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Friday, 31 May 2013

Thursday & Friday - 30 & 31 May 2013

Goh gonna utilise his TCC card today cos May is going to be over soon if not because of his HFMD we would set a earlier date to nom nom nom! 

Sam and Pauline joining us too .. the more the merrier too bad some girls can't make it if not we could try more of their food cos Birthday vouchers is 50% for everything u order!  Today we actually change 3 times of our seating area cos all the chairs were very low ..... they meant for coffee and tea more than having food. I still prefered the one at Vivo!

We ordered Kimchi Prawn Salad ($13) not too bad but my personal feel is that the kimchi taste was not very strong but overall still nice.  Ingredients were fresh! 

Shrimp Martini ($11.80) is a must order from us when we visit TCC so far so good for this.  Mushroom soup ($10) and New England Clam Chowder ($10) was ordered by myself and Pauline respectively.  Not much to complain about the soup quite decent.  We add on to Potato Wedges ($9.90) too .... yummy when is served hot especially when you are really hungry! 

Pauline opt for a Ribeye Steak ($32) and asked for a medium rare to be done for her steak unfortunately they came as a well done for her ... she have to asked for a change as the steak was quite hard after a well done on a pan!

Goh also opt for beef today he ordered Wafu Beef Spaghetti ($20.50) no complain from him so should be good.  As for me and Sam both of us ordered Ocean Sur'fin ($23) fish was fresh but kinda small portion but good enough as we ordered lotsa side dishes.

After round of main course we ordered more drinks and dessert I asked Goh to try their Dark Devotion ($11.80) cos usually Sam and Pauline love this and was raving about it and since Goh is a chocolate lover for sure he will like it!

We were chit chatting away and even forgot about the time we actually chat till 11pm till when they came and tell us is close to closing haha.  Nice meet up .... Goh and I actually enjoyed this small chit chatting session!


Nothing much to update for Friday ..... 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday - 29 May 2013

Is Alyssa day again ..... this is the last Alyssa day of the month cos next month will be school holidays and this little girl will follow me to work so my nightmare is gonna start soon.  Why I say nightmare cos she will be with me the whole day at work ... I have to work and at the same time I have to look after her hahah is not easy can be quite tiring! 

Goh called and said that he need to work late .... MIL had prepared some ingredients for him to make mee sua for him cos is his lunar birthday today.  So she pack the raw food and make some soup for me to bring home and cook for him when he is back.  

Goh called when my MIL send me back saying that he can leave already so I asked him to go home straight instead ..... poor Goh can't see his precious dottie cos she follow MIL's lorry sending me back.  But he gonna see him for one and half month as her school under renovation so she will only go back to school in mid July!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tuesday - 28 May 2013

We went exercise and again we dine at Singpost Kopitiam as usual I go for soupy stuffs cos I need to control my food intake now.  For Goh he always eat fried rice haha kind boring ..... but this man really easy to take care basically he eat anything that was cook or buy for him!

Lately I am crazy over this fish skin cracker .... Fiona bought some back from HK but is different brand .... Fiona bought one more favourable than this .... but better then nothing especially I love crispy fish skin. 

A few flavor was found in Watson compare to Fairprice (Bedok) so I bought Tomato to try ..... original one taste better .... and I seen there is wasabi and chilli one but I dun like wasabi so is a no no for me to buy that haha ... I shall buy the chilli one soon to try! 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Monday - 27 May 2013

Today we decided to dine in Chun Kee for lunch and we ordered Sambal Kang Kong ($8) this was quite decent not really spicy just nice.  French Bean ($10) I love this cos it was very crunchy it goes well with or without rice!

Up next is their oats tofu ($10) many eaten oats prawn but it goes well with tofu also ..... tofu was very soft and oats were crispy the combination is quite heaven.  I ordered a soup ($10) this was quite normal ..... usually I will not order soup but cos I dun take rice so I want some think to drink and go with the dishes.  Onion egg ($6) this was normal too.  With 3 napkins at ($0.90) and 2 bowls of rice ($0.80 each) that my colleagues order total cost of the lunch was $46.50.  They have no service charge so far I heard their curry fish head was good but I have not try it yet next time I shall try that!

Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant 
240 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437028
Tel 6342 1981

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday - 26 May 2013

Shared a cab with Sam and Angeline to go for a hi-tea at Museo, Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove.  Dark cloud were seen and when we reached slight raindrop falls on us.  Pauline and Evelyn reached the place earlier than us and they were sitting on the comfy seats waiting for us! 

We bought this hi-tea deal on Groupon at only $35 usual price is $48++.  We started to snap photos even though we have not reached the restaurant my Dear Alyssa was also posing for pics to be taken too!  She sure know how to choose and get nice background! 

Museo was at level 2 we were shown to our seats it was a nice comfy seats more like a day bed kind I love it but is inconvenient to climb in and out to get food from the buffet counter.  Food selection was quite ok .... and my dear Alyssa love the roasted pork best!  And I am surprised she actually asked Evelyn to help her get clams and she ate it too!  

Tea was free flow and I actually ordered it for all way before I queue for food .... the waiter even wrote it down!  And is close to an hour when our drink was served ..... 

After our meal ..... we each order another tea again .... sipping the tea and enjoying the scenery outside so nice ... especially with close friends chit chatting and even some photo taking,  My dear Alyssa enjoying herself too and had 3 cups of steam milk!

