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Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday - 14 Jun 2013

I am so excited cos I am going to Mayday Concert with my God-sis (Coco) today ...... so Alyssa was at home with Goh as he took leave today!  Thanks Dear for the help if not I dunno how to settle Alyssa!  Since I knock off early I went over to Godma's place to visit her and also God-sis (Brenda)'s son .... I have not seen him since his full month.  

He was so cute whenever I call him he will smile back and that really melt my heart! 

So we left home at around 7+pm and when we reached Indoor Stadium the door just open so we make our way in and we get to redeem light stick for the concert this year is good free light sticks nice!!!

Since still early we went out again to buy some merchandise I bought a new tshirt and got Shi Shi one too as her birthday present!  Hope she like it since our DNA version Tshirt was kinda long already!

Concert started at around 810pm sharp .....  JJ Lin appeared in the Noak's Ark pre departure video, JJ spoke in english and it sound cute and funny!  I simply love the Mayday crowd they are really awesome cos most of them will stand and sing together and this time my surrounding still not so bad ... many stand up too especially when they are singing rock songs and also when they walking down to their runway .... all the fans just go crazy including myself!

I heart the light stick it was specially designed and
 programmed and sync to the songs .... the whole stadium will transformed one color to another in different songs, awesome!  And when Ashin say lets switch off the light stick the lights auto switch off and we were asked to on the HP lights to shine when he was going to sing 知足.  I really lost count of what other songs they sang in order but definately they did not sing any Hokkien songs today which I was quite disappointed!

Concert ended around 11.20pm ... kinda early as compared to last year which ended at 12 midnight!  Caught the last train and bus back home and after washing up .... still have to pack for my trip .... what a night but I am really happy!

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