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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Monday - 29 September 08

                                                      See my little piglet

Woke up and found my little piglet sleeping in this way hahaha so cute really look like a piglet with the pick shorts!  Drag myself out of the bed cos we have late nights during the weekend .... is never enough of resting!  *Yawnz* Is Monday again lucky this week is a short week and today I have to bring TT for her 2nd dose (last) of jab.

Went to pick her up at 2pm and headed to ESH to see Dr Low he is back after 3 months of suspension.  TT was very happy seeing baby at the clinic still on smiley mode till Dr Low gave her a jab 3sec later she cry out loud for 10sec and stop hahahaha ...... so cute!

When we are about to leave the sky become so dark so I have to take a cab back because I didn't bring umbrella with me .... just when we stepped into our house it started to pour heavily *phew* heng ah ..... lucky never caught in rain.

TT and I took a nap .... in the cosy bed kekek I nap for about 3 hours!!! Woke up at 7pm was about to walk into the kitchen I heard hubby opening the door.  Still ok I manage to finish all the cooking in about 30mins later.  All easy food ..... can chicken luncheon meat, eggs and a plate of vegetable simple meal!  I wanna clear my fridge so I just anyhow come out with a simple and filling dinner. 

I have to had my dinner first cos TT is awake and dearie have to carry her while I have my meal.  And he complain that I never eat cos I left so much food for him but I really eat alot already!  The nap we took also make myself suffer cos TT refused to sleep at 12+am .... hahaha *faintz* I think I shall adjust back her previous timing - sleep early but dun wake up early kekeke ......

Sunday - 28 September 08

Woke up by Huat's sms .... asking are we doing anything for the day ...... as Bird is free wanted to play game.  So we meet up at Parkway for brunch as I need to buy some gifts for my Malay neighbour.  We had the fried hokkien mee, char kway tiao and carrot cake.  I like the HKM cos compare to other food court this is the best I could find.  Thanks to Huat whom bought some gifts for us when he go China last week I like the HP pouch very much!

They came over to our house to play game as for me I am busy packing our house and also attending to TT when the guys enjoying themselves with their soccer game.

House is like a mess so glad that I have actually finished all the packing and of cos throwing of unwanted letters.  The guys left at 6+pm and I am quite tired after all the packing so we didn't go over to in law's place for dinner.  Hubby and I watched F1 at home I was on off on the TV cos I need to attend to TT.  Hubby went down to pack dinner and we share 1 burger and 4 chicken wings while we enjoyed the last few laps of the race.  Alonso won the race!!! hehehe TT have taken photo with the right person hahahaha.....

TT lately is super sticky to me I dun no why last time still ok but now is super super even when weekdays my MIL came picking her up she will cry when I put her down in the car seat refused to follow my MIL.  After some coaxing then she ok but her eyes kept on looking at me ..... the older she is the more sticky she is.  At home is also the same she refused to be carried by my hubby see the photos on top she is crying when my hubby carry her.  When I walk in and out of the room doing housework she will cry cos she thought I dun wanna carry her.  Baby, mummy need a break ..... kekeke .... stick to your Daddy can?

Saturday - 27 September 08

I am going for my Basic Theory Test!  Hahaha and yes after 10 years I finally booked my basic theory test with Norman.  Met him at 10.30am and took a bus over to Ubi Comfort Driving Centre the Q is quite long we waited for about 45mins.  I paid $27.40 in total for opening up an account, e-trial test and theory test unlike last time is only @ $6.The woman whom attending to me asked me if I were to take school or private when i tell her I want as a private her face changed and become quite unfriendly.

After we left the driving centre we went over to OCBC to deposit the coins that we save for TT total we have $700 of $1 & $0.20.  There are more ...... we have not counted good to have the mighty saver account cos we can deposit the coins without paying the surcharge and we need not to Q at all!

Headed to Orchard for shopping cos Norman told us there is a FJ Benjamin sales going on at Hyatt Hotel.  It is quite chaotic so many people buying the Guess handbags and the Q at the cashier is long all of them are all with 1 or 2 full shopping bag as for me I only saw one dress gave up cos I only have 1 item a bit crazy to Q just for the dress.

