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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thursday 30/08/07 Happy Teachers' Day Ms Koh

Shark's Fins
Crispy Chicken

Toufu with veggie

Abalone with puay lin
steam prawn
Yee Fu Mee

                                                    Sweet potato desert

Is suppose to be our treat for Ms Koh cos Teachers' Day is just round the corner!  In the end is a treat from Ms Koh.  We have our usual gang again for gathering with Ms Koh, she chosen the place - Happy Restaurant 双喜楼.

While waiting for another friend - Kam Kong to arrive Ms Koh is considering what to eat should it be ala-carte or set dinner.  And we do lotsa of chatting while waiting too .... so we seize the chance by giving her present that we bought for her as a token of appreciation.  I bought her a polo tee from Adidas lucky she fits well and she like the color too .......

After much waiting, Kam Kong finally arrived and Ms Koh have made a decision by ordering set dinner ...... cos she said we have spent so much on the gifts so she must buy us a good dinner *faintz*   We are fine with ala-carte too cos most important is people whom we spend with not the food

We started off with shark's fins, the food there is quite ok comparing it with paramount I still prefer paramount.  The food is a bit salty overall still a good dinner that we have ... quantity is quite big ..... I like the best is the desert - sweet potato with sago nice nice .... next time I shall cook myself. 

Hereby, I would like to wish all the teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day!  Epecially to my multiply network online buddy Hazel & Maine...... and of cos my SIL - GLC.....

Wednesday 29/08/07

This is the day that i received the news that that part time woman is leaving .... good news indeed hahaaha .....

Another happy thing is today is my buddy Kaiming's  birthday!  I didnt meet up with him for very long and worst thing is he didnt attend my w
edding at all ..... but he did send in his best wishes for me.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL! Shall arrange a meet up soon .......

Went home to cook again today ...... easy dinner again is porridge! Is very simple just throw everything in and there goes a nice dinner ...... dearie dun say i never cook liao hor .....

And today I received a parcel ..... is the 1st thing I bought on BP in motherhood forum for my baby is the BIBS!

Sz mei told me is a bit expensive cos it cost 3 for $10 hehehe .... but the design attracted me ..... so I bought it without thinking ..... thats the very 1st thing I bought for my baby .... the next thing maybe is the milk bottles cos I wanna go to TAKA baby fair this coming Saturday ... hope will get something nice there

What will his daddy buy for his precious one leh?

Dear hubby if u are reading my blog pls read what Joanne's blog wriiten see what matt have bought for her and baby muahhahahaha learn hor ..

She decided to leave ......

Still remember the she that I am talking about in my blog few weeks ago?  I received news that she not going to continue to work anymore hahaha THANK GOD! I still remember my colleague told me when she step into our organisation the 1st thing she ask my GM is " Do you all in the company downloaded or using any illegal software?" hahaha wonder how my GM think about this ......

She is here to do accts not audit and the funniest thing is she doesnt wanna touch on any accts job being assigned to her.  When my colleague passes her all the account payable job she return to my colleague and ask her to do it for this mth...... weird fellow .....

What she do leh...... she created inventory forms a few pieces of paper with same format she used almost a full day to do so.  She is always staring at the computer screen, doing personal calls when my GM not ard, asked stupid questions which we think is more stupid by answering her hahahah ..... and she is easily paid $250.00 for just 6 days or even lesser ....

Well before she left the office she still DUA my colleague, my poor colleague was so angry  that she wanna confront her too bad heard she wont be coming in ..... but i do support my collleague to confront her as my colleague did not do the things that she have said to my GM.
A very bad person that I have ever met! Pray that there wont be this kind of people coming in to my organisation anymore!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lazy to cook .....

I love tom yum soup

I feel so lazy after I found out that I am preggie!  Hahaha my hubby is making noise say that there isnt anymore home cooked food for him say I become so lazy dun wanna cook! :(
hehehe actually is true loh I am so tired everyday especially when I am back at home after work I can take a 2hrs nap when I reach home.

Today I tried cooking hahah but is about the same like cooking maggie mee just that more ingredients and soup base is different..  Afraid my hubby & I will get hungry easily as is a rainy day I bought some sushi for our supper *YIPPIE*.

