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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Monday - Wednesday - 15 - 17 Dec 08

Monday - I am super busy today cos is the last day submission no time to be on my desk .... cos whenever I try to sit back on my desk there is another coach walking in.  Work till 6+pm then I left the office.  Came back home and I am dead beat .... and still worrying TT cos she still look sian sian ......

Tuesday - Back to busy day again .... piles and piles of documents for me to clear on my table and is super duper messy!!!  Again work till 6+pm then went back home really very tired .... nothing much to update for  these 2 days.  Cos is boring all about work *LOL*
TT still having watery stools ....... still giving her the same medicine from East Shore *pray* hope she get well soon.

Wednesday - Went Parkway for Xmas's shopping ..... with Dearie and TT.  By the time we reached home is near to 10pm.  Mama kept on calling Papa whom will be back to their place to sleep as he need to work till late cos of the Meet the people session at their office.  So he decided to sleep there instead. 
Called him many times but he did not answer his call mama get worried cos few days ago Papa complain that he feel giddy.  Dearie and I went back their place to check it out ..... oh well Papa is already sleeping and his phone is kept inside the cupboard ...... Oh well just to let my Mama have peace of her mind......


  1. hehehe...shld ask him call back before go sleep mah..

  2. my mama forget tell him loh hahahah

  3. hey.. QQ.. hope TT is better..y suddenly like that.. u change the milk formula??

  4. bz week for leh you leh QQ. hows is TT now?

  5. i never change it but i dunno why maybe teething bah

    jas ya loh so busy with work and with TT :(

  6. Jenny yes she is better le now can play liao

  7. gd lah... now she ok liao then can enjoy her 1st xmas better hee~