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Monday, 22 December 2008

Saturday - 20 Dec 08

Sam came to my place to meet up with me and off we go to West Coast to pick up Cheryl.  Reached Hazel's place at around 1+pm ..... wanted to see monkeys from the natural reserve but they are no where to be seen. *LOL*

Hazel's mum made popiah ..... and is yummy .... I love it ... but I didn't take much of it cos I scare I will be too full.  The only dish I didn't eat is Geok Ping's Ngoh Hiong .... sorry sweetie is not that 我不赏脸 is because I am halal .  But I have representative that is my Dearie hehehe he say is very nice!

TT look stone when she is there ..... she is unwell .... and only smile to people a bit not too much on her face this time round.  She is tired I guess after all the LS-ing.  Hazel have very nice xmas tree done up .... so I have TT sitting down to take a pic ..... but poor baby really lost weight see her chubby face now become sharp.

                                                          Nice xmas tree

We brought a gift each for the gift exchange for the day and nice getting to know a few more multiply friends from this gathering!  I got my 1st gift exchange present - Chocolate *LOL* oh I am getting fatter sooner if I feast on the chocolate which is hard to resist.

                                A nice group photo before we end the gathering .....

                                            A nice babies group photo too .....

Came back home at around 6+pm .... went over to my MIL shop to get mattress protector from her as ours ... my mama didn't hang out properly big wind blown away my protector together with the bamboo.  Dearie is puzzled as the bamboo and protector is no where to be found .... so he look out of the window from our bedroom and saw it was hanging on 16 floor corridor!!!  *phew* I am so afraid that it hit people .... lucky it did not ... taught mama how to slot in properly so next time it won't be blown away.

Tomorrow is 冬至 so mama brought the dough for the dumpling .... every year I have to buy the packet kind ... this year since mama and papa staying with us we will DIY!  Mama cook just nice not too sweet is yummy!  Dearie went out with his buddies for drinking as they are throwing a bachelor night for Alfred.  Waited for him till 3+am but he still not back yet .... so I just hit my pillow till 6+am mama came in and ask me to wake Dearie up as she have difficulties in waking him up *LOL*


  1. aww... poor TT didnt look well.... poor girl.......

  2. wah... take good care... no wonder she look restless too..

  3. at corridor can go pick up rite?

  4. hope TT quick recovery and back to her bubbly self.

  5. monkeys come out at 1230 i think..
    morning about 7am. and evening at about 5pm..
    these 3 timing only hahahahha

  6. MUHAHAHA ..... must catch them during that time then hahahah

  7. i saw them when i reach @ abt 1.45. haa~ and when we left @ abt 5 haa~

  8. TT lost a lot of weight ah? Hope she is recovering from her LS...

  9. hmm weight I not sure cos no weigh .... but can see her face become sharp .....