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Monday, 29 December 2008

Mon & Tues - 22, 23 Dec 08

22 Dec 08 (Mon) - Happy Birthday Huat!!!  Didn't ask you out cos this special day of yours you will be busy with someone heeehee ... hope you have an enjoyable birthday!

23 Dec 08 (Tues) Went to scout around gift for Huat ..... I was the 1st one whom reached PP so I have amber time to shop around and I was give a task to buy xmas gift for my mum as she need to give to some of her colleagues.

Thanks to Huijia whom came early too and help me look for xmas gifts ...... after all shopping Penny, Edwin and Huat came and we start shopping for food in Cold Storage.  We have party at their place so bought almost of the things from there.

Went Gao Ji for dinner and headed back to Penny's place for preparing some items for tomorrow party.  Help Huat in making the mango pudding ..... and we are back home only at around 12+am ...... after my shower I still have plenty of xmas gifts to wrapped ...... when I finished my last xmas gift wrapping is closed to 2am ...... gotta zzzzzzzz soon cos I need to work tomorrow as 1 other of my colleagues is off ...... and I will be alone ....

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sunday - 21 Dec 08

Dearie came back from RT at around 11am so off we go to Guang Yin Shan to pray to my grandparents together with my brother & his family.  Mama woke up early to buy some food that my Grandparents love when they are around. 

Isaac looks good now .... and he is as active as before ..... God please bless my nephew and my precious daughter in good health always! 

Reached home at around 2+pm and Dearie went to take a nap before we head for meeting and Clarice 1st month celebration.  Went for CC for meeting first then to see my beautiful niece - Clarice.  Gwen(Fabbie mei) looks good ...... so is baby Clarice very pretty with her dimples .... so cute!!!  Although is just 11 mths ago I carry newborn but somehow I feel that I lost touch of how to carry them *LOL* oh well maybe because TT is big when she is a newborn.

Went back my PIL's place for dinner ..... my MIL cook such a big bowl of curry ... I ate alot today cos the curry is very good!!!  YUMMY!!!!  Think I will put on weight again ....

Monday, 22 December 2008

Saturday - 20 Dec 08

Sam came to my place to meet up with me and off we go to West Coast to pick up Cheryl.  Reached Hazel's place at around 1+pm ..... wanted to see monkeys from the natural reserve but they are no where to be seen. *LOL*

Hazel's mum made popiah ..... and is yummy .... I love it ... but I didn't take much of it cos I scare I will be too full.  The only dish I didn't eat is Geok Ping's Ngoh Hiong .... sorry sweetie is not that 我不赏脸 is because I am halal .  But I have representative that is my Dearie hehehe he say is very nice!

TT look stone when she is there ..... she is unwell .... and only smile to people a bit not too much on her face this time round.  She is tired I guess after all the LS-ing.  Hazel have very nice xmas tree done up .... so I have TT sitting down to take a pic ..... but poor baby really lost weight see her chubby face now become sharp.

                                                          Nice xmas tree

We brought a gift each for the gift exchange for the day and nice getting to know a few more multiply friends from this gathering!  I got my 1st gift exchange present - Chocolate *LOL* oh I am getting fatter sooner if I feast on the chocolate which is hard to resist.

                                A nice group photo before we end the gathering .....

                                            A nice babies group photo too .....

Came back home at around 6+pm .... went over to my MIL shop to get mattress protector from her as ours ... my mama didn't hang out properly big wind blown away my protector together with the bamboo.  Dearie is puzzled as the bamboo and protector is no where to be found .... so he look out of the window from our bedroom and saw it was hanging on 16 floor corridor!!!  *phew* I am so afraid that it hit people .... lucky it did not ... taught mama how to slot in properly so next time it won't be blown away.

