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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Backache again .....

After the NDP preview my back is already pain but not that serious ..... Sunday afternoon when I woke up my back is in great pain  is so painful ..... wanted to go to my in laws place for dinner but my backache is back and I am waiting for mei mei to finish tuition cos we wanna go out together she go back to her in laws plc ...

In the end, both of never go to our in laws place she called up hon hon and on the way pls packed us dinner hon hon bought Kim's hokkien mee for us ... thanks hon!   SZ mei loves the lard so much .... she ate alot but eat that little portion of mee .... and supper we have cripsy chicken wings and hashbrown she have gastrict lata on ...... mei mei remember what YZ say NO MORE OILY FOOD BEFORE BED! heehee

Monday morning when I woke up my back get worsen I can hardly stand straight and walk straight ..... went back home didnt do anything lying on my platform straight hoping that will ease the pain a little ..... I am so hungry and couldn't make my own dinner crying crying home alone is not easy ..... esp when I am preggie. 

My back have been giving me problem maybe due to my weight but I am not scare I can jolly well step into any GP for help to take any painkillers .... the doc at my plc here have very good medi I ate his medi and my pain just go away and I can stand straight already, amazing! hehehe but with the little one now I cannot anyhow take painkillers cos i dun wanna harm my baby I even dare not take panadol at all every night I will just put hot compress on my back .... but the pain just dun go away Please get well soon .... cos my dear dear is gonna be back on Saturday ....... cant wait to see you ..... 2 more days to go baby......

Sunday, 29 July 2007

NDP Preview 28/07/07

This is the 1st time NDP held at Marina, 1st time to watch with sz mei and 1st time to watch preview hahaha ... kinda suaku hor ..... i remember i went once with the school cos I am appointed as one of the student to be in charge of the flashcard ...... didnt enjoy it though .....

It was raiing heavily in the early afternoon and my dad is nagging says that raining you still wanna go lah .... wait floor wet lah .... hahah papa i know how to take care of myself and SZ mei is there with me so no scare!

We met around 4.45pm and took a train down to cityhall there are so many ppl heading toward marina.  The clearance is a bit slow but all in all we waited maybe ard 7-10mins have to climb up about 3 or 4 storey to reach our seats ...... hahaha kinda of tedious for me leh ..... weather in the evening is cooling and mei mei and I do enjoy ourselves.

 This year performance is as usual but they did a good introduction on our National Service which include the Navy, the airforce as well this year.  remember o watch the NDP 07 on 9th August!

We are able to catch a good location as the fireworks is so near to us ..... think tat is the most enjoyable time I ever have .... sorry dear dear you dun have a chance to go but let plan to go on 9th August to a place where we could catch fireworks ok?

After the event we have to make a big round to go into the Marina Square cos we wanna left pur goodies bag with YZ who is attending a function at Suntec City.  After "deposit" our bag to him we went to have our dinner at Food Republic and Hon came to join us so we do a little shopping at carrefour and headed to Oasis at 12am to have our supper 4 of us enjoy ourselves that we have a good laff at hon .. ok enough talking you can read and see more picture at mei mei's blog

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Growing well .......

Supplements so many to eat
25/07/07 - My monthly doctor appointment.  Kinda excited cos can see my precious again  can you all see the baby?

My husband is so excited kept on reminding me to let him know the result asap when I get out of the gynae's room hahaha ...... and cos of the position gynae say maybe is a girl heehee 

Have sign up with Dr Heng Tung Lan from East Shore Hospital paid $600.00 for the package and book for a triple test and NT scan lucky no need to pay in advance muhahahah if Not I will be broke .... cos I do have my thyroid appt today as well and spent a total of $725.00 today ....

Ok back to my precious one weighing 88grams measure at 7.98cm ... baby is growing wel but I still have weight lost .... dunno why ..... hmmmm anyway as long baby is healthy I will be glad and happy ...... I lose weight is a good sign hor?

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

24/07/07 Tuesday

Lately, I feel that my job is getting harder not because of the work just that the people giving us a hard time ... just because of one "Mother Teresa" in my ofc .... let u all gues who this person is hahaha ...... sometimes I think maybe becos of my hormones changes so ha ha a bit mood swing ..... hmmmmm  anyway I dun feel good like last time happily go ofc to work ... I feel more like dragging myself.  And I just feel that people in our organisation just dun appreciate what we have done just like to take advantage of us paying such pathetic pay and lotsa work to do sigh .....  

