan Batu Feringghi, Penang

Charlie Brown cafe 
3A-1-17 & 18 Block A
Straits Quay 

Gurney Plaza 
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang Malaysia 

Koi Japanese Restaurant 
2nd floor at Gurney Plaza (New Wing) 

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