Tomorrow is 冬至 so mama brought the dough for the dumpling .... every year I have to buy the packet kind ... this year since mama and papa staying with us we will DIY!  Mama cook just nice not too sweet is yummy!  Dearie went out with his buddies for drinking as they are throwing a bachelor night for Alfred.  Waited for him till 3+am but he still not back yet .... so I just hit my pillow till 6+am mama came in and ask me to wake Dearie up as she have difficulties in waking him up *LOL*

Friday - 19 Dec 08

Jo brought a small mini log cake from 717 ..... is blueberry flavour ...... quite nice not too sweet and it cost only $10 for this mini log.

Brought TT to see another Doctor since she is not recovering at all.... poor baby Doctor said she can't have milk for 3 days.  But I still made some for her very very diluted kind ..... poor baby still hungry after drinking it, It pains me when I see she is crying hungrily.

Went shopping again in the evening while my PT Maid is at my place doing up the house, Papa & Mama went for wedding dinner so we dine out.  Picked up Papa & Mama at around 10.30pm cos if they were to come back on their own by bus .... they will only reached around 11+pm.  TT have car ride again but she is not active at all .... cos maybe of the medicine she takes make her drowsy.  Poor baby.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thursday - 18 Dec 08

Met Penny & Edwin at Parkway for a little shopping and off we went to look for Vicky whom is helping his friend in a Western food stall located at Kallang Bahru.

Dearie came over and look for us after his RT with TT.  I have chicken chop it comes with mushroom sauce which is yummy but is a bit oily .... overall is good .... the meat is crispy too.  Fish & chip so so only ... tar tar sauce is not too good..... they have a speciality - Beer Chop it uses beer to marinate the pork .... didnt taste that cos I am halal..... Dearie say it taste good but is quite small portion.

Chatted with them as we haven't meet up for weeks..... till when TT LS and it smudge out from her pampers.  Poor TT dun dare to move about cos she knew that if she do it will have more coming out *LOL* (sorry if you are eating while reading my blog). 

TT still feeling weak ..... never play with us much .... abit cranky poor baby ..... *hugz* get well soon baby!

Happy 11th month my sweetie pie and same to JY,

Monday - Wednesday - 15 - 17 Dec 08

Monday - I am super busy today cos is the last day submission no time to be on my desk .... cos whenever I try to sit back on my desk there is another coach walking in.  Work till 6+pm then I left the office.  Came back home and I am dead beat .... and still worrying TT cos she still look sian sian ......

Tuesday - Back to busy day again .... piles and piles of documents for me to clear on my table and is super duper messy!!!  Again work till 6+pm then went back home really very tired .... nothing much to update for  these 2 days.  Cos is boring all about work *LOL*
TT still having watery stools ....... still giving her the same medicine from East Shore *pray* hope she get well soon.

Wednesday - Went Parkway for Xmas's shopping ..... with Dearie and TT.  By the time we reached home is near to 10pm.  Mama kept on calling Papa whom will be back to their place to sleep as he need to work till late cos of the Meet the people session at their office.  So he decided to sleep there instead. 
Called him many times but he did not answer his call mama get worried cos few days ago Papa complain that he feel giddy.  Dearie and I went back their place to check it out ..... oh well Papa is already sleeping and his phone is kept inside the cupboard ...... Oh well just to let my Mama have peace of her mind......

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sunday - 14 Dec 08

*panda eyes* I GOT NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!!!!   I LS all the way .... and is very bad ..... TT is grouchy and cranky ...... want me to carry but I got no strength to carry her at all.

Thanks to Papa & Mama whom help me take care of her while Dearie went for his RT and is a rainy days which is cold and nice to sleep but I kept visiting the toilet!  Didn't really rest well ....Dearie came back washed up and went down to the clinic at our neighbourhood to help me register before I take my time to go down and meet him.

Lucky there is one more clinic willing to take me in although they are close thank god!  After taking the 1st dosage I feel much better.  Dearie went CC for a forum with SZ mei & YZ while TT & I continue to sleep.  Dearie came back and tell me that the buffet spread is good too bad I am not there *LOL* damn it LOL ... oh well I miss it but I gain some rest time underneath my warm blanket! *LOL*

Saturday - 13 Dec 08

Today is my parents wedding anniversary and I didn't get to wish them cos they are out when I woke up ..... Happy 31st wedding anniversary my dearest Papa & Mama.

