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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday - 31 Jul 2011

Is 1st day of the seventh month again ...... time really passes very fast ..... as usual we make some offering at our blk downstair and we went over to Small Uncle shop at Bishan.

Is an annual "gathering" for all of us ... helping out in the offerings and of cos help to finish up the food.  This year I never pack back any food cos my MIL also doing the offering so we headed back to Bedok to have dinner. 

After the dinner we quickly make our way back home early cos old people always want us to be back as early as possible cos of the young ones.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday - 30 Jul 2011

                                                     TT drew this nice anot? Is a Pig!

Today TT learn the the letter I so the craft work is doing Red Indian head dress ..... hahah really cute!  Helped TT in pasting some feathers on the cardboard and helped her to put on. 

Teacher even have costume for them ... my dear girl was so happy playing with her friends with the costume on! 

After her class we went back for rest ... Dearie will bring TT over for Berries while I make my way to PS to meet my gfs to catch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.  Is the final adventure of the show the battle between the good and evil forces!  We opt for a 3D show ..... not too bad but we miss out a few minutes in the starting!  Now I am waiting for the release of the whole set of DVD i wanna keep a set!

After the show we went over to Pu Tien City Square Mall for dinner..... we are being directed to a big table near to 2 groups of PRC they were so LOUD talking and laughing away ..... we have to shout during our conversation.  We have asked the Captain to help to ask them lower down their voices! Really horrible!

Thanks to Weeli for the lovely gifts for us especially TT's present ...... and thanks to Joey for the gift too!  My little piglet really blessed with all of you showering her with love!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Mon - Fri - 25 Jul - 29 Jul 11

Mon - Thur

Nothing much to update just that very busy .... and I dun feel well too .... sick + super busy = tired .... no choice but to clear all my work before Monday.

On Friday I took leave cos my SIL GLC's graduation and my in laws attending her convocation.  So I have to bring my TT to school and also help to babysit Alfred too .......whole morning till noon I am lazing at my in law's place.

So coincidence GSS also graduate today ..... GLC in the morning and hers in the afternoon so thy have arranged to have lunch together.

My in laws came back around 2+pm and after I pick Arthur up from school my MIL drove TT and I back home.   Started to pack up the house and wait for my helper to come ..... we headed to T3 to have dinner with Han & Gina ..... long time didn't catch up with them.... and great to see Abel too had a great time spend with them !

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday - 24 Jul 11

Woke up a bit late so we reached CC only at around 12+pm .... today is our YEC BGM ..... this term  Dearie officially step down cos he hit 35 as for me I stepped down together with him.

Today he went over to help out as a presiding Chairman and as for me .... I am the photographer for the day.  I also join  in to play the games hahaha wii game is the best and I got 2nd placing for the bowling competition *LOL*

After the event we went back in law's place to have dinner ..... MIL cooked alot of dishes today and she even try out new recipe that she learned from Channel U.  Yummy .... love home cook food ......

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday - 23 July 2011

Today after Tumbletots we went over to Lion City Hotel for our lunch ... wanted to have their ala carte claypot rice but today they only serve peranakan buffet so we just settle it there since they gonna make way soon and no more Lion City Cafe anymore.

Food is not bad at least I found authentic po po cha cha ...... Dearie commented their nasi lemak tasted good!  It cost $15.80 per pax and TT is free!  First time I see Dearie eat so much for lunch usually he will not eat so much.

Rested for awhile we went to Berries ..... TT skipped her usual nap and told us she will nap later after her Berries when we are on the way to SL's place.

TT really took her power nap in the car and when we reached SL's place she woke up and play with Xian and Hao.  As usual the 3 musketeers play so wild!!!

PY made a few snacks while I bought some food from Old Chang Kee we all didn't have dinner just snack and beer!  I brought 12 bottles of Hoegaarden and a bottle of white wine, SL prepared 15 or more Tiger Crystal, red wine, Coco brought red wine and hard liquor and Hazel brought 2 bottles of red wine too.  WOW is really WOW!  We are early birds and started to drink ....

We celebrated Coco's birthday in advance too cos she will be away during her BD hope she enjoy and love it!

Tiger Crystal is really nice ... suits ladies drinker ..... starting to love Tiger again!  We all had fun chatting and drinking ..... and we even make Ricky to have a rehearsal of gate crashing before his wedding.  We all had fun and it all ended at around 2+am .... Penny lets have one when you are back we miss you!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Mon - Fri - 18 Jul - 22 Jul 2011


TT camped at MIL place os we have a RC meeting to attend ..... meeting ended at 9+pm went back home to rest and also to catch our TVB series .... 怒火街头 love Kevin Cheng acting in here ..... something different from what he acted last time!   Hope to see more of his show more often!