Went to Mandarin hotel for high tea a bit disappointed of the food cos variety not much and is quite ex.  Went to OG after the high tea bought some baby items and one pillow for Baby Clarice.  Left Orchard at around 7.30pm+ and we did not have our dinner cos we are very full after the high tea.  Stay up late to watch soccer, Amazing Race Asia, play FaceBook, chit chat with hubby till 1am+ there goes our precious Saturday!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Friday - 26 September 08

Ok remember Auntie?  Ha ha ha ha SHE LOCK UP HER TEA BAGS!!!  Is no longer lying on the table anymore!  HO HO HO cute right?  Jo says she wanna go take when she go toilet *faintz* always on the mode of disturbing auntie!

After work, I strolled home from work place and it took me around 25mins to reached home.  Walked past the Haig Road market and passed through some stalls and almost all stall selling Ramly burger so much food stall!

These few days i have been walking home is a form of exercise too since I have no time for it!  Used to go yoga on Sunday morning now everything also no time to do,  all attention is diverted on TT!  I feel I am getting fatter but friends and Ah Ma say I slim down leh ..... hmm maybe too long never see me ha ha ha ...... or because I wear black????  Exercise not because to slim down is cos of health also gotta build up healthy me hope that when I have number 2 will be easy just like having TT.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Thursday - 25 September 08

Wanting to meet up with Edwin for dinner but lotsa khakis unable to make it due to work and reservist so we have to postpone the dinner meet up till he come back again in October.  penny called up and told me she will be back with my god-daughter - Ellie on 15 Oct 08.  Can't wait to cuddle this little princess!

So decided to dine out but think of it quite tired so both of us headed to my in law's shop to have dinner with them.  I bought Nana curry to add on with other dishes that my MIL prepared  and went over to Katong Xin Chew Confectionery to buy some bread home for breakfast.  I love their bread is so soft and nice .... every time wanted to try their curry bun but I have no luck when they bring out the curry bun at 5+pm it will be whipped up in no time!

I am really happy to see little piglet made some progress .... some updates of TT's milestone for the past few weeks.

  • Wave at people when they wave at her
  • More clearer in calling papa & mama
  • Kiss mama but not papa (why har?)
  • Clap hands
  • Crawl on your hands and legs no more tummy but lazy to crawl sometimes, loves to stand up instead
  • Nod head when I ask her want to have milk milk
  • Know where I place all her milk powder in the room
  • can see she love baby ..... sayang my nephew (my cousin's baby)
  • know what is bye bye
  • Know what is gai gai (go out)
Hope I can update more about TT in my future blog.

And many mummies from SGmotherhood forum said that their babies have started to sprout their first teeth.  I am kind of worry for TT cos she learn things fast but growing of teeth is quite slow.  TT drool alot so I tried to put my fingers in to check whether any pop up but I find nothing at all.  I read books saying teething can start as early as 3 months or as late as 12 months hmmmm ..... I guess that I am just being paranoid.  But lately my FIL said that he spotted white white thing on her gum ..... but I checked I can't see ...... hmmmmmmm shall wait patiently and hope to update here soon.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wednesday - 24 September 2008

                                                This is AUNTIE's desk

Remember i blog about the telephone socket?  This is it ....... presenting AUNTIE's desk ...... NEAT?

                        See the clip is to clip the partition together with the table to secure it                  see the cable is behind loh and we have to pull her table!


This table itself is already very heavy cos before we shifted in Jo & I came and take a look at our work desk.  And we have to shift the partition also and yet she stand there and look how my GM, Jo (old bird) & I do. Can vomit blood loh!

So you tell me will you pay for $50 dollars to let the singtel man do the job for you or you want to buy a $4 socket and ask other people to do it for you?  Stupid woman!

Jo told me dun help her fix back the table let her do on her own I scare AUNTIE sprain her back so I help her fix back!  REGRETTED! hahahah should have ask her to do it herself! 

And there is one day I passed by AUNTIE's desk and saw she bought a big packet of white coffee (quite ex one leh think 10 or 12 packet cost $5+) and hide under her table so I told Jo about it.  You know what she did...... she took 2 packet of her coffee home!  And I guess more or less AUNTIE thought is me leh cos I drink coffee in office but not Jo!!! *but who cares* HAHAHA ....... and the next thing I found out, AUNTIE locked up her coffee in the drawer!!!