TT fell asleep when we are on the way to Jester's 1year old party, the moment I reached Aloha Changi resort Cranwell Bungalow carpark TT woke up and cry ...... and she start throwing out and is all over me and i smelled LOL.

Quickly clean her up and change her clothing too and of cos I have to clean myself up too, didn't dare to give her any milk at the moment so Dearie just pat her to sleep.  After 1/2hour she woke up and start being active ... but in between she puke again .... really make me so worried. 

Happy 1 year old Jester and Happy Birthday to Brenda too.... after having Jester's birthday cake we left the chalet and headed back straigh cos wanna bring TT see a doc so we went to the clinic located at Eunos MRT.  Well I will not step into that clinic anymore no matter how bad I am *touch wood* I won't go there again.  The clinic assistant (CA) sucks big time.

I step in carrying TT......

CA: YES? (yes your head come in sure see doc lah or you should say can I help rite?)
me: See doc .....
CA: come before
me: no
CA: fill this up (I used only 1 min time to fill that piece of personal data) she left us atthe counter and I dunno where the hell she go.......

Standing ..... ~~~~~5mins~~~~~ (in between TT puke some on the floor not much)

Dearie: EXCUSE ME???
CA: yesssssss... (taking her own sweet time shaking her bum walk to the counter)
Dearie: Can I have some tissue?
CA: why?
Dearie: My daughter puke .....
CA: HUH??? PUKE??? (take out one plastic bag, handed to dearie .... (FOR FUCK???) we want TISSUE loh )
Dearie: Sorry I need  tissue as she puke on the floor .....
CA: HAR .........on the floor ah ??? (tone sound like OMFG I am going to mop the floor)
me: (feeling angry liao) DUN WORRY NOT MUCH ON THE FLOOR!!!

Stupid CA ...... young chick and lazy bum!  And that Doctor ..... *sigh* to me I speechless .... we went in ... she only touch touch TT head ..... see her throat .... check temperature again and again ... and tell me no medicine .... can go liao nothing serious ..... and it cost us $18 fo rthe consultation fees. *speechless*

Keep monitoring TT ...... I tried make her sleep when I finish my shower ..... she puke again .... and we got a shocked.  Papa say bring her to KKH ..... so we changed and bring her there but when we are on the way to carpark we decided to go East Shore A&E instead.

Not much people in the Q so within an hour we reached home .....Doc gave her some supplements to replace milk and some medicine after tucking her to bed ..... my turn to sleep .... but somehow when I am in hospital I dun feel rite at all... when I am lying down I feel something not wrong.  Quickly woke up and run into the kitchen grab hold of a plastic bag and I started to puke.  After puking I feel much better .... but I woke up at 3am can't get to sleep ...... till early morning .... I started to LS ................. arghhhh ... well Big and Small merlion both started to LS ............


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thursday & Friday - 11 & 12 Dec 08

On Thursday Papa and mama came over tonight officially staying with us!!  Mama met me at bus stop and we headed to market to buy dinner.  Mama have bad tummy for the past few days and she have not been eating so I bought her fishball bee hoon soup.

TT is happy to see my Papa & Mama and she is so smart she knew that my parents will go to her rescue whenever Dearie catch hold of her she make noise till max! *LOL*
TT loves to Hi 5 my papa but refuse to let her carry but when there is a need she would want him to carry *LOL* smart gal!

Friday morning all of us woke up late for work except my mama.... Papa said is good to sleep .... *LOL* maybe my room is cosy enough for him.  Dearie gets to work the latest of all ..... he reached his work place only at 9+am.

