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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sat & Sun - 29-30 Sept 2012

Lucky I can make it to Renzo's 1st birthday ... time really flies my little nephew turn 1!  After the party Dearie drove me to Yishun Sports Hall and my dear TT didn't join me cos she need to go for her Berries class.  

Today's match quite good .... a few matches that I wanna see hahaha ... still very hot here ... I am all sweaty but lucky I brought Gatsby cooling body wipes to keep me dry and clean!  Today tourney ended again at around 8+pm ..... tomorrow will be a last day ... hope it goes well!  My boss gave me a lift home and he will come fetch me again tomorrow morning stress!!!! 

My Boss came at about 8am and we reached sports hall like 820am ...... had breakfast there before strating work.  Last min my tournament head asked if my FIL can send 20 more chairs as today SSC official will come down to do the anti-doping. 

Lucky my FIL able to make it cos TT wet herself and I get my MIL to pack for her so that I can change her really make me busy! Jon make cheese cake over for us yummy ... so I left it at the buffet counter for others too!  

The Referees helped to entertained TT too hahahha ..... thanks to Alice for printing out some cartoons for her to color and kept her entertained.  I went to do a prize presentation and came back seeing she fell asleep on the table hahaha she really can sleep anywhere anytime ..... and the place so hot and noisy really take my hats off her!  Today event ended a bit later due to a special match which was done by electronics system overall everything went smoothly ...... 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Mon - Fri - 24-28 Sept 2012

                                             Heart pain to see her play alone with her soft toy brocolli

                                               I am surprise to see her drawing the music notes

This whole week is food over flowing hahaha ..... Terence came with durian snowskin mini for each of us ..... and Daniel Kim came with a big box of pear for us ...... Thomson pay for our mooncake we selected ..... Merly came with homemade mooncake ..... and I have won a box of mooncake from Orchard Hotel how to not be fat tell me! 

Hahaha ...... I myself still went to buy for my Uncle and my parents cos I have no time doing my own ..... TT gotta do up a scrap photo frame cos we won it when we do a spin after purchasing the mooncake.  And just nice I bought $5 goodie bag which include one i-weekly, oyster sauce, drink, biscuit and waffer.

Took half day leave to go collect the mooncake from Orchard Hotel thanks to Dearie whom drove me there and thanks to Mr Ng whom came with a box of Goodwood mooncake so I went back to office to collect it cos Sunday will be Mid-Autumn Festival.   Busy foodie week for me!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sat & Sun - 22 & 23 Sept 2012


Reached Yishun Sports Hall at around 1pm ..... is really hot here .... no aircon gonna be in like suana for the 2 weekend here!  Nice helper design which I suggested to my tournament head but read seems not suitable ..... white still looks better! 

Event ended at around 8+pm .... and I have to give a miss to Angeline's place cos I think by the time I get there most of them about to go home already.  Sorry girls!  Next time my place! :)  So I asked Mr Goh to make way to Pasir Ris with TT while one of my instructor offer me a ride to Pasir Ris. 

Eric's 2 sons birthday are close so he choose to have a chalet for them ..... lucky I am able to make it if not gonna pass him the present to him later.  Ate some bbq food and chit chatted for awhile ... after cutting of cake we make out move cos I need to wake up real early to go Yishun Sports Hall again. 


Woke up at 7+am, wash up and wake TT up cos she say she wanna go with me ..... so we took a cab there.  I have to be in charge of many things but lucky there are some students whom came for training as there will be another tournament organised by Spore Poly on November. 

TT was happy cos one of instructor's son came too and both of them can accompany each other.  Ernest was a very good boy he really take good care of  TT while I am away ..... and also to thanks to Sherman and Bernard for helping keeping a look out for these 2! haha .... today tourney went smoothly and ended at around 8+pm too.... really tired wonder can I endure not to fall asleep at work tomorrow!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Mon - Fri - 17-21 Sept 2012

Jay came with nice cakes for us ... yummy cheese cake really nice I will always bring back and share with my 2 baobei at home.  This week was super busy for me due to the upcoming tournament ..... suppose to meet up my multiply gfs on Saturday think will be hard cos the tourney might end late ..... and still have a friend's sons birthday on that day too at Costa Sand that one can go late so not too bad just dropped off the present can do. 

Lucky this week I have a part time National Squad Player whom came to work during their holiday ..... great to have him can help me in some work.  Thanks to some instructors whom came and give us some goodies ... really makes our busy day brighten up!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sat & Sun - 15 & 16 Sept 2012

When we are heading towards the carpark we saw a note pasted on a unit letter box ... hahaha can;t help it and took a pic .... look at the wording hahahah consult a DOOR! hahahahah this person must be damn mad till written wrongly really a laughing stock! 

