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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday - 30 Jul 09

Got a msg from Winnie telling me my cousin - Pauline went to the hospital in the morning due to water bag burst!  I was so excited cos we had a bet with many tat she will be having a boy.  The couple didn't wanna know the gender throughout the pregnancy and get everyone to guess.... and my guess is a boy, bet is a Mcdonald extra value meal!

At 11+am ... Ah Girl called and say Keng (my cousin-in-law's bro) sms her boy .... so I so happy *LOL* but I received a sms say is a girl - Natalie Ng!   We lost our bet!   Most important is this baby is healthy and she is sweet looking too!  Natalie weigh 3.135kg, head is 33cm and length is 50cm.  Congrats to Pauline and Davis welcome to parenthood!

After work Mr Tan send me to AMK to meet my Dearie and we head down to One Tampines for shopping and makan without TT is our par toring time!  Went Kim Gary for dinner .... I had the shredded chicken rice .. is nice just like fried rice..... Dearie have yuan yang rice and drinks and we order a cheesy mushroom ($5.90) for side dish not very worth it cos the mushroom they use mostly is canned mushroom!

Walked around the mall and bought new skin products from SaSa ..... OXY products recommended by 女人我最大 and Xiaxue is being sponsored by this products so she blog about it too.  I bought it cos it seems so fun *LOL* so I bought it and play around with it.

Bought Piglet clothing for TT finally I found it .... we didn't get to see it in Japan at all .... hope TT like it is her fav character!   Went to pick up TT at around 9+pm and bought some Durian puff from Emicakes for my in laws too .... hope they like it ... cos we are durian lovers!

Wednesday - 29 July 09

I have a good breakfast today yummy .... we tried KFC breakfast today .... I ordered a.m Twister meal (Original) meal ... comes with a cup of coffee.  Is yummy ... loves the fresh tomato with the egg wonder how is their chicken porridge which use to be good!  But to my horror ...... their coffee is worst than Mcdonald.... *LOL*  Imagine I put 4 packets of sugar .... is still very bitter!!!  Hahahah good for those who is sleepy ... hahah drink one mouth will wake you up!

Called up Mama and told I will be going over to have dinner .... never see my Mama for 2 weeks ..... once I was there she is out to Suntec *LOL*   And guess what she cook the Chap Chye for me yummy!!! ... is been so long since I tasted her cooking I miss her cooking..... Kristia told me that that is cook by my Mama .....

Mama can walk steadily of cos not like so perfect sometime she still have to drag her feet ... she can go toilet on her own and now can cook ..... progressing well ... just that she is now more like a child .... thinking oso child like liaoz .... *sigh*

When I show her pic of TT she very happy ... hahah ... and when TT came with Dearie she kept calling Ah Ma ... Ah Ma .... kept on calling non stop ... my Mama so happy!  She even dance for her *faint* really can make her happy.

                                                          At work do not disturb!!

My Papa is helping out at the Meet the people session therefore he won;t be able to see TT ... so he asked me to bring TT over.  Hahaha TT reached there looking stone a new place with new people and she shy to talk too .... after 10mins warm up that place is like a "playground" to her .....

Say hi to everyone ... Hi5 with the uncles and auntie there ... my Papa gave her apple, banana she eat happily and ask for more.  She even sit on the registration table to "work" hahaha ..... my Papa's frds dun wanna let her go home wanna play with her some more *LOL*

Tuesday - 28 Jul 09

Pauline - our cousin sharing with me that she is bleeding and is 2 cm dilated anytime she will POP ..... I was curious so I asked her is it her gynae doing a VE check for her she say yes... so I tell her that dun have to worry too much ... cos I bleed too after the VE check is normal and I am 3cm dilated .... so Preggie mummy or soon to be dun panic if you bleed after the VE check.... do bring a long a pad when u know u have to do a VE check with the gynae. 

Told her I bleed too and after the check 2 days later I went for induce .... and she get to choose a date to induce too.  Lets hope for a good news soon!

Since we didn't go back to my in law place for dinner on Sunday .... we go back today .. told MIL that we be having dinner with them.

