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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday - 26 June 2013

Goh came to pick us up from work and we headed to Bugis+ meeting Jon for dinner to exchange our gifts from the place we visited.  Bought tao sa pia and ma ti su for him and he bought us 2 singlet from Bali heehee quite fun in doing such exchanging of gift!

Jon suggested to eat at Poulet and thanks to Pauline whom advise to be there early ... Goh, Alyssa and myself went to "chop" place while waiting for Jon.  We were there at around 6+pm and we still able to choose a seat!  And the later it is the longer the Q!

I ordered a Chicken and Fig Sandwich ($8.80) to share with Alyssa, Goh try their Braise De Poulet ($13.80) and Jon ordered their signature dish Poulet Roti Half ($15.80).  We ordered 3 mushroom soup ($5.80 each) and 1 prawn fritters ($7.80). 

I always love croissant just nice my sandwich come with it ... but not to my liking cos is kinda over baked and the buttery taste not that strong.  Goh commented that the garlic smell have actually too strong and cannot really taste the chicken original taste.  Jon commented his so so only nothing to rave about.   The worst we had was the prawn fritters, over fried with a very smelly oil taste and is so tough that feel like eating rubber!  Guess that their oil was not change very frequently or maybe we were served food that was cooked very long ago cos is not hot when it was served!

Overall all the ambiance quite good .... food was so so only .... if given a choice it will be on my last choice to come back again.  But to have a pocket friendly casual french cuisine this is the place that you should visit .... but for my personal liking is still my last choice!

With 1 coke ($3.80) , 1 long black ($3.90) and 3 warm water ($0.50 each) (is non refillable).  Alyssa accidentally knock off her cup and all water spilled they don't even bother about exchange one for her. Total bill with 7% GST and service charge - $91.35.

201 Victoria Street 
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6509 9411

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