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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saturday - 17 April 10

1st half of the day started with groceries shopping at PP with my 2 baobei ..... hahah cos I am going out with Shi Shi later to watch Mayday concert!

There are 2 concert held at National Stadium and Indoor Stadium respectively ... Mayday concert originally is held at Padang with 90% tickets sold concert organizer decided to shift the venue to National Stadium bigger space!

Today is also the opening of the circle line so I took the line to meet Shi Shi and she make took the line too from Bishan to National Stadium took only 20mins!  We went over to Leisure Park wanted to have our dinner but the place is damn pack!  Hahaha everywhere is long Q so we went up to the food court choose the shortest Q and pack out to have our dinner.  Set along at the station there to have our dinner.

After our dinner we are so excited to head to National Stadium.  Coordination work there is really chaotic .... we are asked to walk over to Gate 1 from Gate 2 saying that we should be entering from there but when we are at Gate 1 they asked us to go back to Gate 2! Arghhhhhh we are so pissed cos by the time we get to Gate 2 there is a long long Q!

Concert start only at 830pm everyone is so high when the concert start is quite an experience to us cos 1st time being outdoor to watch a concert.  I dun have good camera that's why my photos are not very well taken. 

Whole concert ends at 11.40pm with very nice fireworks up in the sky!  Most of the fans still refuse to leave as we think there is still encore session but no more!  Kinda sad cos the whole concert seems very short compare to last year and there are so many songs they didn't sing!  Disappointed but thumbs up for the concert is very nice especially the transformer very nice!

Thanks to Kean and Charmayne came picking us up ad we headed for supper and YongHe ... havent been to this place since it moved from Geylang Lor 9.  Food is still good .... will come back for more but I prefer Rochor Tao Huay than theirs.

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