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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I am going on 29 ........

Times flies... I am gonna be 29 years old very soon.......this year I am like ermmmmmm dun feel happy hahah maybe cos age catching up . On Saturday morning, my girlfriend Weeli bought
me something for my birthday she bought a cake and Don pie for me. 

And I have recieved lace panties from one of my girlfriend Penny  .... hahahahha and today my
colleague Jolene send flowers for me. Wonder what Mr Goh will give me .... or maybe
married liao he might feel no need to buy liaoz?

This year my birthday I will be attending my neighbour's wedding hahaha something special for me cos I never come across this before ....... I am having a birthday off so I can sleep till 10am  as my hubby he will be helping out my neighbour to be his XIONG DI!

Hereby i wanna wish Norman & Frances a happy and blissful marriage ........  

What did I do for the past fews days ......

Past fews days I am so tired always slept late maybe because beebee & I were on leave and so busy when we come back is already past 12am.  I am so use to to the timing of like sleeping at 1am or 2am.Sigh my dark ring come back liaoz  ........

On Saturday
24/02/07 after dinner with my neighbours I went back home and rest,   And I decided to skip one of my yoga lesson on Sunday.  Thinking I can sleep cos my eyes are really tired but i cant fall asleep and again I slept at 2am! 

Lucky I never go yoga cos I am attending a baby shower at admiralty! Such a
long journey lucky my friends (edwin & Penny) give us a lift.  They came back from Sabah for CNY so we all treasure the time with them no matter how late it is we will stay.  Sunday & Monday Nite we stay out late to chit chat till late although we were all dead beat but we were very happy.

Yesterday, I had dinner with my family due to tight schedule we all had we never have a reunion dinner which i feel incomplete.  I told my mum to go for dinner and I am looking forward for it.  Unfortunately My sis in law and baby Isaac did not attend.  My sis in law wanted to join but that small cuttie is making a hard way ..... haha crying non stop till she dun dare bringing him along!

And still I feel incomplete cos not all are present!  

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Vivo City Trip!

23 Feb 07 I woke up happily waking up my beloved husband cos he promise me to bring me to Vivo city cos we both are so sua kua kekeke we have never been to there before.

 So before we return the car we make a trip there. Wow it is very big really dunno where to start from to shop. We walk a few shops my stomach making noise...... hungry...... to me the shops is like so weird like a few fashion stall it will become a food restaurant then fashion store again.

We were thinking to eat Secret Recipe, long john silver or Kim Gary Cafe. We make a choice to Kim Gary having the HK style of CHA CHANG TING. We took set lunch which include soup, baked rice and a drink.hmmmmm quite worth it, we went round again in the mall and i saw LION DANCE! Wow thats my fav!

I love to watch lion dance heehee ..... quite a worthwhile trip we made! I took many photos that day lucky i remember to bring my   We have great fun there watching the performance.  Thats my 1st time this year watching lion dance. heeeeee .....

After a long long leave am going back to work on Monday ..... :( why CNY passess so fast ... :(

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

What a doctor!

I am so  PISSED! I went to see the Doc in KKH as my result will be out.  I went there before my appointment time and I was assigned to room 6 for consultation. 

My husband and I happily went there and wait for our turn when we reached there the door for the consultation room is wide open!  We thought the doc is already there unfortunately she wasn't there.  While other doc in other rooms are all working inside asking others to go in.We waited for about 20mins and the doctor happily walk into the room and started to ask the 1st patient in, the appointment time for the 1st patient is 840am.  

I am the 5th, when it is my turn is already 1030 gosh i waited for almost an hour!   I was so unhappy 1st the doc was late for work and she still can take her own sweet time walking into the room.  

2nd I have waited almost an hr to see her and the duration is just merely 7-8 mins.  3rd before she see me she ask the nurse to come out and ask me have I done the scanning, didn't they attached the ultra sound results to her? Didn't they attached my blood test to her? 4th she is yawning in front of me when she is talking to me half way through which I find she is rude and unprofession and she didnt bother to explain to me!  And she just tell me that looks like I am suffering PCOS ... GOSH! I am so pissed is horrible I have never come across such a doc before ... I have no choice but to see KKH cos pte charges is high, therefore my thyroid doc told me to go to govt hospital.  Never come across such a lousy doctor before
I will never go KKH to deliver my baby in future

Before, during and After

Wow its been so fast that CNY passes so quickly .... most of the ppl have went back to work on the 4th day already. For me my company gave me one more day off to rest and nottie me took another 2 days of leave to accompany my husband whom is on leave too. Lucky that we took leave cos both of us are so tired we are lack of sleep now!

I didn't know that we need to do so much preparation before CNY luckily we were on leave from 16th Feb, in the afternoon we went out with SZ and my husband went for a haircut, after that we proceed to get a car which is proudly sponsored by Mr Lee Eng Huat (My Dad) ha ha ha a lovely dad isn't he?

At about 3pm, I went to KKH to have a ultra sound scan to check whether I have follicles grow on the ovaries. In the night we went to Upper Thomson to get fresh flowers to decorate our house. Is my 1st time there hahahah a bit SUA KU there is so many ppl there.

When I am back home it is around 2 plus in the morning, the very next morning I am running some errands and in the evening we went to have the reunion dinner with my husband families and relatives which we do so every year.

This is the 1st year of giving out ang bao hmmmmm is kinda weird but is fun giving it out. 1st day of CNY I am following my husband family for visiting and when we reach back home is around 11+ to 12 the 2nd day I went to my Granny hse which I have to do so with my husband only w/o my family hahah same thing i find it weird and after that i went to visit my parents. It is really tiring, lucky we have car to travel around if not i cant imagine I am walking with blister feet chasing after taxi kekekeke
Now that I have experience next year I wont be so blur anymore....... Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Gathering with my Sec frds and teacher

Meet up with my secondary frds and teacher - Ms Koh yesterday for a
steamboat dinner!  We have lotsa to catch up and glad to hear
everyone is doing very well.  And Ms Koh is now retired so she
told us that how is her life now, very carefree, can really sit down
and watch tv hahahahah she told us she is gonna be a tv addict soon!

But times really passes very fast everyone of us have grown up and we
have know each others 16 years gosh!  And one my sec frd told us
that she is now 3 mths pregnant - 2nd baby! the moment she say she is
preggie everyone turns their eyes on me ... asking me when is my
turn......hmmmmm very difficult question to answer and dunno how to
explain to them about my condition ha ha i just smile and say wait for
good news a piglet or mousey hahahah ......

This mth i have lotsa check up just keep fingers cross hope everything is alright ......