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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday - 2 July 11

                                                  Our cute Camera man

Today there is no Tumbletots cos they have a road show going on at Vivocity ..... but we have shooting today.  Shooting for TT going to Berries but shooting only can be done at Berries at Bishan.  So Berries arrange TT to go for her lesson at 11.15am instead of her usual class so that she can go for the shooting at 2pm at Bishan.

Thanks for their great coordination!  The crew came over to Kembangan to meet us and do some shooting at the carpark and in the car when we are on the way to Bishan,  Not easy to do shoot in the car .... cannot turn on the aircon too high .... portable lights shine on us ..... really not easy!

After the short shooting at Berries they shoot us while we having our super late lunch and some shoot on our car ... and we are driving to and fro at Bishan area.

After we left Bishan we went over to Vivo to support Tumbletots road show .... had some games over at some other enrichment school booth.  She had fun ... and was sleeping when we are on the way home.

After we reached home TT was awake ... take a rest and head to Danson & Joyce wedding.  Their wedding was held at Grand Copthorne Waterfront very nice and grand place!  Food was so so .... nothing to rave about.... had so much time chit chatting with some of my sec friends who we have not met up.

Once again Happy Marriage to the lovely couple .... join parenthood soon!


  1. Yesterday I pop the qn to davion... do u like mr goh do u like tt??? He say nonono... u like mrs goh?? Yes!! I like mrs goh... hahaha

  2. i think if he knows the meaning of "hate", he'll say he hate mr goh.. lol

  3. haahahaha ... wow Davion like me!!! woo hooo