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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wednesday - 7 April 10

Hurray!  A good news for me in the morning ... Mama can be discharge ... her MRI report seems to be a good one!  *phew* really very stress up when I see her like that.

Now have to really urge her to do some exercise and also to go for acupuncture we never insists last time cos we scare we make her angry and it will lead to stroke again so we go slow!

Didn't go visit Mama at home today cos I am very busy at work ... lately we have so much to do really no time to do anything else at all.

I dun have time for anymore FB games like I used to do ... sometime I dun even have time to click on some games.  Last time I use to open the browser and I will sound the horn for mousehunt play some clicking game while at work this time no time to play anymore piles of work is covering my table top again ..... dunno when will I see my table top again .....

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