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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sunday - 7 December 08

Woke up at 8.10am and found that my Dearie is still sleeping soundly beside me!!!  Hahaha he is suppose to report to Bedok Camp at 8am for his RT.  No choice but to go in the evening for the make up. 

Headed to Ang Mo Kio at around 1pm+ cos we are going for a photoshoot for TT, Davis aka Boon is the photographer from Capture Photography.  He is TT's 姑丈.... I had my preggy photoshoot with him too.  I will post up the rest of the photos taken by him do give him a call to find out furthur info from him he will be happy to assist you. (Pics above is my work! LOL)

Is not easy to take baby and animal pic ..... cos they will not really post for u .......and of cos smile to you like we do.  Is a tiring job to assist the photographer too LOL ......ling (boon's wife) and I are really tired after the photoshoot + i never had any food the whole day!!!

Dearie went for RT in the mid of the photoshoot and came back at around 6+pm to pick us up .... thanks to boon & ling for accompany while waiting for Dearie.  Went over to my in law's place for dinner and stay to chit chat, watch tv with my MIL till 11+pm then we left the place.


  1. angelic TT.. hahah but i can use the pic to blackmail her next time *wink*

  2. Hey Theresa... so the photograher its ur relative... pls post ur pics soon! would like to brg my bb for photoshoot when he turns 6 mths... can look for ur relative...

  3. TT so young take nude pix liao hehehe...

  4. next time i forbid her to take le

  5. How much is the studio shoot? any disc?hee...i just took up a studio package from studio loft for Zander last week for $108 (only 1 x 8R & 4 x 5R).

  6. oh ..... I have to check with you how much his package like .... let you know later