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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Friday & Saturday - 28 & 29 June 2013

Nothing much to update on Friday ....... 

On Saturday we woke up early and head over to my in law's shop and I bought one mattress for my mum ... and at the same time we borrow the lorry and drove to my Uncle's place to get one bed frame from him to my mum.  Uncle asked not to buy the frame as they have one which can give to mum really thankful to my Uncle he is always there for my mum and I really respect this Uncle of mine he is a very filial son ... when my Grandma still around he always take care of her ...... now she is gone ..... his attention  is towards my mum.  If my mum didn't get any stroke I believe they will be travelling every time haha ... now she have difficulties in walking I have also to think where to bring her which is more wheelchair friendly!

After sending the bed frame to my Parent's place we headed back to shop and Goh went to do delivery for with my FIL.  Total 3 places to go and I went over to Katong Sin Chew to GRAB their curry bun..... usually  they will be out of the oven at around 130pm.  I will always be there and fight with other customers to get the curry bun cos is really yummy when is pipping hot even is not is still so yummy ... generous chicken big piece of meat and potato were found in it!  

Beside the curry bun they have cream bun, blueberry, hotdog, cheese, butter and many more ..... beside that they still have loaves of bread was on display too .... their milk powder bread was very good too.... old school kind of long cream bread can be found too.  The only think which I dun like is the bread was not labelled so just have to gamble by picking them I have difficulties in differentiate the curry and vegetable bun haha!  Be there early if not the small little shop will be filled with Q to pay and squeezing customers with their trays full of buns!

The timing just right cos Pauline off from work and we headed to Lek Lim to buy some kueh after dropping Alyssa to Berries.  I miss their soon kueh and just nice that their tapioca cake was nice too so I bought a few boxes over for my SIL.  Today I also bought their bak chang ... Lek Lim is a halal certified shop so bak chang was chicken filling.

Didn't finished the food that  I bought so that I can keep for tomorrow's breakfast...... simply love the soon kueh too .... soft and yummy!  Will go back for more soon!

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop
Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2 
Singapore 460416
Tel: 6444 2578

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