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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

TT's PD .... how har ?

Ok I got this article while searching for clinic's number cos I wanna change the appointment date of TT next jab.  Kinda scared to see this .... as TT is with his care for a few visit.


Monday & Tuesday - 26 & 27 May 08

Monday I am on mc so is R & R for me and TT hahaha guess what both of us slept till 12pm then wake up hahaha ...... evening time we went Bedok for dinner and TT is making a fuss kept on crying non stop ...... we thought she is being naughty but we mistaken cos she having nappy rash! OMG is still fine before we get out of the house when we are back and change her then we understand she is in great pain while pee-ing .... poor baby *hugz*

Tuesday is my last day of mc and my parents and I decided to go Expo for a walk .......take a look at the food fair and also Robinson sale.  There is so many people .... arghhhh almost forgot is school holidays!  Beside the 2 event going on Popular Bookstore is also having fair there. 

Bought a few items in the food fair and tried some of the food there one of it is Chee Cheong Fun sign says that have special sauce .... is the same loh nothing special ..... when we come out of the food fair is raining heavily and we gave up going to Robinson Sale which is located at Hall 7 cos my nephew and TT is sleeping soundly.

Mum suggested that we go back home to rest ..... when I reached Eunos is still raining  heavily ... I have to loiter around neighbourhood area ....... sigh ..... why rain when we are out .....
going back to work tomorrow ..............

Sunday - 25 May 08

After some renovation work made in Downtown East I only pass by there never go in ......today we are going there to bowl!  We are having a tournament there .... sounds pro hor hahahaha ... but is been years since I bowl ....use to bowl almost everyday last time ..... now leh .... now leh I think LONG GAO have my share!

Took a cab there ...... and we are given each a goodie bag and Tshirt ..... there are 3 in 1 coffee, 3 in 1 cereal and liang teh in the goodie bag.  Quite good ya?

There is a mini bowling lane for kids cool ya ....... abit sua ku after so long I didnt visit any bowling centre.  I am quite sad cos my score sucks although every game I did make progress in the 3 games.  That score belongs to mine hehehe ..... cos HH have make a mistake in submitting the teams hehehe ..... Kinda sad cos I pulled down the whole team overall results .......

Overall is fun ...... hehe TT is a good gal too slept throughout till the last game ....... think she enjoying the aircon there.  Dearie won a slicer an d I won a T-shirt in the lucky draw everyone is so happy cos everyone have prize to take hehehe

Saturday - 24 May 08

SHOPPING again!!! hehehe ...... went back Taka again today with sz, yz & Chane of cos my 2 precious is with us too.  Headed straight to Ambush for lunch today i had Aglio Olio is a bit salty cos after eating I drank lotsa water!

Oh to add on I bought a set of ready made curtains yesterday ..... unfortunately is short so I had it change there .......and bought TT's toy.  Think I am the only one playing it more hahaha ........

Went OG to shop .... hmmmm there is not much crowd there ...... if you read sz mei's blog .. yes I wanna comment the service there sucks!  This is what I overheard:

Customer: 不是很喜欢 this pattern, 有没有size的?
Promoter: 你都不喜欢this pattern 找size 做什么?
Customer: .............................. *walk off*

Sigh ... maybe the customer will wanna try it and if it looks nice on her she would buy?  kinda sad to have such service in Singapore ...... guess that they have to go for more training!

Dearie told me his leg is going to break he took hats off YZ usually men dun shop so long ... YZ have good stamina hahaha he walk and walk ..... so nice to have such a good shopping kaki ya?  We took a rest at TCC we had late lunch so we are still not hungry so took some cakes and we chatted for awhile. 

Off we go to PS Carrefour ..... hehehe wanted to grab some sushi but there isn't any left after I walk one round before heading to get it.  I have craving for Carl's Jr so bought one crispy chicken burger and I bought the QQ rice which is very healthy food that sz mei recommended to share with dearie......... you should try it if you are at PS

Friday - 23 May 2008

                                       ***Picture is from sz mei - thanks mei***

Woke up early today although I am on mc cos of the extracting of wisdom tooth as I have an interview to attend.  So I have asked sz mei whether she is available to look after TT for me for a short while.  Lucky she is available hehe ..... push TT over to her at around 9.15am ..... and off I go to the interview.

