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Friday, 22 July 2011

Mon - Fri - 18 Jul - 22 Jul 2011


TT camped at MIL place os we have a RC meeting to attend ..... meeting ended at 9+pm went back home to rest and also to catch our TVB series .... 怒火街头 love Kevin Cheng acting in here ..... something different from what he acted last time!   Hope to see more of his show more often!


Suppose to go for last shooting today at studio but they called and said that it need to be change again ..... oh well then is headed back home with 2 packets of Punggol Nasi Lemak is been a long time since we have this for dinner cos we find it too costly but once awhile indulgence is quite ok.  A bit disappointed cos it standard drop not so nice anymore usually if too long we dun have it when u eat it we will have the "WOW" feeling but this time we dun have any at all. :(

On Wednesday I was told that my studio shooting will be at 530pm so I told my boss I will have to leave early.  But after that I received a sms saying that my shooting was push backwards .... it was change to 745pm so I took my own sweet time and reached Riverside Point at 730pm.

I was lead to a room and do my make up and hair styling ..... after awhile 2 other experts came over to do their make up too.  We are given a scripts to guide us as for me I can ask whatever i wanna ask.

Our shooting start only at 9+pm ..... Dearie and TT arrived way before the shooting start so they waited at the control room and was able to watch whats going on in the other recording room.  The recording room was freaking cold ..... my feet was so cold and still have to stay cool no camera shy!

Whole recording ended only at 11+pm ... super tired and hungry ... thanks to my MIL pack for me some  dinner ...... and I only had it at 12+am .... an evening feel of being a star *LOL* not very nice to be haha ........

Thur & Fri
Nothing much to update just that we are busy doing up the grading result at work and normal routine life but super tired after the late night!


  1. ya loh not easy ... I see the host steven chia ... his eyes so red and he finished together with us at 11+pm and he say that he need to wake up at 4am later for the morning news

  2. think he sleep at studio leh cos they supose to report for work ard 3am for 6am news.

  3. Sista, saw the segment yesterday! You look good! Except can see you are very nervous cos you keep blinking! Kekeke... but still very good! Well done! :)

  4. actually beside nervous ..... cos the lights quite glaring ... part of why i kept blinking hahahha