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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saturday - 17 April 10

1st half of the day started with groceries shopping at PP with my 2 baobei ..... hahah cos I am going out with Shi Shi later to watch Mayday concert!

There are 2 concert held at National Stadium and Indoor Stadium respectively ... Mayday concert originally is held at Padang with 90% tickets sold concert organizer decided to shift the venue to National Stadium bigger space!

Today is also the opening of the circle line so I took the line to meet Shi Shi and she make took the line too from Bishan to National Stadium took only 20mins!  We went over to Leisure Park wanted to have our dinner but the place is damn pack!  Hahaha everywhere is long Q so we went up to the food court choose the shortest Q and pack out to have our dinner.  Set along at the station there to have our dinner.

After our dinner we are so excited to head to National Stadium.  Coordination work there is really chaotic .... we are asked to walk over to Gate 1 from Gate 2 saying that we should be entering from there but when we are at Gate 1 they asked us to go back to Gate 2! Arghhhhhh we are so pissed cos by the time we get to Gate 2 there is a long long Q!

Concert start only at 830pm everyone is so high when the concert start is quite an experience to us cos 1st time being outdoor to watch a concert.  I dun have good camera that's why my photos are not very well taken. 

Whole concert ends at 11.40pm with very nice fireworks up in the sky!  Most of the fans still refuse to leave as we think there is still encore session but no more!  Kinda sad cos the whole concert seems very short compare to last year and there are so many songs they didn't sing!  Disappointed but thumbs up for the concert is very nice especially the transformer very nice!

Thanks to Kean and Charmayne came picking us up ad we headed for supper and YongHe ... havent been to this place since it moved from Geylang Lor 9.  Food is still good .... will come back for more but I prefer Rochor Tao Huay than theirs.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mon - Fri - 12 - 16 Apr 10

Lately I am so busy with work .. seems like everything is lumped together and squeeze it in .... one and another tournament coming up!

These few days lucky we need not do Inter-School tournament registration if not I think we will go nuts.  Seriously now I think we are really short of manpower but then again I dun think they will wanna hire anyone now.

 Beside the tournament we still need to help out in our upcoming D&D held in 19 June .... wow really no time to snake or do any other things and that explain why I am always so backdated in updating my blog .....

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday - 11 April 10

Sandy came over to our place to meet us and we headed to Corrine and Leon's house to celebrate their Prince - James Lye's 1st Birthday!

Leon & Rin married in 2003 and they tried many years to conceive ..... in 2009 Rin smoothly deliver Baby James!  And time passes so fast Baby James is 1 year old ... it feels like I just attended his 1st month!

James looks so much like Leon hahaha and James look handsome and cute hmmmm now I hope if I have number 2 I want a BOY!  So I can close shop! *LOL*

Spend sometime with them and chit chat but Rin & Leon so busy with their relatives so we just hanged around and headed to Vivo after that.  Wanted to meet up with my buddy Steven but he is so busy with his schedule and can't meet us.

We stayed at Vivo for awhile as my princess is so happy playing in the playground while Sandy and I sit down to chat. 

Arrange a meet up with Beno and we headed to airport as usual TT very happy cos is a big space for her to run around.  Meet Beno at 店小二 he wanna try the food here ... ordered a few dishes I like best is the french bean the rest to me is so so only.

Thanks to Beno who gave us a treat.... walk around airport and went McCafe for a drink and chit chat.  Headed back home only at around 10pm .... tired day!

Saturday - 10 April 10

Stay at home watch our TVB series till 5+6pm and headed to Bishan to visit Ah Ma.  And we have dated almost all cousins to be there and we could head for dinner and chit chatting session.

Ah Ma looks better and can chat with us .... around 7+pm we went dinner together.  Small Uncle & Small Auntie say wanna bring Ah Ma out for dinner so all of us headed together to eat with Ah Ma too.

Small Aunt & Uncle ordered so much food ..... but we do have a great time eating together and chit chat.  And of cos our 2 princess - TT & Nat Nat bring so much joy to us during the dinner.  Hope we can have more of these outing in future!  Thanks to Small Aunt & Uncle for the dinner treat!

Thursday & Friday - 8 & 9 Apr 2010

On Thursday I went over to visit Mama after work Dearie and TT came later .... Mama looking good and we all nag at her to do exercise and no more oily food for her.  But somehow is really hard if you are a person who is 重口味!

But well just hope that she will change her eating habit!  Mama as usual once she see TT she is very happy ...... TT always so sweet to make her grandma smile!

On Friday I cook porridge again and eat at home usually my PT maid come we will try to be at home.  Charmayne and Kean came over to send their ROM invites .... time really flies ... they are ROM soon .....

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wednesday - 7 April 10

Hurray!  A good news for me in the morning ... Mama can be discharge ... her MRI report seems to be a good one!  *phew* really very stress up when I see her like that.

Now have to really urge her to do some exercise and also to go for acupuncture we never insists last time cos we scare we make her angry and it will lead to stroke again so we go slow!

Didn't go visit Mama at home today cos I am very busy at work ... lately we have so much to do really no time to do anything else at all.

I dun have time for anymore FB games like I used to do ... sometime I dun even have time to click on some games.  Last time I use to open the browser and I will sound the horn for mousehunt play some clicking game while at work this time no time to play anymore piles of work is covering my table top again ..... dunno when will I see my table top again .....

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tuesday - 6 April 10 (part 2)

After we left TTSH I bring Papa for dinner ... my poor Papa have been busy almost everyday cos he have to work, take care of my mum and also my nephews.  Sometimes he just eat bread to sustain a meal cos he is very busy.