Suppose to go for last shooting today at studio but they called and said that it need to be change again ..... oh well then is headed back home with 2 packets of Punggol Nasi Lemak is been a long time since we have this for dinner cos we find it too costly but once awhile indulgence is quite ok.  A bit disappointed cos it standard drop not so nice anymore usually if too long we dun have it when u eat it we will have the "WOW" feeling but this time we dun have any at all. :(

On Wednesday I was told that my studio shooting will be at 530pm so I told my boss I will have to leave early.  But after that I received a sms saying that my shooting was push backwards .... it was change to 745pm so I took my own sweet time and reached Riverside Point at 730pm.

I was lead to a room and do my make up and hair styling ..... after awhile 2 other experts came over to do their make up too.  We are given a scripts to guide us as for me I can ask whatever i wanna ask.

Our shooting start only at 9+pm ..... Dearie and TT arrived way before the shooting start so they waited at the control room and was able to watch whats going on in the other recording room.  The recording room was freaking cold ..... my feet was so cold and still have to stay cool no camera shy!

Whole recording ended only at 11+pm ... super tired and hungry ... thanks to my MIL pack for me some  dinner ...... and I only had it at 12+am .... an evening feel of being a star *LOL* not very nice to be haha ........

Thur & Fri
Nothing much to update just that we are busy doing up the grading result at work and normal routine life but super tired after the late night!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday - 17 Jul 11

Woke up at 8am (Indo time) and headed for our free breakfast..... breakfast spread is good ..... lotsa of food compare to the lunch we had yesterday. 

After our breakfast is swimming time again ..... we went for a dip for about an hour plus and went back to the hotel room to catch Toy Story ..... they play 1,2 and 3 in a row wow good one we all laze around and watch happily till 2pm we had a late check out.

After checking out we went to have a late lunch while waiting for the ferry time.... we took the 430pm ferry.  We reached SG at around 5+pm ...... we are super tired ... I think i am the most tired cos I got sun burnt again!  

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday - 16 Jul 11

Rise and shine at 615am sharp thanks to Weeli's morning call!  At 715am we are all ready to set off once again thanks to Joey's papa whom came picking us up and sending us over to Tanah Merah.  We are quite excited about this trip .... cos we bought it at $180 per couple from Shiokdeal inclusive of Ferry tics and we top up the deal with $50 for upgrading Riani Superior (more like attap house kind) to Tirta Premier (more zen).

9am we left Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal ..... quite packed at the Terminal today and strong waves made my fellow friends a bit giddy ...... and soon they all fell asleep lucky no one puke TT never too! *phew*

When the Ferry reached Nongsapura Ferry Terminal the sea is so calm so different from Singapore.  We are all very excited about it .... after custom clearance we are greeted by the Turi Beach Assistant helping us to book the Ferry back to SG for the next day and he lead us to the bus transfer.  Waited for a while before we could check into our room so we went exploring the resort, booking of Spa for all at 3pm and of cos taking pics!

We manage to check into 3 room as for another which is connected to mine need to wait till after lunch so while waiting we do up a pyramid look alike cake for Grace.  Celebrated her birthday for her and glad that she love the dresses we bought for her! 

Headed for lunch at around 12pm, lunch buffet is not that good but we saw ala carte one looks better ..... next time we shall see the spread before we decide a mistake made!  Our very first activities is SWIMMING!  TT' requested and she made a new friend - Charlotte .... beautiful girl a mix of ang moh and chinese!

Went back to wash up and head for our spa to our disappointment we cannot do the massage together .... *sigh* so our lesson learn going to Turi remember to go straight to the Spa shop to book a slot dun go to the reception even though they say you can book there.  We are all exasperated into 3 slot 3pax, 4pax and 2pax! 

After our massage is dinner time and we have made reservation for their BBQ dinner ..... food is good especially their satay!  Beside having dinner they have lucky draw and also live band too and we dedicate songs for the birthday girl!  Ping and hubby went for their massage and as for the rest of us we went back to wash up and prepare to drink and playing games.

Had a great time playing games and drinking with them ....... we all turn in only at around 1+pm ... super tired ,...... I didn't sleep well cos of their soft pillow not very use to it :( but my 2 baobei was already snoring away!