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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday - 30 June 2013

Wanted to meet up in the morning to go for cycling at East Coast .... but loud thunder was heard o we went back to sleep and cancel off the meet up with in laws since they were also backing off. 

Noon time SIL asked if we wanna go in the evening instead so we just join in.... Goh went for a jog instead of cycling and my dear Alyssa wanted to cycle on the 4 wheels so MIL will be with her cos she didn't wanna cycle. 

After 1h of cycling we headed to lagoon hawker for dinner ..... I ordered one stingray and share a bit with Arthur and thats my dinner for the day as for Goh he still go for his favourite fried hokkien prawn mee and Alyssa wanted duck rice.  作记 duck rice -  very famous and the queue was really long .... Goh have to Q for about 15mins for his turn and according to Alyssa she commented the duck rice really nice it was wipe up very fast I think it really taste good!  We packed back some dessert home .... Alyssa and myself share one colorful mini tang yuan ..... 2 of us were so crazy about it haha cos is really very nice!

Today is the lst day of the school holiday and guess every Parents will be busy preparing their precious's stuffs for the next day ... except me cos my dear Alyssa's school under renovation she will be with me for 2 more weeks ... and I am counting down to the day!


  1. Omg, her attire is so tight and cute!! I like kids wearing tight fit, don't know why, lolol!

    1. Hahahah ya all very tight already .... cos she grow fat!