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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Monday - 8 Dec 08 Part 1

Woke up real early today cos my mum our (Officer-In-Charge) order us to do some work today cos they are going to have their place upgrade on coming Thursday.  Its a rainy & windy day is so nice to sleep in the blanket no choice but to drag ourselves out of the warm bed /  blanket of ours.

Went to have breakfast with my parents before we really start doing some work.....well is a good thing I am there cos I realise I really have lotsa stuffs didn't know I collect and buy so much things when I am young *LOL*

My collect able coke I am going to say bye bye to them my parents told me that either will throw it away or they will just give some to their friends whom are also collecting coke.  Lotsa things I asked my mum to throw it away including the longest cupboard which had been "service" us for years!!!  We finished everything at around 12+pm went back home for a short rest as we have a wedding to attend in the evening.

Went to blow my hair cos is in a mess right now guess I need a hair cut soon and at the same time TT got her hair cut too.  Her fringe is long so I asked my hairdresser - Kiang to cut for her .... she only had her haircut twice on her 1st month and 4th month.  This time she is fascinated by a cook book that's why she can sit properly for Kiang to cut her hair ....
Chane I have cut TT's fringe and hahah ya she look more girly now LOL


  1. sam u can get to see her on Sat heehee

  2. hee... so cute she reading magazine and cutting hair, just like a lady!

  3. so guai man TT. hahahh yeah yeah wanna ka jiao her on sat

  4. sandra that is a cook book LOL ... is all about FOOD!!! LOL

  5. LOL ok ok hahah feel free to ka jiao