Lately, my mum so busy with my nephew that she never cook anymore I miss your food mummy especially sesame oil chicken with lotsa ginger.  My mum use to cook and I will go back her house to TA BAO back and eat with my hubby think my hubby oso miss that cos both of us miss home cooked food. 

Sorry my dearest bear with me i will try to cook for you when I dun feel tired heehee ..... and of cos good thing is I no need to wash anything lucky my hubby do the washing everytime Thanks hor!   I will cook laksa for u this Sunday ok? heehee

Happy Birthday Mother!

Last Saturday, our estate have a block party hahah again we try our luck to buy the tickets for lucky draw no luck again :( but we do have a great time having good laff at some neighbours whom is so sporting!  And sue to block party I missed my Campus Superstar Grand Final :( but no fear cos I have MOBTV

And on Sunday, we went back to my in laws place for dinner as we are celebrating my MIL's birthday.  We have late and simple dinner and the best things is the durian, my BIL bought the D24XO durian sounds great and it really looks and taste good too ......

After the durian feast, of cos is the cake cutting time ..... the cake is abit sweet dunno is becos nowsaday I have quite cautious in having sweet stuffs ... dare not eat too much sweet things .... cos I am afraid of diabetics during pregnancy period hehehe .......

Last but not least  My hubby & I wanna wish mother a very happy birthday!  身体健康!

Congrats my dear frds!

                                                       Handsome boy

Last Monday morning I have to go for my monthly check up I received an early sms as I am still sleeping .... woke up blur blur to check on it.  Message: Ah Bird's wife is going to give birth soon ..... preparing for C-section in the afternoon.  I was shocked cos she (xiujuan) only 36 weeks, her gynae said that cos baby is not turning down therefore have to do a C-section.

In the afternoon, I received another sms which is a piece of good news from Ah Bird his baby have come to this world.  Mother & Baby is fine and doing good ..... wanted to see them immediately think of it they might be tired so My hubby & I went to see them the very next day.

Baby so handsome!!! looks more like mother than his father hehehe but Ah Bird claimed that he looks more like him hahahaha ....... still dunno he name of the baby ...... and hope to se him soon cos his parents is gonna send him to Penang as Xiujuan's mother is gonna take care of him .... guess we gonna miss this little baby ...... :(

Another good news is I gotta know that Joanne is preggie! Is a piece of good news cos I kept telling her to jia you cos my baby needs a playmates hahah ..... Congrats Jo & Matt!  And of cos i still have frds out there still trying hard for baby I really hope that they will succeed never give up ...... God will listen to your prayers! :) Good luck my frds!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

20/08/07 - 4th scanning

                                     This time the pic dun seems to be clear hor?

20/08/07 - is my monthly check up again...... feeling abit nervous cos I wonder how my baby is doing ....... when my gynae start apply gel on my tummy and start scanning ...... i saw my little one doing somersault not one time but twice ..... and after that dunno how she turn and the legs are high up and gynae seize this chance to ask my hubby to take a look ..... nothing in between the legs .... haha so is a GIRL!  After the scanning gynae have drew out some of my blood to do a triple test for me hope the result will be good!  But still to play safe ...... wait till 5th Sept detail scan to double confirm it.

Baby weighing 224g now lucky she is growing well....... *phew* cleared my worries .... thanks to all the frds whom shown concern ...... thank you so much.

My husband's grandma asked me happily is it a boy or gal when i tell her is a gal she reply ai ya not so fast one another 2 mths then wil know the gender hahahaha *pengz*  She so cute cos she believe what the shifu previously my FIL asked to count gal or boy my baby is .... shifu counted is a boy .... but now .... ok shall wait for the detail scan instead.