My MIL new maid is here so she can be more free no need to rush here and there ..... TT is so blessed she have 2 lovely cousin whom dote on her ... they share their favorite eggs (different cooking style) with her.  And she will say "thank you" to them ... they are so happy after hearing that and kept on giving her their eggs!!!

Monday - 27 Jul 09

Mr Tan bought us Ngoh Hiong ..... thanks man!  3 of us have a super full tea break LOL ..... still as busy at work now .... lotsa stuffs on my desk and is all cover up I cant even see my table top.  *yawnz* I hate Mondays *LOL*

Today Dearie dun need to drive my Mama to go accu so we are thinking of what to eat..... I told him I have a bit of left over rice ... I shall fried it and that will be my dinner.  For him he say he will eat the instant beef noodle.  Easy dinner for today.

Knock off at around 6+pm ..... reached home and fried my rice very fast hahah scare TT come back I will have a hard time cooking or cleaning.  She is super duper sticky to me now .... sometimes I cant find some free time for myself.

Thanks to Dearie for bringing her to shower while I can enjoy my dinner for 20mins *LOL* ..... after our meal we continue to watch our TVB series ... I rented a new series E.U maybe to lots out there is consider old show *LOL* cos before that I took a very long time to finish Gem of Life.  This time I have to finish fast cos lotsa new show to watch this time round .......

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Just a little update .......

Thanks to Mica whom bought this piglet for TT and the instant beef noodles for us .....

Dearie super happy cos I dun take beef he can have the 2 bowls all by himself......

TT loves her new collection of piglet hahaha kept on hugging it .... hahaha

Suppose to blog this on my Tuesday blog - Gina (my immediate neighbour, husband is my Dearie's frd) she is preggie!  Congrats!!! Walk past their place before reaching ours .... she heard us and run to the door and share the good news with us.  She have a Made in Greece baby!!!  So coincident she is seeing Dr Heng Tung Lan as her gynae too.  Is recommended by her SIL ... she also commented that Dr Heng is a very jovial and nice gynae!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sunday - 26 Jul 09

Went to the market at 10+am to get some vegetables so I can cook later as Dearie's colleagues is coming to finish up the left over uncooked BBQ food ..... decided to boil soup to go along with the other dishes.

Went Sheng Siong wanted to look for Sen Soh grass jelly unfortunately Hollywood Sheng Siong dun carry it! *SAD*  Before going back home we went over to collect the canvas printing that I made from SMH BP..... I like it very much might wanna order it so that I could decorate my empty big wall in my living room.  Came back and boil the soup before going over to WT's baby 1st month celebration..... pack up our place again ... our place is always full of things ....

Went over to their place (next blk to mine) with SZ mei and Lester ...... they engaged the same caterer that I catered for TT during her 1st month too.  Food standard dropped ..... overall still ok.  Love the cupcake,eclair and the cream puff.....

Received sms from HY saying that they did not go JB and only he and Mica will be coming for dinner ... I was like OH OH how to finish the food so called up Coco to help ...... lucky she is just around my place.

HY and Mica is late so we have our dinner w/o them and watch the soccer together hahah .... is great to have some friends over and a great evening to chill out!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Saturday - 25 Jul 09

Woke up at around 10+am and prepare to head down to Whampoa Drive where our training centre is for our AGM.  Reached there at 2pm sharp ..... and my job is receptionist job *LOL* see who no pay their affiliation fee and "catch" them!

The whole AGM ended at around 3.30pm sharp ..... after that we head down to united Square for shopping cos we have to go Jayden's birthday party near to Kovan.  

Saw Huggies having a free photo shoot and they approach us to let TT take a photo.... and there is some games on the stage.  Dearie and TT is being "caught" to go up to join in.... they have to do something like jigsaw puzzle they have mix all the box up and you have to stack it up to form a picture or wordings.  Less than 5seconds Dearie is done with it..... the other 2 teams use more than 3 mins to figure out how to form it.

TT is so busy on stage dancing away with the music .... hahaha .... went to have our super late brunch.... order the 328 Katong Laksa ..... and mee rebus .... is totally not worth cos the laksa is very small bowl which cost $4.

