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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tuesday - 6 April 10

Told my GM I will be going to office late cos I need to go over to TT's playgroup school to take a look at the boy and if his parents is here I can also apologise of what she have done to their children.

So I asked Dearie to go ahead with his work while I can take my time to bring TT to my in law place.  Now my girl is a big girl she choose what to wear *LOL* can't help laughing when she is choosing it!

When I reached her school .... MIL told me which boy is the victim ... I saw his cheek still have teeth mark on!  Poor boy!  And I make TT apologise to the Teacher too.... just when I am about to leave her school Papa called say Mum is in TTSH.

He told me that she got fits ...... I was so shocked I can't leave office cos Jolene is on leave and I have to be in office.  After work then I make my trip down to see her ... knowing that she is better after that.  Doctor say she will get another stroke if we send her in later ... and lucky my maid open the toilet door to see her after she heard Mama flushing.

Papa told me my maid cry so loud and was shocked to see my Mama turn blue like smurf!  Maid told me about the incident in the morning .... can see her face is still in shocked!  Really thank god that she is ok .... please get well soon!