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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday - 10 Jul 11

Last time every Sunday if we have no programme we will sleep till 11+ 12pm the we will wake up but I told Dearie we must do something to it cannot be so lazy cos when we wake up almost half a day is gone and we do nothing!

We have tried several times to wake up early and today we are almost there we woke up at 10am and head to have breakfast ..... we went Bedok Point and since is 10+am when we reached there we decided to have brunch instead.

At level 4 there is one halal banquet so we just have our brunch there .... stalls there were not fully open guess that the location is quite bad.  Papa called and said that they wanna come over our place so we just make it snappy and went home.

Dearie & I take the opportunity to pack up our storeroom .... is really in a mess and we have actually packed up a few bags wanna donate it to Salvation Army and thanks to Mama whom pat TT to nap while we make our way to have the things donated.

Too tired to go over my in law place we just buy dinner from the coffeeshop .... thinking of eating out makes me double sian I really miss home cook food!

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