Make our way to Kovan .... since is early we went over to Ah Ghor's shop to chit chat with them ..... at 7pm sharp we meet up Midas and Cheryl.... off we go to Jayden's birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday baby Jayden!!!  Thumbs up  for the party ..... pretty mummy - Angeline is so busy with her guests .... and we head straight to the food :P ...... this time a bit disappointed with Water-Rise buffet ..... the bee hoon quite salty .... but curry still as good!

Angeline engage an entertainment company and there is a Pooh bear going around to take picture with.  TT love the pooh so much that she kept going hugging him....haahaha.......

Sorry Angeline didn't get to stay till the cake cutting ..... cos I am abit tired ....... pai sei.....

Friday - 24 Jul 09

HY is back in SG ... Mica is with him too .... so they called up us and arranged to have Brunch together.  Went Old Town for our brunch .... HY is hooked on their food *LOL* or maybe cos he is always not in town so come back he wanna whack the food here.

After our brunch we went over to Tampines Giant to get some stuffs which need to be use for BBQ later in the evening.  He planned this BBQ session with me over MSN when he is stil in Kao Shiung.  Told him that he could just order the food from BBQ wholesale and is so easy.

Around 3+pm we make our way to his place at around Upper Changi Road .... the place is big but a bit Ulu .....

Went swimming with TT ... she have fun in the fun pool ..... we swim less than half an hour ... cos is rather cold today.  She still the same hahaha see the water only she very happy hahah ......

At around 6+pm most of friends arrive .... and we started our BBQ session ...... we were all having fun chit chatting and BBQ-ing.  Times passes very fast and we have to stop the BBQ at 10.30pm sharp .... and we have so much food left over OMG!  No choice but to bring back the food ...... and JF asked me to bring back and cook for them on Sunday and they can come over our place for dinner.  We packed back all the food and decided to share some with my MIL too since there is so many packs left.

Reached home at around 12+pm and luckily my fridge is able to keep all the food if not I dunno what to do with it. :P

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Thursday - 23 Jul 09

Dearie is having flu and thanks to TT whom passed to him .... I feel a little unwell too ..... having heavy heads lately.

Shortly after parted with Dearie ..... I feel heavy head again .... endure till noon time I asked him to pick me up and went to see GP ..... my head is killing me and I have slight flu.

Doctor gave me 2 days MC to rest ... so when I reached home I went for shower and off to bed for a nap.  TT was back with us before I go to a GP ... this little gal refuse to let me sleep .... pull my hair ..... kiss me I have to wrapped myself up in the blanket but still she can get me :( ...... open up my eyes and kept calling "mama mummy mama mummy" non stop!!!

Arghhhhh regret for bringing her home early cos I dun get to rest well .........

Wednesday - 22 Jul 09

Went back home quite late .... but I will be preparing easy meal .... Pasta haha so i only need another 30mins to prepare it.  Coco came over to have dinner with us .....

Dearie was shocked to see his Big plate of pasta and even have a bowl of mushroom soup for him ..... he even lazy to dish it out he just it with my Tefal pan *LOL* ..... he said that he so full after eating that Big potion .... TT and i share a plate .. she love eating it!

After meal is my housework time ... clean up the place ... and do some laundry ...... pat TT to sleep oh well is all the routine job again.... *LOL*

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tuesday - 21 Jul 09

Lately is so hot and humid .... my FIL specially made one fan just for TT only .... after making he even wrote something on the fan ... just like those 古代人 they will write poem on the fan.

For TT's fan my FIL written 此扇为雨桐桐专用旁人勿动为妙 and my MIL told me he took a chair and Fan her when she is sleeping in the cot!!!  My FIL and his worker take turns to fan her muhahahah my princess is really a Princess!!!

