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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thursday - 27 June 2013

Auntie Rosalind came with many food today she wanna cook sesame oil chicken and nai bai.... I like nai bai very nice but very muddy hard to wash sometimes.  She ask to cut the mid join wing into piece .... I prefer eating the whole but she say cut into pieces better will be easily cook but too small cannot really eat and taste the meat haha 

I still prefer my own version by cooking all with sesame oil .... hers using normal oil to cook first then add in sesame ..... but still nice to go with rice.  Alyssa love it .... and ate about 2 bowls of rice! 

In the evening I went to do my mani and pedicure and my Ah Hiao was so excited whenever I go over cos Sandy (my manicurist) will polish her nails so that t o keep her sit still haha .... and she really enjoying it!  I can foresee next time my pocket will have big hole!

We headed to 仁仁甜品 for some dessert an my Missy was nagging saying she was hungry so we bought CCF for her and she share the chendul with Goh and I opt for gingko barley.  I love come here cos I love small eatery the home feel was quite good.  Is small shop with limited seats sometimes I can;t even get a seat during weekend!

865 Mountbatten Road 
B1-66 Katong Shopping Centre 
Singapore 437844

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