Jo is pissed because she finished almost all the coffee in the pantry left only 1 packet inside, milo also the same ... so Jo is teaching her a lesson hahaha siao one loh ..... AUNTIE actually counted her number of packet of coffee leh!!!  And yesterday she took her tea bag which is left on her table. PENGZ!!!  Dunno AUNTIE will think is me again bo .... hahahha ... update you all whether the tea is being lock up too HOHOHO.......

Happy Anniversary! - 24 September 2008

2 years ago today you began your journey as husband & wife.
May your journey continue many many more and join parenthood soon!

Happy Anniversary
SZ mei & YZ!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tuesday - 23 September 08

Was thinking of what to cook when SZ mei msn me and talk about the curry sauce that I bought 2 weeks ago.  Remind me that I still have this instant curry sauce lying around in my kitchen thanks SZ mei!

Stopped by at Singpost to look for Franco & Alicia as they have a stall there near coffeebean talk to them awhile and I pack back pop corn chicken to go along with the sauce cos in the sauce is all vegetable and I add some brocolli and carrot in too.  It is so hazzle free and easy to cook less than 10mins we are ready to eat I bought only 1 packet to try so the portion is quite little shall buy 2 servings next time!

TT nap just before our dinner and woke up just after we had our dinner ...... sometimes we are amazed by the timing it is just nice for us to have our dinner in peace.  Played with her till 10+pm,  put in her clothing to wash and I tuck her to bed .... well same thing happened I never walk out of the room again hahaha I am in la la land with TT dunno is I sleep first or her ..... and I was sleeping at my husband side .... poor hubby have to sleep at my side as he is not use to sleeping at my side.  Well for me I had a bad dream ........  

Happy Birthday to Sebastian hope you find your love soon heehee and my cousin Yvonne Wu hope you stay pretty and happy always may all wishes come true !

Monday - 22 September 08

Happy Birthday Chane!  Stay happy and pretty always! 

Give my neighbour Chane a sms wishing her on her birthday first thing in the morning when I reached office.   Usually I will leave my PC on standby mode and there is some updates on the anti virus so I need to restart the system. 

After that then I relize there isn't any internet connection at all ..... arghhhh this is what I hate most cos no internet = no life = BORING in office.  Last time cos of stupid router we changed to a more "powerful" one but unfortunately is not really that "powerful" that we think of.  Then we changed again to a 2in1 modemn + router and even changed our wireless adapter and I try to rectify what went wrong.  *sigh* it is neither the modemn nor adapter fault.

So I went into my GM room and borrow the normal phone from him cos ours is all hunting line phone which we cant use it to check for the line faulty.  After some tries I confirm is the socket problem, my colleague dun believe me and kept on trying the line .... I called up Singtel and ask them to send a Technician down to check.

Bingo!!! I am right loh is the socket problem we had it change at $50 and there is a 6mths warrenty which I think is cheap loh but my KPO AUNTIE colleague go ask how much outside selling and is only at $4 for the socket with no installation.  She WOW very loud like using her money like that but think of it, it save time and of cos save the trouble to pull out her table again and she didn't even help in the pulling of the heavy table out she just stand and see .....what the F***! 

If we ask someone outside to do it again don't know when will they be here to do it gotta wait for another day?  she really no brain loh this auntie is really stingy, typical accounts people *sorry to the people whom are doing accounts this one mainly is shooting my colleague only*!
  This is why I have late entries on my blog again ...... wait till my house com is up I can blog at home already! Yippie am waiting patiently heeeee

Sunday - 21 September 08

TT woke me up at 8am ..... I am so tired but can't sleep anymore cos she is disturbing me so I go disturb my husband waking him up to go market with us!

Asked him before I start my marketing is he willing to eat RICE again ...... heeee he say ok .... so I started to buy some yong tau fu, fish, vegetables.  Kinda pity my husband cos I don't pork so I dun cook food with pork even soup too.  I will try to change and cook some soup with pork sorry to have made you be "halal" with me.

After our breakfast we made TT to sleep cos can see she is damn tired after putting her on the bed we went to kitchen to wash the fish, vegetables.  Around 10mins later hubby walk in to check on TT before he could reached our room he heard PONG .... TT had a great fall!  Really heart pain to see my TT fall again ..... we have already do all necessary precaution and see her in deep sleep who knows she will wake up.  This time round she cried out loud unlike the last 2 times arghhhh what a lousy mum I am!