Well shall stop talking about my work if not will affect my precious one growing muahahah ..... today as usual, day without dear dear around........ Norman kindly help me buy dinner so I dun have to cook ... and to be frank I really dunno what to eat thanks Norman for the offer of helping me to buy Spicy Chicken Spagetti from Aston ..... kinda oily taste is just fine for me :)  shall update you with more things ........

Monday, 23 July 2007

Names for baby

Which one will you choose .... 1st five is for girls ...... the other five is for boy.






Alwyn (boy)





Hi all my frds ... hehehe just wondering now what name should I give to my little precious one ... although I didn't know the gender but I am starting to think of names for them ... maybe you all would like to help me heehee tell me which one is nice .....


Supposed to be a busy day have to attend a malay relative's wedding with my parents in the morning, attend a BGM in CC and oso AGM for my company.  Only 1 thing is successfully done .... kekeke.  Didn't attend the wedding and my colleague call up and tell me that we need not attend the AGM (YEAH) cos is at 7pm ....... :(

REASON:  My dear dear is out of town :( he only get to know he be leaving only on Thursday such a short notice .......

He have planned to take leave on Wednesday so that he can accompany me to go for my monthly checkup he is so excited to see the baby see how much he/she have grown ..... too bad he can only read my blog to update on the progress.

Dear Dear do take care of yourself and I shall update you the progress on Wednesday .......

Monday, 16 July 2007

My Baobei!

1st scan on - 30/05/07 baby on 6 weeks
                                      2nd scan on 27/06/06 baby on 10 weeks

I always wanna blog about my pregnancy when I get to know there is a little one that I am gonna bring him/her to the world.  Out of 10 maybe 9 or 8 person will get morning sickness and maybe I am the 1 or 2 lucky one that I didnt get!

Thank God! Before I knew I am pregnant I have craving for MUG (Rootbeer) can you imagine I happily drinking it alone that time when my hubby is out of town. Falling asleep while watching tv, always feeling hungry, big appetite ....... these are all my symptoms ...most important symptom is that my tummy feel so painful like my period is coming that kind of crampy feeling.

1st scanning is only 6 weeks old so is only like a small dot so cant really see the baby yet but we can see the heartbeat flickering and gynae is making noise telling me that i put on weight 1.6kg!!! She ask me to loose some weight cos I am already a plus side mummy to be. 2nd scan we can see much more clearer can see the hands and legs and baby measure at 3.21cm ...... and this time round my gynae  was happy cos I lost weight! hahahaha I lost 3kg in all .... she say loosing weight is fine ... but I have worries that dunno whether my BAOBEI is growing well anot.

Next scan will be on 25/07/07 hope this time round I will be able to see the gender of my baby ...... so I can start buying baby stuffs for him/her ..... shall keep you all update when I finish my scan next week........ *pray* hope you are growing well ........

Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07

YES!!! I went! I went to his concert yesterday!!!! (14/07/07) So excited!

Is a Birthday gift from hubby ..... thanks BB love you heehee .....

Went to  Jacky's concert with Valerie too ..... she was at my place since afternoon and we have great chit chat session ....... thanks val for your gift!

We have a quick dinner at a nearby coffeeshop at my plc.  We took a cab to Indoor Stadium .... when we reach there WOW SO MANY PPL!!!!!   Following the crowd to take the escalator to find our entrance hahahahaha 3 of us so sua ku ....... ours is in the premier entrance which is just located at ground floor!
 Off we go to find our seats heehee ..... wanted to get some drinks but was so excited and we forgot all abt it ....... I was so thirsty so I suggested to go out to get some drinks and I was so angry cos I bougt mineral water and the person told me NO PLASTIC BOTTLES ALLOWED!  I was shocked cos I see ppl buying that in!   I was so angry that I scolded the person hahaha for his lousy checking of items! He is doing a checking bag procedures hahaha stupid man!