The office is located at Merchant Road they are distributors of movies ...... the office looks good ..... I shall go for it if I am being selected!  The interview is about 1/2 hr and I went to Central while waiting for sz mei & TT.

We met at Orchard MRT and off we go SHOPPING!!!  Went Taka to see what we are gonna "grab" later hahaha ..... was there around 11+am ...... crowd is still ok ..... but after we had lunch at Ambush .... and continue our shopping OMG ...... the crowd looks much more bigger compare at around 11+am.

I bought a Tefal frying pan, Bamboo Charcoal and Corelle bowl hahaha .... good buy cos sz mei have Taka Card which there is additional 10% off the sale price.  Saw some Sesame Street learning toys wanted to get for TT .... but wanna have some opinion from dearie too .... so decided to drop it first and let him see for himself tomorrow ..... cos we have decided to come shop again!!!

Thursday - 22 May 08

Shorter time of extracting my wisdom tooth this time haha ... not like the first time which took me around 2 hours suffering inside!

Went in at 3.40pm and everything is done at 4.20pm ..... PHEW when I heard Dr Kausar told me "is the same thing .... same pattern"  I was like "huh" 2 hours again! hahaha ..... lucky her same thing means my upper wisdom tooth have deep canal which need rooting after 2 years if there is pain........

Stitches is done beautifully ...... and the nurse ask me if I would want back my tooth ... to be frank I feel weird seeing my tooth hahaha I rejected but I told her I want to take a picture of it  she even help me to see if it is well taken hahaha .....   Was given referral letter to go see specialist on the rooting .... eh decided not to go cost is too expensive to me .. I wanna use that money for Taipei leh hahahhaa

Went back to office and pass my mc to my GM .... he was like WOW so many days .... I say no mah only 3 days haha cos Sat & Sun does not include mah ..... feel abit sleepy after the jab ....... was told to go back early to rest and DO NOT TALK first but I was like cannot dun talk leh I very JI CHA one loh is almost to knock off time so decided to stay and work ....

Dearie bought me porridge thanks dear ...... this time round is much better and I can take some solid food ..... hmmmm hope my another tooth dun give me problem keep finger cross ......

Today is my buddy birthday wanna wish her a very  Happy Birthday Sandy!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Toothache again ...............

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh this time my blog no picture cos no mood to take any hahaha .... cos I am having TOOTHACHE!  That's what I hate most ..... and I hate seeing dentist 

Left with no choice went down to see the Dentist that I seen last 2 years ago.  Before I went to see the dentist my colleague and I went to feast hahaha although I can't eat much but I still manage to finish my Yong Tau Fu .... hiak hiak

I went to Oliver Dental Surgery which is located just a few shops away from my office.  Luckily there is slot for me ..... Dr Kausar take a good look at my tooth hahaha .... my wisdom tooth on my right side decay already! And the one that she do surgery for me 2 years ago is in great pain and I have to go do rooting which cost $800!!!!  Is HEARTPAIN more than TOOTH PAIN hahahaha ...... I feel like extracting it rather than do the rooting which cost so much.

Scheduled with her to do extracting of my other 2 wisdom tooth on Thursday ..... arghhhhh I am going through the whole process again ......

Monday - 19 May 08 Vesak Day

Woke up early today cos every year we will go pray in the morning on Vesak Day.  My SIL & FIL came to fetch us.  We are late cos my dearie have urgent call from Taiwan and my MIL, BIL & family have already finished praying after we reached the place.

Headed to Bedok to buy some groceries and milk powder..... arghhhh everywhere is full of ppl....... went back home to do some housework, nap and of cos continue playing Viwawa .... hahaha told you all I am hooked!

