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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saturday & Sunday - 22 & 23 June 2013

Alyssa will always wanted to stick to me even when is bedtime .... but these few days she was really a good girl she listen to Goh when he explain to her why she cannot sleep with me.  

She will come and asked how I am feeling, pour water for me ... and talk to me I can only knock or shake my head to reply her at times.  

I went to see Dr Ong again for review ..... he said that is still very bad and this time a stronger antibiotics but lesser medicine ..... only need to be taken every morning after food.  So i tried my best to swallow something and I do feel the different in the afternoon.  Since I am better I follow Goh to bring Alyssa for her Berries class and I went over to PP to get some present for JM's baby and daughter full month and birthday.  

Just when I finished purchasing the stuffs I feel something not right for me .... I can feel that I started to feel weak again.  So I quickly asked Goh to drive off ..... just when I am in the car and is not even out of the carpark I puke lucky I have plastic bags in the car.  2nd time puking was after we picked up Alyssa and I told Goh to go buy food for themselves I don't have the appetite.

Goh asked me to eat something to prevent gastric so I went to make a shake for myself is easy to consume ... but after 30mins I puke all out again ..... Goh was so worried and nearly bring me to A&E for a drip cos I can't eat and drink.  Told him I shall sleep for awhile everything should be ok ..... and I really hope I will be!


I woke up feeling hungry and throat was less painful so I request to eat mcdonald breakfast sudden crave make Goh so surprise and also make sure I am able to eat.  I manage to finish my muffins but take longer time guess I am really hungry haha .... nothing much update on Sunday ..... 

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