And the Worker - Uncle ping (malay uncle) look after TT these few weeks when my MIL went up to cook dinner cos my MIL is still waiting for the new maid to come.  TT loves to follow him ..... and Uncle Ping bring her to buy cakes, coffee etc ..... and feed her cake just before dinner!  And she is asking for more when is dinner time .... *faintz*

My FIl dote on TT so much .... partly this sweetie pie always melt other people's heart .... my MIL say that during meal time my FIL is still smoking and food is already serve ... she will keep calling my FIL "爷爷, eat!" till he start eating.  And when we are going home I asked her to say byebye to
爷爷 and Uncle Ping .... she didn't but she walk towards them and say "Big Hug" .... I melted after seeing her doing that hahaha .... tell me will you melt?

Monday - 20 July 09

Happy Birthday to Lester, Peiqi. Yuchang and lastly my President in our organisation Mr Milan Kwee.  We printed a T-shirt for him ..... as a present... Jolene & I shared a Durian cake for him from Emicake.

We gave him a surprise in the afternoon telling him there is some documents to be sign ..... he make his way down and we gave him a BIG surprise ....

After the celebration he bring us down and treat us eat 猫山王 durian ..... is really good!!! Lanetar and I ate till so full .....

Went to pick TT today cos my Mama is having early appointment for her so Dearie have to go fetch her early unable to pick TT.  Thanks to my MIL whom send us back before having her dinner ..... went back home I bathe her, play with her and make her some food .......  after Dearie is back he pat her to sleep .....and *phew* finally another day of 二人世界.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sunday - 19 Jul 09

Woke up late today ...... and got YZ & SZ late too in our meeting to do set up for our BGM so pai sei and sorry ..... cos we also have hard time waking up TT too .... shall ask Dearie to go first and I can bring TT over later if there is big event next time.

Seats is in first come first serve basis and I only manage to get good row for Coco & Gang and my cousins.   Crowd started drawing in at around 9.30am sharp..... everything go smoothly at 10am sharp we started our BGM.  And at 11.00am sharp we started our movie screening - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 

Dearie and I got a separated seat .... so I asked him to have mine and I set on the steps beside him ..... as TT is sleeping hope I can be around if she wake up.  Around 45mins later I feel so uncomfortable and move to the very first row empty seat to sit with my Dearie's ex-student.  I am abit disappointed of the show ..... cos I expect more ... and when I am expecting more the show ended *LOL* ...... I still prefer Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. heehee ... he is so cute same as Ron ..... haha

After the show we headed to Botanic Garden for a small picnic together with Elmo, Ricky, Michelle & Coco.  She woke up early to prepare food for us ... so sweet of her.  Is a very warm and humid afternoon but we have a good chat and took lotsa pics .....

When we reached home ... we are very tired .... bathe and rest awhile ....3 of us are off to lala land .....super tired!

Saturday - 18 July 09

Brought TT for trial class at JWT (Leisure Park branch) it cost around $25.00 if I didnt remember wrongly and if you use citibank or RBS credit card you can enjoy 10% off so I only pay around $22 for the trial.

We are at the 1pm slot hahah guess what there are only 2 babies in this trial class which means the Trainer can concentrate more on TT and another baby.

TT enjoyed the sing along, swing, balancing and of cos .... around 10mins of parent away time ... they are left alone to play around with the toys around them.  TT enjoyed it very must was thinking to sign them up shall discuss with Dearie again.

After the trial class we went for our brunch before heading to Boon's office.... called up Pauline and she asked if we wanna stay for a steamboat dinner at Boon's office.  Ok since we are going to do our layout for our photobook we onz for the dinner.

Is really a no time zone at his office is so cosy and nice to work in ..... TT was a model for him today hahaha ... took some pics of her.

We only start to eat at 8.30pm .... we thought is only 6+pm ... *LOL* we are so full and can hardly walk ..... TT is sound asleep in the mid of the dinner ..... thanks to Boon's parents whom brought over so many BAK LU KU for us .... and my dear cousin-in-law say is a door gift and packed each of us 3 big plastic bag ..... Shi Shi 1, Dearie 1 and me 1 how to finish ... so I get Shi Shi to bring back 2 bag.

Just went I am about to reach my house lift who knows the plastic bag cannot hold the weight of the BAK LU KU and the whole lobby floor was scatter with bak lu ku *LOL* ......