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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thursday - 18 Dec 08

Met Penny & Edwin at Parkway for a little shopping and off we went to look for Vicky whom is helping his friend in a Western food stall located at Kallang Bahru.

Dearie came over and look for us after his RT with TT.  I have chicken chop it comes with mushroom sauce which is yummy but is a bit oily .... overall is good .... the meat is crispy too.  Fish & chip so so only ... tar tar sauce is not too good..... they have a speciality - Beer Chop it uses beer to marinate the pork .... didnt taste that cos I am halal..... Dearie say it taste good but is quite small portion.

Chatted with them as we haven't meet up for weeks..... till when TT LS and it smudge out from her pampers.  Poor TT dun dare to move about cos she knew that if she do it will have more coming out *LOL* (sorry if you are eating while reading my blog). 

TT still feeling weak ..... never play with us much .... abit cranky poor baby ..... *hugz* get well soon baby!

Happy 11th month my sweetie pie and same to JY,

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