TT starting to be like a small tyrant in the house ... she "explore" all my stuffs which I dun allowed her to do so whenever she is with me but my parents said just let her do it *faintz* she try all means to let my parents rescue her whenever she is being "capture" by his daddy *LOL* ....... arghhhh think she will be spoiled soon .... gotta make a stop to it before I will regret next time hahaha.........

Tuesday & Wednesday - 9 & 10 Dec 08

Two days in a row I am busy with my work and everytime when I reached home I am dead tired especially the past few late nights we have.

And I came back home I need to pack up the house cos my parents is coming to stay with us on Thursday due to the upgrading of their place. 

And I slept quite early during these 2 days especially after doing all the household work and I am pretty tired so I slept with TT.  Nothing much to update for the 2 days ..........

Monday - 8 Dec 08 Part 2

                                                 We are the Emcee for the nite

After our hairdo .... we went straight to Carlton Hotel I am the Emcee for today's wedding together with my niece - Priscilla.  Reached there at around 5+pm and I went for one through one rehearsal with the couple.

At around 715pm guest started to come in and they have a dessert spread which is serve before the dinner.  They serve nice cakes especially the durian cake is really yummy didn't eat much cos I am busy snapping photos and my princess need my attention.

Service there is not too good, waiter's sleeve touches our shark's fin , fish gravy nearly pour onto my aunt, serve food over TT...... well cos most of the waiters are all part-timers but then again hotel have the responsibility to ensure they are well trained.

Food is also so so only ..... sharks fins is not hot when is served in fact most of the food not hot enough when served.  Overall we have an enjoyable night!

Lastly wishes my distant cousin whom I grew up with closely Diana and her husband Melvin a happy blissful marriage. 

Monday - 8 Dec 08 Part 1

Woke up real early today cos my mum our (Officer-In-Charge) order us to do some work today cos they are going to have their place upgrade on coming Thursday.  Its a rainy & windy day is so nice to sleep in the blanket no choice but to drag ourselves out of the warm bed /  blanket of ours.

Went to have breakfast with my parents before we really start doing some work.....well is a good thing I am there cos I realise I really have lotsa stuffs didn't know I collect and buy so much things when I am young *LOL*

My collect able coke I am going to say bye bye to them my parents told me that either will throw it away or they will just give some to their friends whom are also collecting coke.  Lotsa things I asked my mum to throw it away including the longest cupboard which had been "service" us for years!!!  We finished everything at around 12+pm went back home for a short rest as we have a wedding to attend in the evening.

Went to blow my hair cos is in a mess right now guess I need a hair cut soon and at the same time TT got her hair cut too.  Her fringe is long so I asked my hairdresser - Kiang to cut for her .... she only had her haircut twice on her 1st month and 4th month.  This time she is fascinated by a cook book that's why she can sit properly for Kiang to cut her hair ....
Chane I have cut TT's fringe and hahah ya she look more girly now LOL

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sunday - 7 December 08

Woke up at 8.10am and found that my Dearie is still sleeping soundly beside me!!!  Hahaha he is suppose to report to Bedok Camp at 8am for his RT.  No choice but to go in the evening for the make up. 

Headed to Ang Mo Kio at around 1pm+ cos we are going for a photoshoot for TT, Davis aka Boon is the photographer from Capture Photography.  He is TT's 姑丈.... I had my preggy photoshoot with him too.  I will post up the rest of the photos taken by him do give him a call to find out furthur info from him he will be happy to assist you. (Pics above is my work! LOL)

Is not easy to take baby and animal pic ..... cos they will not really post for u .......and of cos smile to you like we do.  Is a tiring job to assist the photographer too LOL ......ling (boon's wife) and I are really tired after the photoshoot + i never had any food the whole day!!!

Dearie went for RT in the mid of the photoshoot and came back at around 6+pm to pick us up .... thanks to boon & ling for accompany while waiting for Dearie.  Went over to my in law's place for dinner and stay to chit chat, watch tv with my MIL till 11+pm then we left the place.