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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday - 16 Jun 2013

2nd day of our trip ..... our first destination was to fill up our empty stomach haha ... we heading to Jalan Anson (Old Winston Coffee Garden) for dim sum.  A real big and crowded place .... we were quite blur of what to do cos in Singapore everything is being served the moment you stepped into a restaurant over here is not.

I observed some others what they do ..... like filling up the tea, finding seats, get food (is all self service) ..... we manage to get a big table and we have to "attack" our food .... BIL, Goh and myself went to choose our food.  Be it is steam, fried all in one station and there is only 1 kind of porridge available - Century egg.  And I seen other people having clam noodle those sauce kind of cooking.  Food was good and was said that is the cheapest of all sorry I do not have the actual amount of the money spent here.

After the hearty breakfast off we go to visit Temple -Kek Lok Si and Kuan Yin Temple.  SIL need coffee so Uncle Leong drove us to a coffeeshop greedy me always love their sour plum drink whenever I am in Malaysia I will search for the best so far Sabah is still the best .... Uncle Leong also tell me Umbra juice (bua long long drink)  is nice .... so I bought 2 drink and indeed is really nice!!!  I love both drink!   Kek Lok Si is the biggest chinese temple in South East Asia.  Very beautiful place ... the construction of the temple is awesome!  It was said that there are 10,000 buddha there in the 7th storey pagoda according to our driver, Uncle Leong he said that the pagoda was constructed by 3 different architecture - bottom by Chinese, middle by Siamese and top by Burmese.  

All of us went to hang out wishes on the wishing tree...... some that my nephew chosen was so cute ... haha as for me I always wish for good health for my family and Goh family as well as good wealth!  Next we go over to the Kuan Yin temple which we only took some photos.  There is a tall Kuan Yin statue situated in the hill of Ayer Itam.  Is really beautiful .... and I have seen picture when is night time ... too bad we were there only in the day. 

After the visiting we headed for lunch - Ah Leng Char Kway Tiao..... Uncle Leong recommendation on this compare to Sister Char Kway Tiao.  He told me that Sister standard drop alot .... Ah Leng still the best.  It was situated at Khoon Hiang Kafe.  Ah Leng char kway tiao speciality is they use Mantis Prawn and big prawn .... it cost about RM10.50 and they used duck egg to replace chicken eggs .... and this add on to my calories and cholesterol LOL but I didn't regret cos is really yummy I hardly can taste any kway tiao haha .... 

A bit of sight seeing was done when we are on our way to Peranakan Mansion.  Remember our local production - The Little Nyonyas?  They do filming here so is a must see when you go to Penang plus my Grandma was a Nyonya so is good to learn more since we didn't know much last time.  

There were about 1000 pieces of antiques and collectible on display from their utensils, clothing, shoes etc Their Jewellery is fascinating and mesmerizing embracing the cultures and history surrounding it we saw a pair of bangles alike but it was said is actually their anklet instead imagine a bangle type wearing it on your ankle and is pure gold!!! Is an eye opener for me is really beautiful simply love their stuffs! I love best was the infinity mirror!  

Eating time again after the tour at Peranakan Mansion...... is to try out the yummy Chendul.Is the famous Teochew Chendul!  In fact I am quite skeptical of the sweetness of this chendul cos I dun really like too sweet stuffs plus I am controlling not to take too much sweet stuffs but this chendul turn out just nice not too sweet .... for people whom is a sweet tooth might not like it.  Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh ) & Rosie (Irene Ang) was one of their visitor too hahah their photo was on their wall!  

You can choose to eat inside the shop house or just eat standing outside ..... it was a comfy place to choose if the weather is hot!  In front of the shop house there is 2 stall - laksa and rojak you can have that when you go along with the chendul. 

Uncle Leong brought us to Chocolate shopping trip too ... all sorts of different flavour there ..... and I get to taste chilli chocolate, curry chocolate, sugar free chocolate.... wow is really nice and get to taste free ... haha so I bought some back too.  After that will be next door which is selling coffee ... 24 kinds of flavour coffee available for trying too ..... and we bought about 14 packets back hahaha ..... I am a sucker for coffee ..... but now have to cut a lot but I still can't resists buying it! 

We ended Uncle Leong service after he alight us at Prangin Mall which was like 15 mins away from our hotel and we decided to walked back after the shopping trip.  And we had dinner there as well in a small eatery house.  Big shopping mall with lotsa of things to see and buy ..... not too bad.  

After the shopping trip we headed back to rest for about 1hr and we head off for a massage at Zouk Spa according to my BIL he had try this at JB so not too bad ... and is really cheap for a body and foot massage costing only RM80!  I also add on to gua sha (healing technique) and ba guan (cupping therapy) The day ended with a good massage but after the cupping therapy I can't wear my tank top for tomorrow trip *LOL*  ..... and of cos I sleep very well after that!

Restoran Zim Sun 
No.33 Jalan Anson 
10400 Penang 

Kek Lok Si 
Opening Hr: 9am - 6pm Daily 

Ah Leng Char Kway Tiao
Kafe Khoon Hiang
Jalan Dato Keramat 

Peranakan Mansion 
29 Church Street 
10200 Penang Malaysia 
Mon - Sun - 9.30am - 5pm (Including PH) 

Teochew Chendul 
475 Penang Road 
10000 Pulau Pinang 

Cocoa Boutique
20-D Jalan Bagan Jermal
10250 Georgetown Penang Malaysia 

Coffee Tree Trading Sdn Bhd
20-A Jalan Bagan Jermal 
10250 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia 

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