Shall update all of you after the detail scan .... about the gender heehee

Sat & Sun

Hubby Happily having his hot soup
My Chicken chop
His Fish and Chips

Woke up early on Saturday morning cos i have not been sleeping well  keep having bad dreams and wakes up every hour even though I know is a weekend ...... woke my dearie up and we headed to  Guan Yin  Miao located at  bugis area to pray.  I will try to make it a point before my monthly scanning I will go pray pray.  Is raining cats & dogs that day and  we were so cold  and hungry after the praying.   Walked over to  Bugis Junction to look for our breakfast cum lunch.  We decided to have our meals at V8 and when we are being show to our seats the waiter suddenly called out my husband oh is actually my husband ex-student.   After our delicious food, we went back home to rest and in the evening we meet up with hon, LL, chane, sz & yz we have fun get together and we sing karaoke till late at night ..... is very relaxing for me especially when there are worries days before.  Thank you my neighbours heehee i cant get to sleep cos am so happy and enjoyed myself that day!
Arthur so happy while taking pics
I play chess with him
                                         seriously thinking of moves to beat me

On Sunday, woke up ard 10am and prepare ourselves to go to small aunt's place as they have praying for at their shop.  Thanks to ah ghor for fetching us there ..... we spent about 4 hrs there helping, eating and of cos gathering ha ha ha cos we hardly meet up so this time is the only time we can get together.

Went back home about 4pm and have a quick shower off we go for YEC meeting and after the meeting of cos we headed back to my MIL's place for dinner and Arthur asked me to play chinese chess with him.  hahaha wow my little nephew have learnt something new thats good and he like it very much!  We have great fun playing chinese chess compare to his pokemon card hahaha cos he always win us as he always got the king haha ...... and that's it ..... weekend passed so fast again .....

Thursday, 16 August 2007

My biggest worries ......

My biggest worries now is not my health, not money, not hubby () ...... but my precious one that I have carry for 4 mths ...... I dunno why I just feel that my tummy not growing, my weight have not increase ...... I dunno whether my precious is eating well anot ... I cant even feel the movement.

Always ask my hubby to listen to my tummy see whether any luck of hearing the heartbeat or even a small feel of when my precious is turning. Appetite also so so only not really good!   Lately having weird dreams and when I woke up in the morning it seems that I have not enuff sleep although I slept early.......

Have not went over to my MIL place for dinner for 2 weeks so last week when we went over my sil told me that I look more like losing weight.  I always tell myself my thyroid doc told me before as long baby is growing, mummy not growing is fine.  I find that the monthly checkup so long I cant get to see how is my baby doing.

Some mummies to be in the forum where I use to chit chat  already feel the movement dunno is it becos I am fat so the fats too much i cant feel my baby.  Monday is my check up I cant wait to go see my gynae I wanna know how is my precious doing .... hope you are doing fine in the womb ....... hope can feel you soon ......

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

14/08/07 - 七月初二

Today is my Grandma's death anniversary I really miss her so much ....... dunno how is she doing at the other world.  Before my wedding I dreamt that she came back and see my husband and when my niece is born I also dreamt that she went to my cousin's house to take a look at her grand daughter. 

Got a call from my mum on Monday evening asking me whether I can take leave to help her look after my dear nephew.  As my Broher & sis-in-law have just change a new job they are unable to et any leave at this moment.  Lucky I have an understand GM he allowed me to get a last min leave.

Woke up as usual and went to my mum's place to help her, when I reached there my little cute nephew is sound asleep.  So my mum leave him in my care and off she go to do some marketing and buying of offerings.  After an hour, my cuttie nephew woke up and here I am nanny QQ to play with him, feed him.  He looks so happy everytime i see him ..... keep smiling all the time and he likes to play rough hahahaha ....

In abt noon time, I put him to sleep and my mum ask me to nap awhile while he is sleeping .... hehehe both of us nap quite long when I woke up in abt 5 mins he is awake too ... and we feed him porriadge.

About 3.30pm, My Father & I brought him back to my brother's hse located at Potong Pasir cos my mum says is seventh mth have to bring him back early.  He so cute he kept smiling at a pri sch boy heehee and he loves taking public transport cos he get to see so many ppl.  Kinda tiring taking care of him cos he is so active!  I really have fun taking care of him .... now I know how tired my parents and my bro & sil can be ...... heehee next time is my turn ...... hope my baby will be guai guai so will be easy for me kekeke

Took pics of him tell me is he cute?