Check out my friends posting for more photos! http://milkfrost.blogspot.sg/2013/05/museo-quayside-isle.html and http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/05/hi-tea-at-museo-quayside-isle-sentosa.html


Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way 
Sentosa Cove 
Singapore 098375
Tel: 6734 8066

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday - 25 May 2013

Do a brisk walking to Joo Chiat for Hokkien Prawn Mee with cousins ..... we often meet and eat together!  But most of them opt for Punggol and Seng Kang flats next time dunno how to meet up in the morning.  Baby Ryder was with us too .... he is getting more handsome with his killing big eyes!

In the evening we went over to Jordan and Nicole's love nest .... after 4 years they move in finally we were there for a gathering.  They have ordered food from 金枕头 and beside the curry bread they have other food as well so they ordered another bee hoon to go along plus some other food bought from Old Airport Hawker since their place so near. 

We bought some otah from Lee Wee & Brothers while Jordan and Coco bought satay so is kinda overdose hahaha.  For the curry bread I quite like the bread very old school type as for curry I feel that not really that nice but overall still ok ... their bee hoon was good but we were quite full and didn't eat much of it. 

Alyssa was so happy cos she could play with Caleb and both of them play till so happy and both of them dun feel tired ... we left their place at around 1+am and both of them still very energetic!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday - 24 May 2013

We have prayers every Vesak day this year as well .... so after we do the prayers we headed over to NUH to visit my friend - Thomas ... he suffered a mild stroke and looking at him he is doing quite well ... he said that his blood pressure shoot up to 200+ and he realise something is not right and even wanna go hospital himself.  Very brave!  And just about to go out of house he dun have much strength so he call ambulance himself and admitted.  Glad that he is ok now and was recovering very well!

Since we are in the west I asked Goh to go over Star Vista cos we have never been to that place before.  So we walked around and decided to go 中环 for lunch. 

Alyssa choosen Wantan Noodle soup ($6.50), Goh ordered his favourite Beef Noodle ($6.00) and I go for their 鱼蛋河粉 ($4.50).  Beside that I ordered some side dish to go along too .... fried fish skin ($3), HK Chee Cheong Fun ($4) and 油菜 ($6).

Food was good compare to the last we had ..... they have change the concept which I quite like it .... Thumbs up for the change will go and dine again soon!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Monday - Thursday - 20 May 13 - 23 May 13


Goh and I promised to go over to chalet again to help Davis and Pauline to finish some left over BBQ food so Goh picked me up at Whitesands and go over.  Chit chatting and munching all the way till around 10pm and we headed back home.  Not so bad have a little chill out session with some BBQ food yummy!


Goh and I went for brisk walking ..... and we ended at Paya Lebar Singpost at the same time we dropped off some mails back to Singpost.  I still received letters for the previous owner (Han & Gina) for me I will always keep for them and give them a ring asked them to collect it.  But I have tried sms them and email they just didn't to reply me.  So I just didn't bother keeping the letters for them i just send back to Singpost.... there were letters from Acra, bank and even their maid's letter!!!  Tell me what will you do with all the letters?  Keep it or will send as returned mail?

Since we were there we had our dinner there too .... Goh's meal was a great buy .. one soup, one veggie and one meat from the doubled boiled soup stall costing only about $5! Real good deal!


Went Bedok Point to get a new pair of jogging shoes ... using my birthday vouchers from my gfs ....this year I bought something for myself.  Last year I used the vouchers to get kids some xmas presents heehee.  


Met up Sam, Angeline and Pauline for a K session ... is been awhile since we last sing ... thanks to Angeline for booking the place ... and is a K dinner session so we get to eat and sing.  But somehow the room is rather crampy and the table was quite high and feel so difficult to eat.  

As compare to Marina Square K dinner ..... cineleisure serve better food .....more variety!  We sang for around 4hrs and we all have fun ..... hope next time we can sing longer! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday - 19 May 2013

Head off to Nixon's 1st birthday at around 3+pm .... as I am there to help .... Pauline said that they have about 100 guests including all relatives.  Birthday bash was held at Aloha Loyang Pool Terrace 7.  Big place and the in front of the chalet was 2 jacuzzi and swimming pool.  

We helped to decorate the place after that is carrying the star around played with him till around 5+pm I went to start the fire for BBQ.  Not only BBQ they also cater food from Belly Good Catering now when you order their catering for more than $1200 you will get a free Nescafe Algeria Coffee maker!

Alyssa quickly change into her swim suit and head over for swimming as fast as she could haha this gal really love swimming thanks to Keng for looking after her when she is in the pool cos both Goh and myself didn't bring any swim suit over.  

Guests starting to came in at around 6+pm and we have already started BBQ-ing the chicken wings which might take a longer time compare to hotdog, otah, prawn and etc.  Davis even ordered and marinated lamb chop too! 

Food from caterer were good too ..... love the salad and best of all their utensils were so real just like real metal spoon, fork and porcelain plates.  Some of the guests still thinking where to place the use utensils after eating! 

Davis and Pauline hired a balloon sculptor to make balloon for all the children I am one of the ''children" too haha .... had a great time there .... and Pauline is a fan of Pine Garden so she ordered a 3 tier cake with Pororo characters on it.  Top tier is the refreshing Green Apple Martini, 2nd is Moscato Soursop and bottom is Mango Passionfruit. 

We all had a great fun there .... and the food that they prepared plus the catering food were almost finished at the end of the day!  Nice!  

Happy Birthday Nixon!  May you grow up tall tall and healthy always!