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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thursday - 4 Dec 08

Feeling tired ... maybe due to the late night yesterday .... *yawnz* well ... went back home and do up my 1st round of laundry while waiting for my 2 precious to be home.

At around 9pm my 2 precious came back home .... arghhh I am the one whom open the door too loud and I woke up the sleeping princess.  She is active after a short nap ..... wanting to free herself every time I carry her while watching TV.

After watching 2 more episode of TVB show .... Dearie have to leave for work... yes he is going back office ... and I am all alone with TT.  TT bully me I tried to pat her to bed I think in the end I am the one whom fell asleep before her.

I intend to let her sleep and I could actually hang up all the clothing ..... and do the 2nd batch of washing.  I manage to drag myself up only at 1.45am!!! GOSH this is bad .... cos after all the washing .... steaming of the milk bottles and hanging up the clothings I manage to sleep only at 3.30am!  Arghhhhhhhhhhh I am so tired ....... my poor dearie also tired ... but lucky he need not return to office the following day.

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