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Monday, 1 December 2008

Thursday - 27 Nov 08

Went to do stair climbing with Chane ..... arghhhh I really lack exercise I was panting after climbing up to the 5th floor and both legs started to be like having tonnes of weight on it. *LOL*  I am not healthy!!!!

When I am back home TT is sound asleep thought can ask my husband to go down have dinner no choice I walked down the stairs to buy dinner.  Packed back one packet of fried rice to share cos I am thinking of cutting down some food during dinner.  Not to eat too much.... sometimes I am tired I dun wanna have my dinner ... dearie will scold me ..... arghhhh

Is our couple time again after TT sleep ..... watched our TVB show till around 12+am .... and my eyes could hardly open.... gotta endure one more day .... and we will have our weekend again ...........