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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Monday - 5 Apr 10

MIL called me up and tell me that this little baby of mine bite her friend during her playgroup time!

OMG ..... she so nottie to bite .... all along I thought she bite a girl.  But my MIL say no she bite a boy an Indian boy!  I was so shocked!

Dearie came back and after he took his bath .... he came out with a cane .... asking what actually happen .... after some interrogate she say that that boy push her!  hmmmmm well is wrong to push TT but TT is also in the wrong of biting him!  TT was punished by Teacher to stand in one corner ... she told the teacher that "I go home tell Ah Ma!" *faintz*

Dearie give a good whacking and also to tell her what she did is wrong explaining to her hope she could absorb it!

Good news today Ah Ma is being discharge today! *YIPPIE* so happy hope she get well soon!


  1. heee...

    but yeah have to discipline if not next time grow up harder liao..

  2. i see her kena punish a bit heart pain but no choice TT!!

  3. kids nowadays so smart.. they noe who dotes n give in to them the most.. jayden oso like tat... whenever we scold him n my sis ard.. he will go hug my sis like kaola bear haiz..

  4. that cry pic very funny loh LOL

  5. gotta teach now if not become ah lian next time!

  6. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its true i dont disagree, but the way u put it out so farnie lah!!

    i'll tell this to shayna next time "DONT BE AN AH LIAN!!"


  7. I think it is also impt to teach the child self defence... like in this case, instead of telling the child to go tell the teacher instead of bitting the boy (our parents like to tell us this).. perhap its good to educate the child to reason it out with the boy like ask the boy "why u push me".... I dun know if its good but I guess it will give the child some explaination like why "I cannot do this when I am being bullied"

  8. yeah.... u can defend if u are being bullied (there and then) but not take revenge...

  9. hey it's good of u to do that. many parents will push the blame to the other kid or other parents or to the teacher.

    way to go girl. it's alot harder to discipline and say no to our child. but it's the right thing to do.

  10. the classmate parents how? ok?

    Davion was bitten two times le hehehe the teacher told me..but i kept quiet...cos davion kena complaint before for hitting his classmates with toy and water bottle hehehe

    i sure he will reatalie...who knows the boy who bit him turns out to be victim hehehe

  11. i think puroland is right we should not jump to conclusion so easily like what Drex did...ask and check with them what actually happen...
    but a pity Davion cant talk well yet.. hehehe

    but he able to tell me who bite him hahaha

  12. cry until so chum... sayang sayang