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Friday, 15 July 2011

Mon - Fri - 11 - 15 Jul 11

Nothing much to update on my Mon to Thurs the only thing is we have a grassroot event to go to ..... kinda boring to attend the seminar.  Lucky I am on leave on Friday! 

Poor Dearie have to work late on Thursday and he told me he dun even know what time can he come home.

On Friday morning  I woke up and found that Dearie still not back from work poor boy!  TT was at my in law's place so I make my way there cos there is a shooting to be done at her school.

Thanks to Mrs Lim (Principal of the playgroup) allowing the crew to do shooting and I have to a short "interview" with the Teacher wonder will it be shown........

Dearie came to look for us from his work at 10+am poor boy he look so tired ... after taking our lunch we went back straight and 3 of us totally knock out! 

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