After Berries we suppose to meet Weeli and Joey at Changi City Point .... but the place have change their parking procedures ... it use to be velet parking to be done at a open space but now they shifted everything down to the miserable one floor carpark causing all the jam and long Q.  

We are lucky that we are in in about 15mins wait but ...... going round the carpark for another 15mins we can't even find a parking lot!  Cos the velet parking was taking up all the space!  Lousy management!  So we decided to leave that place and I have called them to lodge a complaint!  And we paid $2.50 for nothing but to go around the place finding lot and is not easy to make turns cos all the velet cars were blocking the routes!

Head down to Changi Airport and end up at Gurney Drive for dinner again cos is the lesser Q we could find :P. Spent $30 we can let TT go for their canopy play at T1 so we took the sky train to T1 and let her go for a 1h fun .... and as for the 4 of us we went for coffee and chit chat .... when we are back TT was already sweating ... and had made a new friend!  Just nice they are also heading back to T3 so 2 of them happily holding hands and took pics together on the way ..... exchange FB account with the mum and we could exchange pics .... hahaha .... my little girl really sociable! 

On Sunday morning  ... I went over to have my hair rebond .... finally I made a decision to go back for rebonding cos I dun  think I can manage curl hair ... especially I am lazy type!  And my hair is totally gone cos too dry ..... after this rebond ... and hair grow long I will have to cut away cos of the dryness ..... whatever I do still so dry!  Hope my hair grow faster!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mon - Fri - 10 - 14 Sept 2011

Nothing much this week .... just make mooncake again for my colleagues .... and thank god Dearie's HTC is back ... send it for repair for unexpected shut off dunno what happen .... hope it will be good!  Good service from them pick up and drop back all from Ta Q Bin but still buying HP is really lucky or not lucky hahaha guess we are not that lucky when we get this phone! 

Thanks to YY for the Panda cupcake very nice and TT love the cream! 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday - 9 Sept 2012

Just nice when we go to Bedok Library .... MIL called and said that David had came with the cakes from little Ryder full month so Dearie walked back to get the cake before we leave Bedok.

Went back home to rest and came out again at around 6 to Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road they have booked a room there and order catering from Neo Garden.

We were a few that turned up early and we helped them to decorate the room ....nice place to cater so many people .... shall put in my list in future maybe I can book for other function!

Little Ryder look so handsome ...... love this boy and Nixon very much!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday - 8 Sept 2012

Happened to see Dearie's back when he took off his shirt .... hahaha he got a shocked too ..... he asked me is massage or 刮沙..... maybe is a good thing?  What you all think?

After sending TT to Berries, Dearie drove me to Simei Phoon Huat to get some ingredients for making mooncake.  So I bought 2 paste, flour and the mold back.  So after picking up TT we headed home and try out again in case my memory fail me again.  

I let TT help out in making the mooncake and she love doing all these with me!  Great bonding time .... but Dearie say she is already a medical plaster to me ..... the bonding time is to make it more strongly pasted on me whahaha 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday - 7 Sept 2012

Woke up around 8am Indonesia time to have breakfast ..... Dearie told me that he was watching Invisible Tales the room phone rang!!! hahahaha ..... he say he dare not pick it up!  And around 5+-6+am ..... next few doors Korean students were knocking their friends door loudly and they are talking loudly too!  Dearie nearly went out to ask them lower their voice!

Feedback about the new wing that we stayed ..... one word LOUSY!  Hahahaa cos the aircon was not strong and first time sleeping in resort/hotel my Mr Goh didn't cover himself with blanket!  Breakfast spread was good but I have lousy partner to eat with cos he ate very little for breakfast and seems like no fun to eat with him for breakfast whahahaha

Really a short get-away .... hahah not enough!!! wanna go back for more .... we left Batam at around 2 and reached SG at around 3pm had a late lunch at Harbourfront and go back home asap cos I had a date with PY.

PY came over to Eunos to meet me and Dearie drove us to Ubi for a moon cake making class .... TT was left home alone .... she said that she will be fine to be alone for awhile.  So off we go ... lucky we are together cos the place seems ulu at night .... so quiet and the building dun have guard at all.  The place that we went is Scoopy's & Cream at Vertex building.  We were the 3rd group to arrive and in about 10mins of waiting the organiser decided to start we bought the deal at deal.com.sg and is a 2hr session.

hmmmmm now I know how to make the mooncake ... is really easy!  After the lesson ... Dearie came back to fetch us and we headed over to Lavender Food Court to meet SL for dinner cum supper.  I bought the Prawn mee while PY and Dearie share the frog leg porridge cos both SL and myself dun eat that!