Around evening time Baojie and Boy came over to pick us up to go Chai Chee and around 8+pm we headed to Hong Lee for dinner .... with a total of 12 Adults and 1 baby ahaha we order about 7 dishes and the total of the dinner cost only $110.00 thanks to Ah Ghor and Ah Gu for the dinner hehehe we all enjoyed the dinner session!

Not forgetting my dearest neighbour Happy Birthday Lin!!!

Sunday - 18 May 08 Happy Birthday Dearie!

                                                         Baby Kayla

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEARIE!  Yes is my dearie's birthday today and is TT's actual 4th month..... hehehe ..... and happily we are going to make our way to Joanne & Matthew's Princess - Kayla's 1st month celebration.  I opened the door and shocked to see there is a cat in front of my door "MEOWing at me..... I quickly close the door to prevent her from running in.

Left with no choice but we have to get out of the house cos we are somehow late ..... quickly go out and closed the door the cat is still MEOWing at me!!! Look at it she is preggie I guess ..... and maybe she is looking for a place so that she can give birth.  When we walk to the lift she is still following us! Luckily she didn't CHEONG into the lift! haha

Reached Jo's place at about 3pm ....Baby Kayla so cute she look more and more like Matt!  Food that they cater is good and she bought some tarts and eclair is very nice Jo where did you order from har?

Left Jo's place to my mum's place for awhile before heading to my MIL's house ...... bought some food to my MIL's house and OMG hahaha there is so much food ..... and my BIL & family went out .... hahah so we have to help finished up the food.

The day ended with a small celebration with our family members..... my MIL bought my husband a cake .... and Ah Ma is there with us too .... and just nice that small aunt and Shi Shi is there! hehehe...... Thanks to all for all the wishes to my dearie!

***Photos of my dearie's birthday will post at nite..... hehe

Monday, 19 May 2008

This is the reason why I am slow in blogging ......

SZ mei asked me over msn .... "you no blog har?" hahahaha why I am slow ... the reason is I AM HOOKED ON VIWAWA!

This is an online game recommended by sz mei ...... hahah mei mei I am hooked on this leh how?

Ok basically they have a few games but I only play 3 which is Wahjong, Sushido and Match It .... the rest of the games I have not try I scare I will be more addicted to it!  My dearie is also hooked on the games hahaha but he is good enough to given in to me to play all the times thanks dear love ya!

If you bored nothing to do can try playing the games there ...... and please do add me as a friend my ID is QQ3 and sz mei's is sz123   Enjoy the game!

Friday - 16 May 08

Today I brought TT to my office cos my colleagues said that they have not seen her for sometimes.  TT was wide awake when I bring her there and when I having my lunch she is sound asleep hehehe good gal rite?

After meeting up my colleagues took a cab To East Shore cos is TT injection time.  Today the bill is $204 again ..... with rota virus medicine given.

TT weighing 6.7kg and 65cm long.  She have put on a 0.4kg and 2cm long after last month check up.  Doctor Low say she is above average everything is good!  But I am a bit blur about the injection thingy cos Dr Low told me I can consider 6in1 jab next month ..... I was like errrrr ..... didn't she is doing the injection already?  Gotta check again with him ......

TT is tired after the jab ...... heheh look we are watching TV together and she fell asleep hahah so cute right and I cant help laffing at it!

Thursday - 15 May 2008

Took another 3 days of ML this week ..... TT always dun allow me to sleep late ..... woke up with her at 9+am ..... and chatted with sz mei on msn. 

We went Tampines Mall together cos I wanted to get a gift for my dearie ..... have decided to buy him a watch.  3 years ago I bought him one too and just nice the watch spoil last week ahahaha guess that it just come in the right time cos I am cracking head what should I buy for him.

Walk around TM and finally we settle at a shop in century square and bought a GShock watch for him.  Both of us think that this watch is unique cos it is dual timing .... hehe and it goes well with the red siding.  Hope he will like it

We then headed to Soup Restaurant for lunch ..... eh ... I a bit sua ku lah this is the 1st time I eat there hahaha ...... the chicken is good .... and we ordered sweet potato leaves and fish we hardly can finish it haha and we each order a cold dessert YUMMY! .... shall bring my parents there to try the food next time.