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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thursday & Friday - 11 & 12 Dec 08

On Thursday Papa and mama came over tonight officially staying with us!!  Mama met me at bus stop and we headed to market to buy dinner.  Mama have bad tummy for the past few days and she have not been eating so I bought her fishball bee hoon soup.

TT is happy to see my Papa & Mama and she is so smart she knew that my parents will go to her rescue whenever Dearie catch hold of her she make noise till max! *LOL*
TT loves to Hi 5 my papa but refuse to let her carry but when there is a need she would want him to carry *LOL* smart gal!

Friday morning all of us woke up late for work except my mama.... Papa said is good to sleep .... *LOL* maybe my room is cosy enough for him.  Dearie gets to work the latest of all ..... he reached his work place only at 9+am.

TT starting to be like a small tyrant in the house ... she "explore" all my stuffs which I dun allowed her to do so whenever she is with me but my parents said just let her do it *faintz* she try all means to let my parents rescue her whenever she is being "capture" by his daddy *LOL* ....... arghhhh think she will be spoiled soon .... gotta make a stop to it before I will regret next time hahaha.........