I brought him to Cafe De HongKong for dinner .... and he like the Seafood Ee Mee ... and we are discussing about Mama condition.  During CNY we have meal there and the food we had is not so nice guess that big crowd really makes the food standard drop.

Send Papa home then we head to Bedok to pick TT up .... my poor gal ... was so happy to see us cos she thought she will be "camping" overnight at my in law house.

Tuesday - 6 April 10

Told my GM I will be going to office late cos I need to go over to TT's playgroup school to take a look at the boy and if his parents is here I can also apologise of what she have done to their children.

So I asked Dearie to go ahead with his work while I can take my time to bring TT to my in law place.  Now my girl is a big girl she choose what to wear *LOL* can't help laughing when she is choosing it!

When I reached her school .... MIL told me which boy is the victim ... I saw his cheek still have teeth mark on!  Poor boy!  And I make TT apologise to the Teacher too.... just when I am about to leave her school Papa called say Mum is in TTSH.

He told me that she got fits ...... I was so shocked I can't leave office cos Jolene is on leave and I have to be in office.  After work then I make my trip down to see her ... knowing that she is better after that.  Doctor say she will get another stroke if we send her in later ... and lucky my maid open the toilet door to see her after she heard Mama flushing.

Papa told me my maid cry so loud and was shocked to see my Mama turn blue like smurf!  Maid told me about the incident in the morning .... can see her face is still in shocked!  Really thank god that she is ok .... please get well soon!

Monday - 5 Apr 10

MIL called me up and tell me that this little baby of mine bite her friend during her playgroup time!

OMG ..... she so nottie to bite .... all along I thought she bite a girl.  But my MIL say no she bite a boy an Indian boy!  I was so shocked!

Dearie came back and after he took his bath .... he came out with a cane .... asking what actually happen .... after some interrogate she say that that boy push her!  hmmmmm well is wrong to push TT but TT is also in the wrong of biting him!  TT was punished by Teacher to stand in one corner ... she told the teacher that "I go home tell Ah Ma!" *faintz*

Dearie give a good whacking and also to tell her what she did is wrong explaining to her hope she could absorb it!

Good news today Ah Ma is being discharge today! *YIPPIE* so happy hope she get well soon!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Sunday - 4 April 2010

Went PP for walk before meeting my in laws for dinner .... arghhhh cant resist the temptation of KOI bubble tea head to get 2 cups!  Not cheap but is really nice and the Q is forever long!
TT is taking her nap while we enjoying our bubble tea sitting down to chit chat.

At around 6pm we went over to East Coast Tung Lok for buffet dinner .... Sis GLC is the boss today cos she got a promotion!  Congrats Sis!  Is ala carte buffet ... so we can order what we like .... Braised Pumpkin Bisque with Shark's Fin and Crab Meat, Chilli Crab and Poached Prawns is limited to one serving per person.

The rest of 39 dishes from the menu you can order as many as you can... Dinner Ala Carte Seafood Buffet cost only $34.80++ per pax.  I will wanna go back there again to try their dim sum during lunch time.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Saturday - 3 April 2010

Went to visit Ah Ma and headed to Coco's house she is preparing German cuisine for us today.  Preparation is almost done when I reached just left with the potato dough hmmm I guess it will be good to add in some onion and fried it but again is German style so I shall try it!  She boiled the potatoes and in minutes ...... ta da ...... nice dough is done!

We chit chat over the meal .... potato dough is good and not forgetting the sausages and beer!  Is a nice Saturday evening chit chatting with friends .... catching up ... TT enjoyed herself too having sausages.

So Coco go learn more and cook for us again thanks for the dinner it really make our day!

Monday - Friday - 29 Mar - 2 April 2010

Didn't have much to update ... just that my Dearie work at 5am this week and will reach home at 3pm.  These days he have been sleeping early which I feel personally is a good thing he always play FB till late hrs then he sleep.

Sometimes is not that I dun let him play but he have to drive so I dun want him to be so tired tats why I always nag at him to sleep early.  We have been going back to my in law place for dinner cos we have to pick up TT.

On Friday - Good Friday I went over to market to buy some vegetable and YTF wanna cook for dinner and just nice Parents came over so I cook dinner and we had meal together.  TT of cos with ppl around she doesnt wanna sleep so she sleep pretty early compare to some other days.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sunday - 28 Mar 2010

Woke up early and go over to the market side to help out on the Ministerial Community Visit 2010 Guest of Honour is Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister, Prime Minister's Office, 2nd Minister for Finance and 2nd Minister for Transport. 

I helped out at the stage area .... assisting Garen as for TT she is still sound asleep with Dearie at home.  For Dearie he will be attending a dialogue session our Senior Minister - Mr Goh Chok Tong,  Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and together with several MPs from Marine Parade GRC.  So before he go over to CC he bring TT over so that she can be with me cos she will be very noisy if she is at the session.

After the market programme end we went over to CC cos there will be a meeting after the dialogue session.  Kinda tired cos for many weeks I have been sleeping till 12+ 1pm *LOL*  but is fun!

Met up with Hongyao and Mica for dinner at Mecure .... wanna redeem my cake but in the end I never cos there is a voucher need to present to them but I dun remember where I place it!  Had a great dinner with them catching up Mica came over I think for 1 mth+ already we have no time to meet up till now.

We are all so full and of cos tired ... headed home straight after the meal *yawnz*