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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Saturday - 13 Dec 08

Today is my parents wedding anniversary and I didn't get to wish them cos they are out when I woke up ..... Happy 31st wedding anniversary my dearest Papa & Mama.

TT fell asleep when we are on the way to Jester's 1year old party, the moment I reached Aloha Changi resort Cranwell Bungalow carpark TT woke up and cry ...... and she start throwing out and is all over me and i smelled LOL.

Quickly clean her up and change her clothing too and of cos I have to clean myself up too, didn't dare to give her any milk at the moment so Dearie just pat her to sleep.  After 1/2hour she woke up and start being active ... but in between she puke again .... really make me so worried. 

Happy 1 year old Jester and Happy Birthday to Brenda too.... after having Jester's birthday cake we left the chalet and headed back straigh cos wanna bring TT see a doc so we went to the clinic located at Eunos MRT.  Well I will not step into that clinic anymore no matter how bad I am *touch wood* I won't go there again.  The clinic assistant (CA) sucks big time.

I step in carrying TT......

CA: YES? (yes your head come in sure see doc lah or you should say can I help rite?)
me: See doc .....
CA: come before
me: no
CA: fill this up (I used only 1 min time to fill that piece of personal data) she left us atthe counter and I dunno where the hell she go.......

Standing ..... ~~~~~5mins~~~~~ (in between TT puke some on the floor not much)

Dearie: EXCUSE ME???
CA: yesssssss... (taking her own sweet time shaking her bum walk to the counter)
Dearie: Can I have some tissue?
CA: why?
Dearie: My daughter puke .....
CA: HUH??? PUKE??? (take out one plastic bag, handed to dearie .... (FOR FUCK???) we want TISSUE loh )
Dearie: Sorry I need  tissue as she puke on the floor .....
CA: HAR .........on the floor ah ??? (tone sound like OMFG I am going to mop the floor)
me: (feeling angry liao) DUN WORRY NOT MUCH ON THE FLOOR!!!

Stupid CA ...... young chick and lazy bum!  And that Doctor ..... *sigh* to me I speechless .... we went in ... she only touch touch TT head ..... see her throat .... check temperature again and again ... and tell me no medicine .... can go liao nothing serious ..... and it cost us $18 fo rthe consultation fees. *speechless*

Keep monitoring TT ...... I tried make her sleep when I finish my shower ..... she puke again .... and we got a shocked.  Papa say bring her to KKH ..... so we changed and bring her there but when we are on the way to carpark we decided to go East Shore A&E instead.

Not much people in the Q so within an hour we reached home .....Doc gave her some supplements to replace milk and some medicine after tucking her to bed ..... my turn to sleep .... but somehow when I am in hospital I dun feel rite at all... when I am lying down I feel something not wrong.  Quickly woke up and run into the kitchen grab hold of a plastic bag and I started to puke.  After puking I feel much better .... but I woke up at 3am can't get to sleep ...... till early morning .... I started to LS ................. arghhhh ... well Big and Small merlion both started to LS ............



  1. hi, pls go see doc in case is stomach flu.... as stomach flu can by spread by air.....

  2. haiyo, u two merlions ah..... get well soon wro both of u...

    my parents 33rd wedding anniversary also on 13th dec... =)

  3. u n TT ate the same stuff? how come same illness?

  4. alamak.. TT eat your food and both got food poisoning or something?

  5. hahah should get TT to puke @ the counter. ask the CA to clean up herself. wahaha~ ok ok, my little red evil's tail is showing again

  6. oh, take good care of baby TT and urself!
    are u food poisoning? ate something "dirty"..?

  7. Oh well i suspect is the catering food .....

    latest update from my frd ...... almost all family members vomit and LS ..... so i suspect is the cater food .......

  8. oh my goodness!!! wah lau eh.. eh, must complain about the company lah...

    TT ate the food from there too?

  9. wats the catering company??? everybody shld try to avoid ah....quite serious leh...almost all family vomit & LS...
    U feeling better now? shld c doc ah...esp TT...young kids....

  10. yeah yeah.. do share the name of the co leh.

    must call up the co and demand medical claims leh

  11. wow that's bad leh... the catering company is which one??
    u and tt need to rest well.. drink lots of water

  12. ya shld complain...demand for damages..

  13. TT vommited before that but i gave her abit only ... but I did .... i forgot the name of the buffet le