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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Monday - 8 Dec 08 Part 2

                                                 We are the Emcee for the nite

After our hairdo .... we went straight to Carlton Hotel I am the Emcee for today's wedding together with my niece - Priscilla.  Reached there at around 5+pm and I went for one through one rehearsal with the couple.

At around 715pm guest started to come in and they have a dessert spread which is serve before the dinner.  They serve nice cakes especially the durian cake is really yummy didn't eat much cos I am busy snapping photos and my princess need my attention.

Service there is not too good, waiter's sleeve touches our shark's fin , fish gravy nearly pour onto my aunt, serve food over TT...... well cos most of the waiters are all part-timers but then again hotel have the responsibility to ensure they are well trained.

Food is also so so only ..... sharks fins is not hot when is served in fact most of the food not hot enough when served.  Overall we have an enjoyable night!

Lastly wishes my distant cousin whom I grew up with closely Diana and her husband Melvin a happy blissful marriage.