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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sunday - 14 Dec 08

*panda eyes* I GOT NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!!!!   I LS all the way .... and is very bad ..... TT is grouchy and cranky ...... want me to carry but I got no strength to carry her at all.

Thanks to Papa & Mama whom help me take care of her while Dearie went for his RT and is a rainy days which is cold and nice to sleep but I kept visiting the toilet!  Didn't really rest well ....Dearie came back washed up and went down to the clinic at our neighbourhood to help me register before I take my time to go down and meet him.

Lucky there is one more clinic willing to take me in although they are close thank god!  After taking the 1st dosage I feel much better.  Dearie went CC for a forum with SZ mei & YZ while TT & I continue to sleep.  Dearie came back and tell me that the buffet spread is good too bad I am not there *LOL* damn it LOL ... oh well I miss it but I gain some rest time underneath my warm blanket! *LOL*