Monitor her for awhile she is back to her usual self  *phew* ok next time I will be more careful!  My parents came over and I have some time to pack up our house now looks a bit more neater will packed again when I have time.  And with their help we are able to attend CC meeting without TT thanks to SZ mei and YZ for the lift to CC and back home

Bought dinner back to eat with my parents and washed up myself cos we are going to watch soccer is my hubby's fav team - Chelsea VS my fav team - Man U.  Msn Lester about the match and he came over to watched the match with us.  Same thing .... after watching the match I feel sleepy but I refuse to sleep and continue to watch another episode of TVB series with hubby till 12am+ -1am.

Alice, Happy Birthday to you glad that you enjoyed yourself in HongKong with your family stay happy and pretty always!

Saturday - 20 September 08

Went over to my parent's place to go my cousin's place together today is his 3rd child - Baby Ayden Goh's full month celebration.  Wanted to take MRT to Seng Kang then take a cab there but my Dad don't want TT to travel such a long distance he say take a cab straight instead.  TT see ..... gong gong so dote on you ..... if is me they will nag nag nag ha ha ha

TT knew we are going out she refuse to sleep and when we reached there almost all my cousins are there already.  TT was being carried one after another ...... she must be excited to see so many people.  They catered the food from Neo's Garden standard still there ....not too bad .....

After lunch I accompanied my 姑丈 & 表嫂 to play mj while dearie make TT sleep.  And when she is awake she is being carried and play with my nieces for the whole afternoon.  My brother came a bit later with his wife and son we all have a wonderful day there catching up with one and other.  Reached home at around 10.00pm we are so tired and after washed up TT and myself both of us are in la la land .............

Monday, 22 September 2008

Friday - 19 September 08

Finally no more rice meal for my hubby and I almost finished all the food that I bought in market and today he is a happy man cos he get to eat Pizza Hut something different but still is a carbo meal and is much more fattening hahahah....

Always wanted to try this starzbites feast from Pizzahut and when you order this you get a chance to win Toshiba Notebook! 

Hubby & I eating happily he is very satisfied and he say he could eat a lot we share some pizza with my part-time maid too.  The pizza taste not bad ... eat it while is still hot .... it taste better.  As for TT she is in la la land .... till around 10+pm she woke up crying think she had a bad dream .......

Happy Birthday to my 2 dear sista - Alison & Yuki may you 2 stay chio chio and happy always!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Thursday - 18 September 08

Happy 8th month my dearest daughter - TT!  Today TT turn 8th months old time really passes so fast .... another 4mths to go she will turn 1! 

She is very active today didn't want to sleep when I pat her, for the past few days she sleep when she is back from my in law's place.  So I played with her awhile and we are going to have our dinner so we place her in the jumperoo she is so smart cos she knew we are going to leave her there to play alone she doesn't wanna go in! 

Finally we place her in and we sit very close to her so that to let her know we won't leave her alone she is welcome to join us for dinner but she cannot eat a bit chek ark rite to place her near us and see us eat.  Is home cooked food again!  Think I buy too much food in the market on Sunday hehehe poor hubby is on his 4th day of rice dinner again!

She played with us till 12+am by the time I am like a zombie already cos now a days i dunno why when it comes to certain time in the night my mind will switch off and I will walked automatically to bed!  My hubby thought I just went in to check on TT hahah but I never come out of the room anymore after that!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Wednesday - 17 Sept 08

Dearie is complaining that lately I kept on cooking rice hahaha he say he is getting fatter after so much carbo but then again ..... you eat bread, noodle & pasta also have carbo mah .... and he say I cook too much rice for him and everytime he eat till very full!  So I suggest lets have salad and fruits for dinner he tell me he 吃不饱 he so "auntie" rite if can kick I will wanna kick his butt loh so TROUBLESOME!  Wait say
吃不饱 later say 吃太饱..... SIGH ... OH MAN!

Tuesday evening I cooked fried rice and today I cook some vegetables, eggs and sesame chicken to go along with the rice.  Think he is going crazy hahaha .......

