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Friday, 21 June 2013

Wednesday - Friday - 19-21 June 2013

 This is much better yesterday was bad ..... 


Woke up early and went straight to my house GP cos the throat was really bad now .... I can't even talk!  When Dr Ong see me he got a shock that my tonsil actually enlarge and was infected badly he even ask Goh to see my condition.  Goh told me is really very bad I should have ask hem to take a picture forgot all about it!  

Dr Ong gave me 2 days mc (Thursday & Friday) and told me to sleep seperately with my 2 precious and I have to stay in the room!  Is quarantine time for me oh shucks I hate it cos is so boring staying in my own room.  Dr Ong said that it will spread so is better to be alone :( 

I was prescribe with antibiotics and many other medicine inclusive of gastric pills in case I get gastric cos I can't eat anything.

Lucky Goh was on leave too and he is able to look after Alyssa ...... all house work, buying of meals all done by Goh .... but still I cant eat anything or drink ... I just have to tap few drops of water on my lips to prevent dehydration.  


The haze condition is becoming bad to worse .... we all stay indoor and aircon is on everytime guess that our electrical bill will shoot up to the highest.  Today still I can't eat anything ..... but I force myself drink water down to the painful throat is really suffering!   And this marks myself for not having any food at all for 2 days straight and after the medication I don't feel any better. 


Condition was still as bad be it my throat and haze both equally bad!  PSI hit 400+ OMG this is the worst every had ... and there's no stop work order given yet damn!  I hope everyone out there be good and do drink more water!  

Today finally I do feel a bit hungry and I cook some porridge and get the water to drink instead of eating as for my 2 precious they can have the porridge to eat for their meals.  I hope I can get well soon cos I wanna meet my gfs on Monday and I want to go back to work! 

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