Jacky started off with his cantonese song 爱火花 ... he looks great and he danced well better that Leon Lai hahahah sorry Leon Lai Fans no offence...... he is already 46 .... years but he dun look like one .....
he sang so many songs but of cos some songs that we expected him to sing he did not .  Is kind of a special concert that he have this time round ..... is so personal ... he talk abt his family sang his song that is specially to his wife and daughters ...... to his frds whom had passed away like Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung etc.

he have a 30 mins play of a combine 雪狼湖 and 如果爱.... starting is fine cos am familiar with 雪狼湖 toward the end is a bit boring cos I dunno what song is he singing cos is Not familiar at all ....... kekeke so I went to the ladies ....

The main event is the singing ...... after the play he sang severals cantonese and mandarin song .... but he speak cantonese to us cos the crowd wanted him to speak cantonese and my poor hubby almost fall asleep while he is talking cos he dunno what is he talking abt heehee

He ended his concert with the song 祝福.  And here are so many fans running towards the front to give him support .... hehe I wanted to go too but there is too many ppl I scare cos I am not alone .... inside me there is my precious .... hehehe but I was so high that I dance and sway with the crowd and scream with them too hahahhaha now I have lost a bit of my voice but is worth it!! This is my 1st concert with my two precious hhahaha ......... so is kinda memorable to me ..... and if Jacky is gonna come again I want to see his concert again!!! 

***I will update his photo once Val send to me ... i never bring camera with me .... kinda regret and sorry for the poor image that I provide cos my lousy phone only 1.3pixel kekekeke

I know I am slow ....... heehee

Yes I know I am slow ... I am supposed to blog this last week ...... is already past 1 week ..... sorry ..... am too tired to blog ..... kekekeke

YES! is our "gang" Leader's wedding

Lester & Chane's Wedding - 07.07.07 very nice date ya?
They are the last couple to tie their knot in our gang heehee

Our table have 11 ppl ...... Ben & San, Wt & Lynn, Norman & Frances, SZ & YZ, Me & Mu and of cos the odd one is none other then our new member - DIDI aka hon hon .......

We enjoyed ourselves very much on that day esp we have a grp of fun ppl sitting together :)

Maybe is a hot date all the function room and ballroom of Holiday in Atrium are all fully occupied and there is a shortage of manpower and oso the aircon is not cold .... we were sweating ........ heehee

Hereby wish Lester & Chane a blissful marriage and quickly 做人成功 .

Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Is a Cobra!!!

Last Wednesday, my cousin Pauline told me over msn about this incident ..... I was like wow  small uncle so brave!!! Is a cobra leh!!!! And yes the one on top which i post is my small uncle (my hubby side) and  Pauline told me that the snake is making its way up to the 2nd storey of the shop house where Ah Ma is!!!

Wow luckily ah ma just went up .... and small aunt making her way down and notice that one bottle drop off and she found the snake near the stairs!  Immediately small uncle try to catch hold of the snake without knowing it is a poisonous although is small ......

He use a wooden pole to "cheat" the snake into a plastic bag that he got hold of ....... and what I heard from my MIL she say the snake give them numbers!!!! 8018 is the numbers but i dunno the sequence kekekeke and my FIL did strike!!!  And another uncle who is at their shop bought their shop number and he strike too!!!!

If only i know ...... hahaha i would have strike too ..... Pauline why u never mention to me abt the numbers hahahahahah

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Expensive lunch ......

Finally Old Airport Rd is reopened after several months of renovation.  My colleague and I went there yesterday to have our favourite Yong Tau Fu stall .... it is still at the same old location!  The lady selling yong tau fu still remember us as usual her friendliness makes me wanting to go back to her again ...... always have a big bowl of soup and chilli for us :) everything is the same still so nice ...... after having it I went to the curry puff stall next to it is call wang wang hahaha same same taste so nice and crispy!  Is very statisfying .... dun mind the cab fare that we pay for the journey...........   And today's lunch is also at Kallang Airport and I have the famous Whitley Prawn Mee but am disappointed its not nice ..... the aroma of prawn mee is gone :( , I did not finish the mee ...... so I went round to buy some other stuffs to keep safe by my side in case I am hungry ........ yesterday and today's lunch I spent about 30 dollars ahahaha ....... I never spend so much before jus for lunch ...... guess my appetite is getting bigger ........ pocket burning hole soon