Weather have not been good .... and both of us have been taking Vitamin C lately diligently cos now with TT we don't wanna fall sick.  Especially now she is back to co sleep with us ..... so if we are sick one of us will have to sleep in the other room.  Moreover I think she loves to be in between us!  Only to see us beside her when she wake up and she will like it more when it is during weekend so she could disturb us when we are sleeping! 

I am very happy to see how my piglet grown each and everyday ...... and sometimes all her 一举一动  is so funny.  When I laughed she will looked at me and laughed too but she dunno what I am laughing at.  Hope my blog will be still around when she grow up and she could read what nonsense this mama is writing everytime!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Monday - 15 September 08

Ok after seeing Ning's ofc desk pic I also post mine cos mine is so messy too!  Jo laughed at me ..... cos she say she cant see my table top but she say like that means you got work hard! Muhahahah rubbish rite I feel more like I am not very organised!  So many paper works need to be done and there are courses coming up I am god damn busy lah no time for something (cannot say here)

Today is a super busy day wanna be organise also can't cos today is last day submission for grading.  Clock strike 9am only coaches started to come in one by one ..... lucky I am always early for work so I manage to have my usual coffee and bread without any disturbance.

Today is really super busy and yet there is someone whom is not loh .... I don't understand why she can sit down there never helped. *sigh*  And weird thing is that when we wanna introduce the coaches to her all the coaches say dun wanna know .... hmmmm ... weird!

We knocked off at around 6.30pm and when I reached home I still cooked although I am feeling tired cos I have bought fish so that I can steamed it while is still fresh.  TT will make noise whenever we are having meals cos she wanted to try the things we eat so I intend to feed her some fish but she fell asleep while waiting for dearie to finish his shower!

TT slept at 8pm and she woke up at 1am to have a milk and off to bed again ....... isn't she lovely to let Dearie & I have some free time for ourselves?

Sunday - 14 September 08

Shared a cab with Chane To Orchard as she have a wedding lunch at Goodwood Park Hotel and as for us we have one at Orchard Hotel.  We reached there at 12.40pm and there were many people around already.  Invitation card stated is 12.30pm lunch will be commence so we thought we are late ...... the whole lunch started only at 1.30pm!!!  To think that lunch will be commence early cos is a good date there are many people getting married today.

We are sitting with the Groom - Alex's primary school and ITE friends he came by and told us that our table only 7 of us so we can sit comfortably.  Alex's friends are all very friendly they even help asking for us a baby chair for TT so we could enjoyed the lunch.  TT didn't like to sit in the pram anymore she will wanna climb up so we didn't bring a pram today. 

We waited for about 20mins there isn't any sign of someone carrying the baby chair ...... so I asked a waiter to get for me again.  Waited for another 10mins ..... no sign still.  The Banquet Manager came by and told me this:" 对不起, 我们到楼下拿一个比较安全的 babychair 给您,请您稍等."  We were like "huh" isn't all babychair should be
all 全? When he bring in the chair WOW the chair looks so comfortable and is really 全 loh! Then when I look at the previous one they bring in it look so dull and no safety belt maybe because of that the Manager didn't bother to show it to us too just place it on another side. TT sit in there for about an hour and she begin to feel bored and keep making noise asking us to carry.

Wedding lunch ended at about 4.00pm and we are so full took a cab back home and after changing we headed to my in law's place.  We are going chalet...... Pauline & Boon have booked a chalet no occasion just a gathering.  So we brought all our lanterns there to play but when we reached there we are shocked cos all of the people there we dunno.  My FIL so cute he see all not familiar say wanna go back already.  The whole place quite chaotic I was in the kitchen helping Pauline to fried some food.  Kids are the most happiest cos they only wanna play.  Ah Ghor went to play badminton so she is not there yet and we feel so pai sei cos we dunno most of them but lucky my FIL found his friend to talk to.

Reached home we clean up TT and make milk for her cos she is sleepy and me almost half dead very tired .....I took out our Home Favourite Durian mooncake to share with dearie is really yummy 中秋节快乐!

Forgot to wish the couple once again Happy Blissful Marriage.

p/s: Gwen Mei........ the pics ok bo? heheh I know not enuff sorry ah kekeke cos they very busy hard to take their pics