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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesday - 18 June 2013

Woke up at around 8+am and we head to hotel cafe for buffet breakfast.... spread was good and they serve Japanese cuisine for breakfast. Alyssa was thrilled seeing her favourite chawanmushi haha .... to be frank  I simply very sick and feel weak .... didn't had much and I didn't snap anything too.  Energy low ..... after the breakfast I went back to nap again and I started to feel cold! 

After washing up we check out at 12pm sharp, Uncle Leong came picking us up and we headed over to get some local products.  He brought us Lim Wah Thai Native products.  Over there they have many items available to buy back for friends or relative.  They have chicken bak kut teh, biscuit, crackers, coffee and many more.  I just buy some stuffs from here and asked Uncle Leong to bring me over to Him Heang instead.

Uncle Leong told us over here at Him Heang there will be no tasting of the biscuit .... I love the tao sa pia from here so I don't really care whether they have any tasting available I whack total 7 boxes of it straight and bought some nutmeg back too. Friends whom went Penang will buy this brand for me ... and I simply love it cos it was not too sweet just nice for me and one piece pop into mouth easily!!!  And remember to get enough cash on hand cos they only accept cash!

Next was lunch ..... and I wanna apologise to the all readers I did not note down what place is this I only know it was in a coffeeshop and I only manage to swallow one small bean curd and some fish.  And this is my last meal of the day ...... and I started to feel tired, throat was so painful!  

Our next stop-Snake Temple never really go around seeing this place so nothing much to talk about ... but not much crowd over here as well.  The next stop after the temple - shopping!  We headed to Queensbay Mall is another big shopping mall but I am really too weak to walk so I decided to go Haagen Dazs for ice cream the only thing I can think of to be swallow without much pain.  

But I was wrong I can't even swallow the ice cream ..... now I can feel the pain that Goh had earlier on when he had HFMD!  But I guess mine is worse than him cos I can't swallow water as well....... Suddenly feel very cold and had no choice but to buy 2 shawl to cover myself and at the same time I still able to buy 2 more gift for nephews.  

At around 5pm Uncle Leong came picking us up just when I am walking towards the Van I fell down ..... what a day .... sick... weak,  groggy and now fell ..... so painful till I can't control my tears! Just my luck!  

After checking in we went to the their kopitiam for dinner but I really cannot take anything I just have some water.  Lucky I am on leave tomorrow another day for me to rest I hope I can get well soon...... touched down at T1 at around 10pm I still can manage some clearing of stuffs when I reached home before going to bed.  That's it .... ended my holiday .... this is the worst holiday that I ever had for myself ..... sick during holiday :( 

Cititel Hotel
66 Jalan Penang 
10000 Penang 
Email: info@cititelpenang.com

Lim Wah Thai Local Food Marketing
3A Jalan Gottlieb
10350 Penang Malaysia
website: http://www.limwahthai.com

Him Heang Sdn Bhd
162A Jalan Burma, Penang
10050 Penang 
Closed on Sunday 

Snake Temple 
Bayan Lepas

Queens Bay Mall 
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas 
Pulau Pinang

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