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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Monday - Friday - 29 Mar - 2 April 2010

Didn't have much to update ... just that my Dearie work at 5am this week and will reach home at 3pm.  These days he have been sleeping early which I feel personally is a good thing he always play FB till late hrs then he sleep.

Sometimes is not that I dun let him play but he have to drive so I dun want him to be so tired tats why I always nag at him to sleep early.  We have been going back to my in law place for dinner cos we have to pick up TT.

On Friday - Good Friday I went over to market to buy some vegetable and YTF wanna cook for dinner and just nice Parents came over so I cook dinner and we had meal together.  TT of cos with ppl around she doesnt wanna sleep so she sleep pretty early compare to some other days.


  1. same here..

    sean sleeps at 1am the earliest then wakes up at 6am to go to work... then sometimes he tell me he fall asleep at the wheeel... make me so worried lo.

  2. Sandra my hubby sleep like 3+ work up at 7+ ... sigh .... bth him .... nagging at him is for his own good loh. It really worries us perhaps they dun understand